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Building solutions with the SharePoint Framework - introduction


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What is SharePoint Framework and how you can use it to build SharePoint customizations on any platform.

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Building solutions with the SharePoint Framework - introduction

  1. 1. Waldek Mastykarz Mikael Svenson
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  4. 4. Sources: 1. 451 Research, Hosting and Cloud Study, 2014 Full Trust Code Partial Trust Code Microsoft Managed Solutions Microsoft Online Services App Model Accelerating web development
  5. 5. Accelerating web development
  6. 6. Bill is awesome!
  7. 7. IIS Express Project Templates Server side tool comparison
  8. 8. Bill is awesome!
  9. 9. Working with a SharePoint Framework project • yo @microsoft/sharepoint – create new project/add new web part • gulp bundle – build & bundle project • gulp serve – bundle project and start workbench • gulp package-solution – build solution package (.spapp) • --ship argument to execute a release build
  10. 10. Web property pane • Reactive by default • Switch to non-reactive when retrieving data from web services protected get disableReactivePropertyChanges(): boolean { return true; }
  11. 11. Web requests in web parts • Use HttpClient when communicating with SharePoint • Use BaseHttpClient when communicating with other APIs
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