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Learns two secret methods to make money online with bee4.


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Learns two secret methods to make money online with bee4. you can win up to 2000 dollars a month with bee4

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Learns two secret methods to make money online with bee4.

  1. 1. Two methods to gain money for Internet with Bee4First the first thing we are going to see some basic information on BEE4:(part2)How does it work Bee4?It can use bee4 to shorten any URL. Nevertheless instead of forwarding the person visitor theorigin URL immediately, this redirecciona to the visitor to your shortened link, in which severalsurveys will appear to be able to gain access to the content for which the visitor gave clic in yourURL. These surveys can be filled in so between 10 to 30 seconds. Once the visitors complete theoffer the page the redirecciona to the original URL and they him pay away from youinstantaneously for the survey that the visitor filled.How is it paid?At present it is paid across Moneybookers, PayPal and Alertpay only. You can obtain a cardpayoneer to be able to receive its money in any teller in any country of the world.How much does he pay bee4 for survey filled by the visitor?It depends on the offer that its visitor decides to refill and where from it comes. 0,05 and $ can beanything between $ 17. In general about $ 1,00.When is it paid?It can request a retirement as soon as 10 comes to $. You will be paid in 7 days from itsretirement. You obtain an exit of free cash per month. Additional retirement realized during thesame month is subject to a 1 % quota. It depends on you if you want to wait until the followingmonth for the free retirement nearby or request other immediately in 1 % quota.What is the minimal payment?It has to take $ 10 as a minimum.Can anyone enter the country does not matter?We accept the people of all the countries, any time he could accept payments of PayPal orMoneybookers.… Ok Ya que you know that it is Bee4 and how it works now yes. Lets speak about 2 methods togain money with Bee4.Method 1: Emulators and roms for PC.
  2. 2. This method has 2 forms in which you can develop it, everything depends on its time and skillswith the PC.1. To look for web pages of roms and emulators and to unload them to your PC or to Copy link ofdischarge of several emulators and roms and to have them kept in a notes blog.2. To create an emulators blog and roms in wordpress or blogger.What you have to do is if you use the form not. 1 is:- The emulators and roms unloaded to compress them separately with winrar.- To raise them to mediafire or another discharges servant.- As soon as there was obtained the link of discharge of the servant, you must copy the link ofdischarging and giving it in bee4 to generate the protected and shortened link.- This link generated for bee4 you promote it in blogs, forums, yahoo answer and everywhere.When a visitor wants to unload the emulator or some roms will have to fill a rapid survey and thenthe discharge link will be unblocked instantaneously. You gain between $ 0.05 up to $ 7 dollars forsurvey filled by its visitor.note: The surveys do not take any more than 30 seconds to be filled, that does that this method isso brilliant since the interested party will take these seconds to obtain what he wants (thats whyit is advisable to publish your roms and emulators in forums and blogs in English, since the personsof English speech tend to take the time to be able to obtain what they want. My Latin brothersexcuse , we we do not like very much that, we are very rough with the time.Method not. 2: The method of the searcher of linkage (simple method)It consists of finding all kinds files, preferably the following ones: New movies, album of music,ebook, video courses, which are raised to some servant for example hotfile, rapidshare, etc.Then there are these links that I found I take them and place them in bee4 to generate the blockedlinks, of that time I publish these links in other forums, social networks or blogs. When a personwants to unload this content it will have to fill a survey first and when it stops filling it, the linkredireccionará automatically to the visitor to the discharge servant. Easy not!...It looks at all that you can gain:You have the following thing:3 emulators + 20 roms = 23 files raised to a servant ready to discharge.You publish your 23 files in 40 forums, then you would have 40 forums x 23 files = 920 post inwhole.Every released post has a 10th visits: 920 post x 10 visits = 9,200 visits a day. 9,200 visits a day x 30days = 276,000 visits a month.From 1 % to 10 % of the visitors they are going to want to unload your files, it is not important thatthey have to spend 30 seconds filling a survey.
  3. 3. 1 % of 276,000 = 2760 visits that fill surveys. Bee4 he pays 0.50 to you for every visit that fills asurvey for example (he remembers that they pay up to 7 dollars. 2,760 x $ 0.50 = $ 1380 dollars.! YOU IMAGINE TO GAIN YOU THIS EVERY MONTH! WOW!. I stop working or rather looking forwork jjjiji. These are numbers that can be a reality and be in your paypal account but it isnecessary to work and to dedicate at least 30 minutes to him a day. If you want to join this business system here I leave the link to you so that you register. Sign up: CLICK HERE