Name _______________________________ Date ______________________ Per _____                             Midterm Study Guide...
18. Know everything about respiration (where it takes place, reactancts and products,    what effects it, etc…)19. Know ev...
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Biology - Midterm - Study Guide


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Biology - Midterm - Study Guide

  1. 1. Name _______________________________ Date ______________________ Per _____ Midterm Study GuideThe following list is meant to only be a guide to help you prepare for the midterm. This isnot a definitive list. There may be questions on areas of the course that are not shown onthis list, however I will attempt whenever possible to make the test question subject areasalign to this guide.1. What is Biology and what are some benefits of studying biology?2. What are the 5 life processes3. What is homeostasis?4. Recognize the control group and the experimental group5. Identify the independent and dependent variable6. What is a product and what is a reactant?7. What is an enzyme and how do they work?8. Know all the parts of the microscope and their functions9. Compare and contrast types of microscopes (compound, stereomicroscopes, transmission electron, scanning electron)10. compare and contrast eukaryotes and prokaryotes11. Know the organelles of a eukaryotic plant and animal cell and their functions12. Compare plant and animal cells13. What is diffusion and osmosis14. What is equilibrium?15. What is active transport?16. What are the levels of organization in multicellular organisms17. Know everything about photosynthesis (where it takes place, reactancts and products, what effects it, etc…)
  2. 2. 18. Know everything about respiration (where it takes place, reactancts and products, what effects it, etc…)19. Know everything about mitosis and the cell cycle20. Know how to do Punnett squares for monohybrid crosses21. Know everything about DNA (What it is made out of, where it is located, what it codes for, what bases (letters) match up with each each other, what happens when there is a mistake in the DNA)22. What is transcription, what is translation? Know how to translate mRNA using the codon chart23. What is selective breeding?24. What are restriction enzymes, how do they work, what do they produce?25. What is recombinant DNA?26. What is a clone, how do you make a clone?27. What is a karyotype, Know how to identify disorders by looking at a karyotype28. Know how to read a human pedigree29. Know common human genetic disorders, what their symptoms are and their mode of inheritance30. DNA fingerprinting (what is it used for, know how to compare two peoples DNA fingerprint)