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Germany Technique Guide


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Germany Technique Guide

  1. 1. Question type Phrasing Time/length What to do “What can you tell 6 minutes • You must make an inference and then support this by saying whatInference from this source two details from the source made you think that. about…?” • Begin your answer with “This source suggests...” “What does 1 paragraph, • For maximum marks you need to support your point with several4 marks Source A tell us details. 8-10 lines. about…?” “Why were ………” 13 minutes, • Focus on the question by stating the cause or reason at the startCausation “What factors ……” 1 side of each paragraph before developing each one thoroughly. “Explain how...” • You might want to group reasons together i.e. social, economic, “Why did...” or political or long term/short term, though only do this if this is9 or 12 marks “Explain why...” appropriate. 18 minutes, “In what ways...” • Aim to write two, preferably three causes/reasons (must for 12 “Explain was...” 1-1.5 sides marks). 12 markers need a more detailed conclusion, clearly answering the question. • To show your explaining each point, use ‟because‟, „therefore‟, ‟as a result of‟, „this meant that‟. “Explain the 13 minutes, • Begin each paragraph by stating the consequence clearly and atConsequences effects of...” 1 side the end of the paragraph state how big a change this resulted in. “Describe the • Aim to write about two, preferably three changes, (must for 129 or 12 marks political effects or marks). of........“ • Explain, don‟t describe– use „due to this‟, „as a result of‟, 18 minutes, “In what ways did „consequently‟, „this led to‟. the lives of 1-1.5 sides • You need to consider who was affected, what changed, how much ……………………. did things change. You must include a range of consequences. change 1933-39” • Try to organise your work into different types of effects: “Why did …………… political, social, economic or long-term/short-term, or how there damage the were different consequences for different groups, reputation of……… • If you write a short conclusion- think about the amount/type of “How did lives change. change for …………… between 1933-39?” “What role did 13 minutes, • This question will ask you to consider the role of an individual,Role ….play in...” 1 side group, event or factor. “Describe the • Aim to write two main points, preferably three (must for 12 importance/contri or marks).9 or 12 marks bution of...” • Describe the importance of (difference made by) the individual, 18 minutes, “Explain the role…” group or factor you‟ve been asked to discuss. 1-1.5 sides “How far do you 25 minutes • The question could require a scales or a list of factors answer. agree with this • Plan your answer before you start.Judgement statement” including plan • Write one good length paragraph on the three bullet points at least, but make sure you don‟t just describe them.16 marks “………… was the • A/A* students mustn‟t simply rely on the three bullet points. Plan main reason why • A/A* you must make a judgement about the importance of each ………………. Do you then factor in each paragraph. Maximum level 3 without. agree?” • Write a conclusion stating your overall judgement. Don‟t just talk 1.5–2 sides about one factor, either compare the importance of two factors “Why did…” (with reasons) or show the links between at least two factors (with reasons). “Was … the main reason why….”