Further questions 3:                                       Public Health 1350-2000Causation● Describe the ways in which go...
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Extra Medicine Questions 3- Public Health 1350-2000


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Extra Medicine Questions 3- Public Health 1350-2000

  1. 1. Further questions 3: Public Health 1350-2000Causation● Describe the ways in which governments since 1948 have tried to prevent illness. (9)● In what ways did the National Health Service in 1948 help to improve people’s health? (9)● How did the role of government in improving the health of the nation in Britain change in the period c. 1850-1950? Explain your answer. (9)● Why were conditions in towns so bad during the nineteenth century? (9)● Describe the key reforms introduced by the Liberal Government after 1906. (9)● How much progress had been made in dealing with public health issues by 1900? (9)● Explain why diseases such as cholera spread so rapidly in industrial towns during the nineteenth century? (9)● Why was the role of government so important in improving public health since 1900?● Explain the importanceof the use of antibiotics in medicine.Role● What role did Edwin Chadwick play in bringing about changes in public health? Explain your answer. (9)● In what ways has technology affected the treatment available to patients in hospitals since 1900? (12)● What role did Aneurin Bevan play in introducing the NHS in 1948? (9)JudgementWhy did the government take action to improve public health in the nineteenth century? Explain your answer.● 1750-1850: The population of Manchester increased from 18,000 to over 300,000.● 1831: First outbreaks of cholera in Britain.● 1861: Pasteur published the Germ Theory.Do you think Edwin Chadwick’s work was the most important factor in improving public health services in towns inthe nineteenth century? Explain your answer. (16)● 1840s: Chadwick recommended that the government should take action against poor urban conditions.● 1867: working class men got the vote.● 1861: Pasteur published the Germ Theory.How important was the work of Edwin Chadwick in improving public health in towns in the nineteenth century?(16)• In 1842 Edwin Chadwick published a report on the living conditions of the poor.• Louis Pasteur published his germ theory in 1861.• Public Health Acts were passed in 1848 and 1875.How important was the role of the Second World War in creating the NHS? (16)● 1942: The Beveridge Report was published.● 1945: The Labour Party wins the general election promising to introduce an NHS.● During the war, hospitals were under government control.Why was the 1875 Public Health Act compulsory when the 1848 Act had ben voluntary? Explain your answer. (16)● The Working Class got the vote in 1867.● Pasteur came up with Germ Theory in 1861.● Edwin Chadwick made recommendations to improve conditions in the 1840s.‘The government’s role in improving public health was more important during the nineteenth century than duringthe twentieth century’. Do you agree? Explain your answer. (16)● 1848: The first Public Health Act was passed.● 1938: The government began a vaccination campaign to prevent diphtheria.●Since 1971 packets of cigarettes have carried a government health warning.