Wakeupnow | wake up now scam:pyramid scheme transcript


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before joining wakeupnow i was skeptical and thought it was a scam as well because of the way people marketed the product


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Wakeupnow | wake up now scam:pyramid scheme transcript

  1. 1. You’ve reached D Gorham here, founder of MCA Network Academy, and I’m here just to shoot a quick little video review on WakeUpNow cause you guys simply wanna know is WakeUpNow a scam. You wanna know what exactly is WakeUp Now. And you wanna know is WakeUpNow legit. Or you wanna know is really WakeUpNow accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Well first let me start by saying yes WakeUpNow is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and WakeUp Now is not a scam and WakeUpNow is indeed legit, BUT WakeUpNow does have hidden agendas and stuff that people are not telling you before you get involved in this company, okay? I’ve been involved with WakeUpNow for about like 2 months, and I really enjoy using WakeUpNow benefits and products and services, BUT I really wasn’t one of the ones who joined because of the money getting asked at this time because my first actually network marketing opportunity was not WakeUpNow it was Motor Club of America, MCA, and guys I literally just destroyed MCA. I’m gonna go ahead and be straight. I really crushed MCA. I simply almost monopolized MCA and I’m gonna explain exactly how did I do that by the end of this video, BUT what was going on in MCA is kinda like what’s going on in WakeUpNow. You start attracting younger guys, like myself, who simply don’t know what they’re doing to market the product or sale the services and they tend to just turn everything into a Pyramid scheme. Yes. When you have people that are constantly flashing the income that they make from a program and they simply just get other people to invest for their purpose, yes you would consider that as a pyramid scheme, okay? But Wake Up Now is not a pyramid scheme, BUT you cannot control the way people market their product. You cannot control the way people do things. So lemme tell you guys right now, if you’re simply attracted by that right now, this video is not for you. This video is for people who simply wanna take their lives to the next level. This video is for people who just tired of the grinding lifestyle, who just want to, you know, sit down and relax and save more money and make more money just by using WakeUpNow benefits and services, okay? So I’ll need to first tell you why people struggle. So, why do people struggle when they get involved in companies like WakeUpNow? Well they really don’t know what it takes to run a successful business, okay? I don’t do no offline bullshit guys. I do straight online content marketing and I drive 10,000 visitors daily to my YouTube videos, okay? So I know what I’m doing. But why most people stuggle? They simply don’t know what it takes to make money online, okay? So I’m about to explain exactly what it takes to make money online before you join Wake Up Now. So guys whenever you’re trying to make any type of money, something has to be sold, something has to be sold. In this case—in this case Wake Up Now IBO Package, platinum package. Guys I’m not looking for free sign ups, okay? I’m not even go lie to you, I’m not looking for free sign ups. I’m looking for people who actually have $100 to invest in Wake Up Now, okay? I’m gonna be straight forward. I’m not like everybody else. I don’t leave nothing out, I don’t leave nothing out, PERIOD. I keep it 100. I keep it real, okay? So, Wake Up Now IBO Package, now that’s 100 dollars, so what are you actually buying when you pay that 100 dollars besides justto make money, okay? I know that’s what people tell them “Okay, You flip 100 dollars into a certain amount of money.” That’s bullshit. Don’t listen to them, okay? You’re buying Tax Bot, k? Well, now what exactly is Tax Bot? Well, has there ever been a time where you guys bought something and you turned
  2. 2. around and bought something else and you bought something else and you tryna figure out where the heck did your taxes go, okay. It went to the government.What if I told you by the end of the year or whenever you get your taxes back, you can sync all those tax deductions into the Tax Box cloud and it’ll be on record by the time you get your taxes back and you’re gonna be getting all that money back that you spent throughout the year on stuff that you’re already buying? Okay, BUT all on what Tax Bot? What if you actually save money on that stuff that you’re already buying throught the market place? Genius right? So you’re gonna be saving money and making money back. You’re gonna be making money back. It gets better. What if I told you, you get 3% cash back on the items you purchase? Okay, last but not least, Vaction Club. So, what is Vacation Club? Well, for my people that love to travel and people that actually are already making the five figure monthly income, like me, who love to travel, WakeUpNow is for you cause they have Vacation Clubs, so you can save flights on hotels and things like that. Now, that’s pretty much sums up what WakeUpNow got. I can go all day what this company has to offer. They have plenty of products out there. Like this Gucci belt, okay? That I got from Neiman Marcus. Wake Up Now actually has one of these, okay, for a very lower price. I actually paid 350 for this at Neiman Marcus, okay? Wake Up Now has this Gucci belt online, probably for about like 250, okay? That’s a 100 dollar difference. But at the time I was probably, I’m not gone say rich, I just wasn’t thinking of using my Wake Up Now benefits, alright? So now we know like what exactly this company does. Let’s talk a little about Wake Up Now compensation plan. Let’s talk a little about the compensation. Okay, I’m not gonna get too deep into the compensation plan because you guys can actually hit the link below my Youtube description and just take action and look over the compensation plan and then you can just make the decision on joining me and actually making the big money and not the petty, wieny, teeny, free sign up that these people are doing in Wake Up Now. They’re just simply signing people up for free and then they’ll tell them to go do it and then when they sign up those people for free, those people wondering why they’re not getting paid as much, because they’re signing up people for free. That’s exactly what’s going on in Wake Up Now and I just think it’s hilarious, okay? You cannot tell people to buy something if you’re not telling them to just pull out their credit card and just make a decision. It’s not gonna work that way. The reason why some people fail on Wake Up Now, they’re too damn scared to tell people to just take action. I’m not. I love telling people to buy, okay? Telling people to buy got me 50,000 dollars this year, online with MCA and Empower Network, okay? So, talk a little about compensation. So, 12 people gets you F3, a founder 3 bonus. That’s 600 dollars, each and every month. Now, most marketers will agree an extra 600 dollars each and every month that can really help you on chronic debit. So what’s the best way to help you get your 12 people once you join me? Well, let me break this down, put this in perspective for you, okay? What do people need when running a successful online business like Wake Up Now, alright? Traffic, leads, sales. Alright traffic, leads, and sales, okay? Why do you need traffic? Well, the same reason why McDonald’s needs traffic, the gas station needs traffic, and all these other places need traffic. You need traffic because traffic means people, people mean buyers, and buyers mean money. So you need lots of people to come to whatever you’re selling. You need a lot of traffic,
  3. 3. okay? You need to convert traffic into leads, but sometimes guys, depending on what you’re selling, people are not gonna take action and make a decision right away, okay? Sometimes people need to be convinced on why they should join you and why they should, you know, just take action, okay? So that’s the point of collecting some type of information so you can keep following them and that’s what you call a lead, okay? So sales, they pretty much just made a decision and joined you by the end of that video, alright? So that’s a sale. So, how can you really make sure you’re successful other than doing all 3 of these? Well guys let me put this in perspective for you. Let me show you how you get traffic. So, what are the most top 3 websites in the world, okay? What’s the most top 3 websites in the world? Google, YouTube, Facebook. Google, YouTube, Facebook. BUT, let’s say you guys don’t have Facebook. I know most of you guys a little old-school, you don’t have Facebook. So, I’m gonna go ahead and cross that out and you guys don’t have YouTube, okay? So, BOOM. We’re gonna automatically cross that out, okay? And Imma talk a little bit more about YouTube and how it can help you in Wake Up Now once you decide to take action and join my team, alright? Google, what do people come here for? They come here for information and they’re number 1. Google gets about millions of visitors per day. If you don’t believe me, go do research. Google gets about a million visits a day, alright? So people come here for info. How can you tap into that traffic? How can you tap into that Google traffic? Where will we provide people info that they’re looking for? Okay, like you guys wanted info on Wake Up Now. I’m giving you info on Wake Up Now, okay? I’m giving you info on Wake Up Now. Okay and you may or may not see my video on Google. I don’t know. Okay? So, BOOM, that’s the traffic. That’s the traffic, BUT I realized and discovered that it’s all about living life and leverage, being leverage. So now that we know how to get the traffic, how do you get leads and sales? So Google is gonna get us the traffic and we gotta provide some type of value for people and info for them to come. Well, I want you guys think about the time you were researching something and what all you saw. All you saw was videos and articles and blogs, right? Videos, articles, and blogs. See there’s a sinus to blogging and people have missed it for years and years. Like, it’s a reason why blogging has been working for years, no matter what business it is. It’ll even work for Wake Up Now, simply because blogging works for all businesses and I built my MCA business based off blogging. I make lots of money through blogging, okay? So, traffic, let’s say about… let’s say the keyword WakeUpNow gets 5,000 visitors a month. Okay, 5,000 visitors a month. Let’s say I got a blog written on the front page of Google when people go searching for Wake Up Now and they read it, okay? This is the blog. Let me show you. This is my blog post. This is my banner on the side of the blog. This is the header. Okay. Now, traffic, 5,000 visitors per month, okay? Read my blog. They click here; it takes them to this thing called a capture page, where it asks for their email. Now, this needs to be linked to an auto responder. Now, now what’s an auto responder? That’s something that’s gonna send automated emails from the time they put in their email on the website. The reason why you need that is because just imagine once you start getting all this traffic while you on vacation and people want info about Wake Up Now, but what I told you, when they put in their email it automatically sends them info, okay? That’s how you leverage. That’s how you’re able to live life and travel to beaches all around the world while making money.
  4. 4. That’s how I’m able to do it. I don’t know about you. Okay? So, now after they put these members to put in their email, 5,000. At least 10% of them make a lead. You need to be getting 500 leads that month, if you got that 5,000 hits to your blog, folks. Meaning 5,000 people came here in that one month, okay? At least 500 of them need to turn into leads. Okay. Now 10% of that needs to turn into sales, meaning 50 people joined you that month. So, what will 50 get you in Wake Up Now? 50 people, if you do it correctly, and let me show you what I mean. Okay, so you just recruited 50 people on complete auto-pilot, while you’re at the beach somewhere and your blog is ranking on Google about Wake Up Now. Then you know how to do any of this stuff. What if I told you the only thing you gotta do is get the traffic and from the time they come there to your blog, everything else is taken care of for you? But guys, depending on if you decide to take action and join me in Wake Up Now. This is the system me and my team using. This is the system I use for MCA. Same EXACT system. Matter of fact I will even let you take a look at that system before you join me on Wake Up Now. Guys just simply click the link below, put in your email and I want you to see exactly what am I talking. And btw, you don’t need a laptop to do this. Time to WAKE UP NOW people. Peace.