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CI in the Cloud - build farms in the sky


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A lightning talk on why you should put your Continuous Integration environment in the cloud.

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CI in the Cloud - build farms in the sky

  1. 1. CI in the skyBuild farms in the cloud John  Ferguson  Smart Email: Web:  h<p:// Twi<er:  wakaleo
  2. 2. Continuous Integration The Need For Speed
  3. 3. Why so slow?
  4. 4. Continuous Integration Quick build results Quick feedback Quick fixes
  5. 5. So where’s the bottleneck? TO BUILD
  6. 6. Can’t I just add more build machines? Yes you can!
  7. 7. What’s wrong with my machines?
  8. 8. New machines are hard to obtain
  9. 9. You pay for idle capacity
  10. 10. Still overloaded during peak periods
  11. 11. So why use the cloud?
  12. 12. On-call servers
  13. 13. Fast, predictable build times
  14. 14. Elastic capacity
  15. 15. Pay for what you use
  16. 16. You go faster!
  17. 17. Things to consider Make your infrastructure available
  18. 18. Things to consider Letting go
  19. 19. Options, options options
  20. 20. Thank you! John  Ferguson  Smart Email: Web:  h<p:// Twi<er:  wakaleo