Braille Messenger - InfocomCY presentation


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Due to the proliferation of the touch screen devices, about 400 million people worldwide do not have the ability to communicate through common texting methods. Have in mind that more than 6.1 trillion messages have been sent during 2010 (World Health Organization).

Braille Messenger reinvents the communications, and bridges the gap between visually impaired people and the global mobile community.

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Braille Messenger - InfocomCY presentation

  1. 1. Braille Messenger
  2. 2. Braille Messenger1st place on 2012 Microsoft’s ImagineCup local finalsParticipates on ImagineCup finals on July 2012, SydneyBraille Messenger founders Vasileios Mitrousis Aristodemos Paphitis
  3. 3. MotivationThe facts Texting is dominating telecommunications worldwide 3.8 billion cellular subscriptions in developing nationsOn the other side 284 million visually impaired in 2011 (WHO) 39% are totally blind
  4. 4. The problemTouch screen devices expand rapidly in smartphonemarkets Touch screen displays make visually impaired truly blind So, how can they communicate with existing methods?
  5. 5. Our goalConnect visually impaired to the global mobilecommunity Eyes-free message composition Eyes-free message reading
  6. 6. Braille CodeA 3x2 binary matrix, up to 63 combinationsSupports over 130 languagesHardware exists since 1939
  7. 7. Evolving text compositionTraditional method in a new way Precise, fast No training needsSame layout as in braille typewriters
  8. 8. Why this is differentBluetooth braille keyboards Very expensive Limited mobilitySpeech to text Language/accent restrictions Difficulty in noisy environments Privacy
  9. 9. Innovation in reading“See no evil, hear no evil”It uses nothing but touchPhone provides vibrationsUser percepts position of dotsUNIQUE solution for deaf blindness
  10. 10. What’s nextPrototypes are already functional Braille Messenger will be available for Windows Phone 7 iPhone Android Scheduled release at the end of JulyFuture development includes social media and email
  11. 11. Thank you!I will be happy to answer any question