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24 mei Exclusive & Limited CAPTAINS DINNER in samenwerking met het Marriott Hotel Amsterdam. (inschrijven)
Keynote sprekers:
- Julie A. Ruterbories, U.S. Consul General for The Netherlands
- Mr. Arthur van Dijk, Vice president of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
- Prof. Dr. Paul L. Iske, Professor Open Innovation at Maastricht University
- Robert van Arlen, Motivational Speaker
- Stedman Graham, Businessman, educator and speaker
- Jörgen Raymann, TV producer / Host

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Hi5 Captainsdinner

  1. 1. Presents on May 24th 2012 in collaboration with Marriott Amsterdam Hotel “A new taste of Leadership” Exclusive & LimitedCAPTAINS DINNER Keynote Speakers: Julie A. Ruterbories, U.S.A. Consul General for The Netherlands Ir. Arco Elsman, Director Randstad HR Solutions Mr. Arthur van Dijk, Vice president of Amsterdam Metropolitean Area Prof. Dr. Paul L. Iske, Professor Open Innovation at Maastricht University Robert van Arlen, Motivational speaker Stedman Graham, Businessman, educator and speaker Jörgen Raymann, TV producer / Host
  2. 2. Hi5: “A new taste of Leadership” “LEADERSHIP by Diversity” Julie Ruterbories “LEADERSHIP by Bridging the Gap” Ir. Arco Elsman “LEADERSHIP is Attitude” Mr. Arthur van Dijk “LEADERSHIP by Innovation” Prof. Dr. Paul L. Iske “LEADERSHIP by Ignation” Robert van Arlen “LEADERSHIP by Human Capital” Stedman Graham “LEADERSHIP through Reflection” Jörgen RaymannDionne Abdoelhafiezkhan Julie A. Ruterbories Ir. Arco Elsman Mr. Arthur van Dijk Prof. Dr. Paul L. Iske Robert van Arlen Stedman Graham Jörgen Raymann
  3. 3. KEYNOTE SPEAKERSLEADERSHIP by DiversitySpeaker: Julie A. Ruterbories, U.S. Consul General for The NetherlandsJulie A. Ruterbories began serving as the U.S Consul General in Amsterdam on July 3, 2009.She is a Senior Foreign Service Officer with 20 years of experience in Europe, Central Asia,the Caucasus and Washington, D.C. During these tours she advanced foreign policy interests acrossa broad range of issues, including democratization and human rights, trade and investment, andimmigration. She began her Foreign Service career as a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek and served additionalconsular tours in Baku, Azerbaijan; London, England; Skopje, Macedonia; and Pristina, Kosovo.LEADERSHIP by Bridging the Gap to increase the understanding of the labor markets.Speaker: Ir. Arco Elsman, Director Randstad HR Solutions‘Bridging the Gap’ highlights the quantitative and qualitative future needs of the European labormarket and provides recommendations to further increase participation rates. One of the mostimportant structural growth drivers in the HR services industry is the need for flexibility. A flexibleworkforce increases productivity and improves competitiveness. Randstad’s mission is ‘shaping theworld of work’; to understand the importance of having a thorough knowledge of current and future labor markets in whichwe operate.
  4. 4. LEADERSHIP is AttitudeSpeaker: Mr. Arthur van Dijk, Alderman in HaarlemmermeerArthur van Dijk, Alderman in Haarlemmermeer and vice president of Amsterdam MetropolitanArea and is in many regional and national challenges involved like Amsterdam Connecting Tradingin corporation with the Minister of Economic Affairs. On top of that he is chairman of the AmsterdamLogistic Board and the Amsterdam Airport Area. Further Arthur is a member of several otheradministrations as Greenport Committee Greenport Aalsmeer, Flower Mainport Aalsmeer, Hogeschool InHolland, ForumSchiphol, Plabeka, Youth & Education Amstelland en Amsterdam, association municipality Noord Holland, KnowledgeNetwork Amsterdam etc. His tax and criminal law studies on The University Leiden and his attitude did not only opendoors for him but also represents the following: Leadership is Attitude!Arthur van Dijk lives and works with the motto, to dream, dare and especially to do it.LEADERSHIP by InnovationSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Paul L. Iske, Professor Open Innovation at Maastricht University;Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO Bank and Partner at Conceptisch.Paul Iske is professor at the School of Business and Economics, University Maastricht, Netherlands,focusing on Open Innovation and Business Venturing. Special topic: Combinatoric Innovation(Innovation by Combination). He is member of the Management Team of the Service Science Factoryand he is on the Board of the Network of Social Innovation. Paul Iske is Chief Dialogues Officer and Director of the Dialogues
  5. 5. Incubator at ABN AMRO Bank. In these roles he is responsible for open, radical, social and sustainable innovation.Furthermore, he is initiator and Director of the Dialogues House, ABN AMRO’s center for outside-in and future-proof thinkingand behavior. The holistic approach taken by Dialogues has been awarded the Banking and Finance Innovation Award for2008. Paul founded the ‘Institute of Brilliant Failures’ which is a web 2.0-approach to highlight the importance of experimen-tation and entrepreneurship to achieve and paradigm shifts and breakthrough innovation.LEADERSHIP by IgnationSpeaker: Robert van ArlenRobert’s motivational keynote speeches can specifically help any sales organization that may haveexperienced a change in their sales leadership, service teams that are measured by customersatisfaction goals, and leaders of organizations that desire to improve the overall focus of their teams.He is a speaker that uses music to keep everyone engaged and inspired. He is known for his speechpreparation techniques that include working in the field with a client to learn about their business. It is a motivational speechthat drives action and results. Robert van Arlen delivers the most engaging keynote you will ever experience. He integratesspecific goals of the conference into a powerful message that unites everyone. Robert van Arlen provides keynotes whichinclude content combined with entertainment. He is an expert in igniting Focus in individuals, teams and organizations.The outcomes lead to a dynamic new way of thinking while overcoming challenges and creatingopportunities.
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP by Human CapitalSpeaker: Stedman GrahamStedman Graham is chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates (SGA), a management andmarketing consulting company that specializes in the corporate and educational markets. Clientshave included Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, CVS Pharmacy, Manpower, the U.S. Department of Labor’sJob Corps, Credit-Suisse First Boston, Harvard and Wharton business schools and the U.S.Department of Education. As a businessman, educator and speaker, he presents, consults and conducts training withcorporations, organizations and nonprofits on the topics of maximizing leadership, achieving success, growing a business,embracing diversity, achieving optimal health, and personal and professional branding. Graham has authored ten books,including two New York Times bestsellers and is the man from and behind Oprah Winfrey. Actively involved in education,Graham taught “The Dynamics of Leadership” for five years at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School ofManagement. He is a former adjunct professor of the University of Illinois-Chicago where he taught a leadership course basedon his Nine-Step Process and he serves as an adjunct or distinguished professor at several other universities across the country.LEADERSHIP through Reflectionspeaker: Jörgen RaymannTV producer / Host Jörgen Raymann; Hi5, the methodology for selfreflection as the key for personalgrowth.
  7. 7. Exclusive & Limited Captains Dinner 18.15 hrs. start dinner, an Exclusive Haute Cuisine by the Chef of the Marriott Amsterdam Hotel
  8. 8. Exclusive & Limited Captains Dinner17.00 hrs. - 23.00 hrs. / Amsterdam Marriott Hotel / Hi5: “A new taste of Leadership” € 2.500,00 p.p. (excl. VAT) The turnover will be used to: 1. Covering cost of Keynote Speakers (Stedman Graham & Robert van Arlen) 2. Covering cost of the Captains Dinner itself 3. Covering free seminar for students with Stedman Graham & Robert van Arlen on May 25th 2012 Amsterdam Marriott Hotel Stadhouderskade 12 T: 0252-430643, E: info@hi5.nl 1054 ES Amsterdam