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Energy for rural_development_of_afghanistan(Wais Alemi

  1. 1. Energy for Rural Development of Afghanistan ERDA Orientation workshop Report: MRRD/NABDP 29-30 August 30, 2010 Report Prepared By: Wais Alemi Provincial Energy Officer (ERDA)
  2. 2. Executive summary : With the acceptance of ERDA as a national program during the Kabul conference, ERDA’s Objective of fulfilling some of it’s goals and recruitment of new staff at the Provincial level , it was therefore essential to conduct an orientation workshop demonstrating the functions done, to illustrate the policy, rules, and specific procedure followed by the Organization. In this regard the workshop was held to help reinforce the above. Attendees participated in the presentation sessions ranging from MRRD’s Strategic Intent, Operations guidelines , survey and design of MHP, MHP Implementation modality of ERDA, solar home systems , Biogas design and implementation modality to tripartite agreement and field visit experiences. The workshop during the First day focused on ERDA’s objectives, it’s mandate, MRRD’s Strategic intent and MHP design ( civil , Electrical and Mechanical aspects ) . Where during the second day main focus was in areas related to Solar, Biogas Energy and BOQ, Supplier, Company selection and finances. My evaluation of the workshop gave a score of 94% for meeting expectations and for the usefulness of the workshop in improving participants’ knowledge. The highest score (98%), was given to a question about whether the methods used in the workshop would help participants in their work!
  3. 3. Course Objective : The objective of the workshop was to orient the provincial energy officers towards ERDA , and be a crush course into the various Energy disciplines for the ERDA staff , Discussions on policy and procedure of action and proposition of a few modifications where ever necessary as well as providing room for further improvements in the policy if any . Picture: 1 Engr. Sultan Ali Javid, Addressing the workshop on ERDA's Objectives and Mandates. Methodology The workshop was carried out through interactive presentations on various topics specific to ERDA and it’s objectives . Given this opportunity to the participants , Excelent talks were given and the attendees expressed a great degree of satisfaction both from the exposure and the environment provided to them to function as a team and discuss on various issues of concern during the talks . Material was provided from text on the topics to multimedia ranging from pictures, videos and physical models where it was necessary. Quality Of Content : ERDA functions as the main provider of rural Energy in Afghanistan , having services in areas of Micro hydro power plants , Solar Energy devices , Bio gas , and initial steps into Mini hydro power plants . it was there for of most importance to give a detail on these topics to staff and new recruits to familiarize them to the most . Hence a great and up to date content was
  4. 4. presented, explained, discussed by the best professionals in their fields. Therefore for certainty the material provided was of a brilliant nature even giving the presenter a warm up onto their fields . Helping everyone present, grasp the topics and terminologies assisting them in their immediate tasks on the work/missions. Quality Of instruction: The instructors prepared briefs in Slides , step wise instructions were given and attendee’s had the opportunity to clarify themselves on any aspect as such. From my point of view I will conclude this heading by stating : what was provided helped everyone grasp new concepts and reassert the already known ones , hence it was of supreme nature where minimum room for improvement is known . Proceedings’ Introduction to ERDA and its objective, mandate: Engr. Sultan Ali Javed gave a brief discussion on ERDA , discussing the organization since its inception, projects carried out , organizational ethics and it’s outputs . ERDA’s Objective for current and plans for Future were pointed out and points on its mandate were explained , given these participants had a clear incentive about the organization. ERDA Operation guidelines : Engr. Manoj explained the guidelines for the Implementation of the ERDA Project implementation and views were exchanged on further improving the guidelines , at the end an updated Manual was presented to attendees. Picture: 2 Engr. Manoj Explaining the Guidlines for MHP Implementation.
  5. 5. Survey and design of MHP : Engr. Ayoubi gave an updated detail on various aspects relating to the survey and design of micro hydro power plants and other parameters relating to the MHP. MHP Implementation Modality : Engr. Ayoubi and Manoj explained how to implement the MHP projects from scratch exact field experiences were exchanged, methods were reaffirmed and key points were noted to help better implement the projects , finally what defines a quality project and how it can be achieved to enhance the quality of service given , brief was provided followed by a discussion session on the topics mentioned . Civil structures, survey, feasibility format : Engr. Basir and Najiullah talked on the various aspects of design as dealt with from the civil engineering perspective , and an up to date material was provided to better help understand the topics in hand Electro-Mechanical and transmission line : Engr. Fayaz shared with us his knowledge and experience from the field , and a comprehensive theory and design topics were discussed based on the electric aspects of the Hydro power Projects. MRRD Strategic Intent : Engr. Wais Alemi Explained the current strategic intent of MRRD , discussing various aspects dealt with , both from and engineering point of view and as well as from the management side following discussions were carried out encompassing MRRD , It’s functions and it’s cross issues in regards to ERDA . Day 2 Comparative experience from Nepal in MH, End Use: Engr. Manoj Conveyed his experiences on the Subject matter , giving in-depth insight into the subject matter of while he was employed in Nepal,
  6. 6. Solar Home System, design and implementation modality : Engr.fayaz gave his insight , explaining the various concepts and methodologies into a solar device , and the applicability and further improvements of the design for rural purposes. Picture: 3 Engr. Fayaz Explaining the Solar Home Systems Biogas, design, implementation modality : Engr. Jamil explained the progress and the possibility of further expanding the bio gas field in the country . MHP BOQ, supplier, company selection: Engr. Ayoubi step wise briefed the usage and formulation of bill of quantity , talked on various options on suppliers and the criterion for company selection.
  7. 7. Tripartite contract, finance, installment: Engr.latif gave an insight into the project funding mechanism, partnership with the CDC and DDA’s , project assessment and differentiation of the allocated budget into installments to be paid either to CDS or DDA ,further discussions were held on some of the issues concerning the field. Feild Visit Experience : Engr. Roshan briefed us of her last trip to jalalabad and discussed some of the issues related to biogas , talks on further options were amongst the mains in the discussions . Conclusions After a brief discussion the workshop was ended with prioritizing the workshop concept on more issues in the near future . Picture: 4 Energy For Rural Development of Afghanistan Staff , Group Photo ;