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7 Jb T 3


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7JB running the Years 7 & 8 assembly during Term 3 at Wairoa College.

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7 Jb T 3

  1. 1. Welcome to N3'z Assembly
  2. 2. Please stand for the Karakia
  3. 3. Karakia E te Atua Lord Manaaki mai Guide us E te Atua Lord Awhina mai Support us E te Atua Lord Aroha mai Love us Ake! Ake! Forever and ever Amene Amen
  4. 4. Agenda Welcome everybody Karakia Year 7 Certificates and Year 8 Certificates Original song 7JB Poems by 8JH A Personal Study 8SH Sports results Teachers’ Notices Thank-you for coming to the assembly
  5. 5. Year 7 Certificates N1: Timira Duley Waiwai, Ati TeTomo N2: Conrad O'Brien, Taine Brown, Daniel Moulder N3: Cole Dain, Benita Tipuna, Kayley Hokai-Tipuna
  6. 6. Year 8 Certificates N4: Emilio Grant, N6: Jobey Pomare, Samm Runga, Nevarn Wamoana. Vaughan Goldsmith, Chris Mackay, Daniel Thurston. YEAR 7 N5: Connor Storey.
  7. 7. Clear And Clean By Kayley, Cole, Benita
  8. 8. POEMS by 8 JH
  9. 9. A Personal Study 8SH Jack Campbell
  10. 10. SPORT'S These are sports results from two weeks ago. Netball results: Gold won 31 to 24 to Orange. Netball results: Blue won 31 to 24 to White. Soccer results: 2 All - to the social girls who played. This weeks sports results are; netball and soccer. Netball results: Netball results: Netball results: Netball results: Soccer results:
  11. 11. Teachers' notices...
  12. 12. Thankyou 4 Coming