Final 2-4 Evaluation


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Final 2-4 Evaluation

  1. 1. Question 1 is on blogas video commenteryIn what ways does your media product Use, Develop or Challenge form forms and conventions of existing media products.
  2. 2. Camera shots: Music video’s conventionally contain long shotsColours tend to be used to set the The camera almost always and close ups which createmood in video’s such as blues and follows and traces the artist. emphasis on the artist. Close upsblacks for sadness and warmer dont just get used for emotionalcoolers for happiness. purposes but reflect the words of the song. Conventions of Music Video’s Mes: The mis en scene in music video normally relate to the genre of the band and use props Emphisis on the genre is key that relate. A example is Editing: Jump cuts are the main architects. which can be shown through kind of edits for music videos, location, props, fashion or style this is because the music is of the band e.g. August burns red constantly changing e.g. Verse to – white washed, the band have chorus also transitions such as Ibanez guitars which is a trait fade and dissolves are popular. seen in a lot of metal-core bands.
  3. 3. It is significant that when shaping a music video brand identity is a key element that should beused. The uniqueness of the image produced should be consistent throughout all of theproducts which relate to the artist/ band, e.g. Album Cover, Advert and Gate fold. The Artistshould be represented throughout these Products and almost always specify to a targetaudience. The guitar is significant in both the album cover and music video, especially the movement of the guitar. The dark imagery is used throughout The Clashes work and can be seen both on the album art and in the music video screen shot. The main singer/ guitarist is the main man in the band and contributes to a lot of their image. Example The Clash’s album London calling and music video London Calling, the band are know as a reckless punk band and the album art shows this which is band recognition.
  4. 4. My mistakes were made for you EP Standing next to you EP The Age of The UnderstatementMy mistakes were made for you Music Video. Brand identity with ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ is a big part of the band as seen by the Album art and Screen shot Women are used in all of the images, This is meant to be a femme fatal theme which is used throughout all the Duo’s work. Its effective because it relates to so many mediums film and media being two of them.
  5. 5. All of my products are similar because I wanted to create a band image much like ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ this is because it works so well, the Debut album alone became number 1 in the UK charts just because of the built up band image.
  6. 6. Firstly I had to decided what my brand Theme: Hostage Situationidentity would be but I found it hard to be Time of Day: Middayoriginal, I first had the idea to use ahostage situation on the art work becauseit would fit into the ‘Punk’ genre and comeacross as quite a reckless idea.Next I started thinking about the back ofthe album, I wanted the picture to betaken at a different time of the day than Theme: Hostage Situationthe front cover , so I took one at night and Time of Day: Sun setit didn’t come out well so I took it just afew hours after the front of the album wastaken and it worked out fine. The ideaagain relates to the front cover idea of ahostage situation and the hostage hasescaped and the back and chair is all that’sleft.
  7. 7. I tried to challenge conventions by not relating my music video to the album cover because I found bands like ‘Arctic Monkeys’ haven’t followed the conventions either, but their logo on the products can be seen throughout their products which is what I have done with my Advert, DigipaK and Album art.Band Logo Arctic Monkeys logo Like Arctic Monkeys I have not put my logo or anything that relates to my ancillaries.
  8. 8. My band logo’s font is a big part of my bands identity I researched other band logo’s with the same genre and found they normally have a much adventuresome font and background which is why I chose mine. Also punk band never really break away from the black and white colour scheme for logos.Rancid bands original logo. I have used the font (polla) in all my ancillaries including the Advert basically because I wanted to create a brand which people will recognise in a quick glance and from the feedback with I have received I think this has become possible.
  9. 9. The star of my music video isn’t the artist of the song which I have used I did thisbecause I found a convention in music videos where the band are shown in thevideo but a separate story line is also shown I felt I did this because I was influenceby two music videos in particular ‘Architects Early Grave’ and ‘August Burns RedsInternal Canon’ both music videos have narrative story lines and band shots. Early Grave Bob (my music video) Internal Canon Story/ Narrative Band Shots
  10. 10. In the music video props and location were the two main elements I found I used the coin because I felt a convention In music videos was to be basic but also unique, the coin is significant to the lyrics how the addiction the singer sings about his following him much like the coin being where ever the actor is in the music video, giving in is also signified in the music video much like the lyrics when the actor goes to the off licence . We wanted the location to be in a average family home to suggest money is needed by the actor much like in the lyrics I found this was tricky because restriction were inevitable.“Fifteen years till his liver explodedNow whats Bob gonna do now that he cant drink?”-Lyrics in the song
  11. 11. Q3 – What have you learned from audience feedback?
  12. 12. Before getting creating the products and get feedback I had to find the audience the music was for e.g Teenagers, 20-30, I did this by creating an image mood board and a audience profile I used image with what relate to the target audience.The audience was punkteens roughly betweenthe age of 14- 22 , mosthad a DIY look at theirfashion i.e. Cut sleevesoff t shirt or cut theirown hair. I foundvarious movements inthe audience such asstraight edge wherethey stay clean fromdrugs and alcohol, alsoblack and white is againa on going theme.
  13. 13. I first started looking at the Rancid’s Twitter page and see who followsthem and what other tastes and products they like, I found thisproductive because it got the ball rolling and helped me put together amood board.
  14. 14. To gather information about my target audience I looked at the followers of the band and followed a few of the people on their, and from the information I gathered from the followers I added it to my mood board. It too helped what the music video would be like because a lot of the followers where posting music which they liked which I used as inspiration.
  15. 15. FeedbackI did two interviews with a friend and a fellow student in my class the firstperson after seeing my music video said “I think the music video is to generic in the sense that theres no effects used or break up of shots, I like the idea behind the music video and how the narrative relates to the lyrics of the song, I also think that not enough things relate to the genre. The album art on the other hand relates to the genre good it has many punk traits such as the band logo which really helps the band image.” The second persons feedback “I think the music video could use more band shots to split up the narrative of the music video, I like where the music videos shot and I think the editing could of been done a lot better like use more dissolves or fade at the end. The digipaks I like how the grass relates to the album art and back cover is good also I like how simple the digipak is but it could of maybe had more though, I really like how the advert has a image of the band as well as the album art .”
  16. 16. From the feedback I learnt I could of maybe challenged conventions more and been lessgeneric but I thought if I challenged them more it would look more like a short film ratherthan a music video and I didn’t want this to happen. Also since the feedback Ive changedthe edits and put more band shots in to break up the narrative, Im possibly going to addsome edit effects such as dissolves but I dont want the music video to come across as a‘corny’ video. I think my feedback for the ancillaries is mostly good apart from there notbeing enough on my digipak inside cover, but I was going for a basic look in the first placebecause it comes across as a much smarter looking inside cover and not polluted byunwanted writing or images.Start without band edit.Start with band edit.
  17. 17. I gave 15 people a questionnaire which I made so feedback could beobtained quickly and efficiently. I gave it out after my final product wasdone and on each one I achieved above 4/6 which I am pleased with. It alsoshow I took the initial feedback into consideration and changed whatneeded to be changed to fit my target audience.
  18. 18. Question 62 people didn’t think the editing didn’tfit in with the beat of the music which I Question 5was a bit disappointed with because Icame back to the editing and shortened Question 4the long shots with quick edits to band Question 3 Noshots, but on the other hand 13 people Yesagreed it matched it which is a very good Question 2out come. Question 1 0 5 10 15I found post of the feedbackconstructive for if i ever make a musicvideo again i found the i and mosthappy with questions 3 and 4’sresponses because it is seen thatconventions have been used and themusic relates to the video and gives itextra meaning.
  19. 19. Q4 – How did you use media technologies in theconstruction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
  20. 20. I mostly used the internet mainly Google and Youtube to research for ideas for my products.I mostly used youtubebecause of the music videodatabase it holds, I founda lot of bad and good ontheir and I basically gaveme a list of things Iwanted in and not in mymusic video i.e.Shots, props. Google wasused for the ancillariesespecially the Album cover, I used the Image optionon Google to find relativealbum art to targetaudience.
  21. 21. Researching the song I used Itunes and youtube, I was mainly looking at the feedback it was given to know if the song was useable because if people enjoy the song theyll enjoy the video with it.
  22. 22.  I found a lot of advertisements in the magazine ‘Kerrang’ which helped develop my idea for what I wanted my advert to look like. I found using basic backgrounds is used quite a lot so costs are kept low for bands who can’t afford to advertise at a national level. I think this advert stud out from the rest because of the 2 image combination and the bold heading.
  23. 23. I used a Fuji camera for the album art and digipak, then a cannon 550d for the Advert. I Found I needed a better quality image for the advert because it had the band image on it, I also found that grainier less quality images make better album art.I didnt want to use any lenses or effects on either of the images I wanted them to be as natural as possible, I did find that the bigger and better the camera the harder they are to use.
  24. 24. I used Photoshop to create band logo, I felt paint and publisher where to amateur , I also created my album advert, I think Photoshop has a better selection of tools which is useful, its hard to use at first but I used online Youtube tutorials to help me.I used the Colour range option to select the green of the photo and delete it, I did this because I wanted a plain whit background.I also used it to merge two photos together, the actor on the right isnt meant to be apart of the actual photo.
  25. 25. I first cropped the image so it was 3 instead of4 people then I cut a image of the left bandmember and dragged and dropped him whereI wanted him then I selected and deleted thegreen then added a whiteBackground and added myAlbum details for the advert.
  26. 26.  To edit my music video if used an Apple Mac, on the Mac I used IMovie to edit the footage and to add effects.First I took the footage off the camera and drag and dropped it into imovie next I started editing the footage I found it hard because i was on a different running system I normally use windows.I used basic effects to make my music videolook more professional I tried not to go overthe top with editing effects and normaleffects.
  27. 27. With Imovie I found I had tochange the project bar and theevent bar because I was used tomovie maker on windows.This here allowed meto create new eventsor projects it to I used This bar here to useallowed me to access cross media’s e.g. importingmy footage on my music or photos, this Is alsodevice and import it. where the effects are.
  28. 28. Design for Ancillaries.To design what my products were going to look like I used PowerPoint forthe ancillaries and planned the music video on a storyboard. I felt I’d ofspent a lot more time on a computer on Photoshop planning it andquicker buy using just a pencil and paper.
  29. 29. I wanted to use PowerPoint for the evaluation because its easier to use a looks smart and professional I found Presi was a bit to fiddly and looked childish. I also wanted to make a video evaluation with Imovie but I was limited with my time and I did not have a Mac at home to make one. I found a PowerPoint wasn’t time consuming and was easy to post on my blog. I also could attach sound files for Question 1.