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Software Debugging


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Published in: Technology
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Software Debugging

  1. 1. Kelly Chan | Dec 16 2013 Software Debugging Problem Tracking Record and Replay Reproducing Non-deterministic Behaviors Automatic + Simplify Operating Environment, Static Data, User Interaction Time, Randomness, Debugging Tools, Schedules, Physics Fuzz Delta Debugging Deduction Track Infection Origins Dependency Slice Isolate Infection Chain Assertion Stepping Correct Defect Breakpoint Print Data Dependency, Control Dependency Backward/Forward/Dynamic/Others Precondition, Postcondition
  2. 2. Kelly Chan | Dec 16 2013 Software Testing Black Box Common Testing White Box Coverage Testing: statement (line), branch (decision), loop, modified condition/decision, path, boundary value Random Testing System Testing Unit Testing Differential Testing Other Testing Stress Testing Integration Testing System Testing