01 introduction bustu 2013


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01 introduction bustu 2013

  1. 1. Strategic Management @ 2013Wai chamornmarn01 Introduction
  2. 2. Strategic Management @ 2013Class 2013
  3. 3. Strategic Management @ 2013
  4. 4. Strategic Management @ 2013
  5. 5. Strategic Management @ 2013Professor Kaneko talking about“Osmoregulation of Fish” The eels that are bred at theuniversityDiagnosing disease damageat the Plant ClinicProfessor Segawa giving a talk in front of thedisplay of dye-sensitized solar cellsAssistant Professor Lee explaininghow real-time wireless worksMeasuring radiation levels using aGeiger-Müller tube
  6. 6. Strategic Management @ 2013Strategic AnalysisAgrifood Competitiveness analysis/FutureAnalysisEnergy StakeholderAnalysis,Business EcosystemHealth Care & Phama Value &Value Net Analysis,Industry AnalysisRetailing Business model, Dynamic CapabilityBanking Corporate Strategy, Competitive StrategyTransportation Global Strategy And Strategic AllianceConsumer And Digital Electronics Innovative StrategyICT Technology Strategy
  7. 7. Strategic Management @ 2013IndustryAgrifood TUNA:Pacific Ocean,Indian Ocean,Atlantic OceaRubber:Malaysia ,Indonesia,ThailandRice:Thailand,Vietnam,India,ChinaPalm Oil:Thailand,Malaysia,IndonesiaPetroleum ExxonMobil,Saudi Aramco,Total,StatoilChevron,Kuwait PetroleumConocoPhillips,EniBP,Rosneft,Sinopec,Petronas ,Shell ,Lukoil,Petrochina,PTT,Phama &life ScienceJohnson&johnson,Merck&co,Abbott,Adinstruments,Pfizer,Hoffmann-la roche,Astrazeneca,EpizymeNovatis,Sanofi,Roche,Takeda PharmaceuticalBayer,Glaxosmithkline,Bristol-Myers Squibb,EisaiRetailing Metro,Walmart,Kroger,AmazonAldi Einkauf GmbH & Co.,Costco ,Schwarz,eBayTesco ,Homedepot,BurberrySeven elevenCarrefour,IKEA,Uniqlo,BP Amoco
  8. 8. Strategic Management @ 2013IndustryBanking Bank Of America,Detsche Bank,Goldman Sachs,SCBCiti Group,ING Bank NV ,Credit Suisse AG ,Bangkok BankJP Morgan chase,HSBC,Industrial & Commercial Bank OfChina (ICBC),KTBMerrill Lynch,Barklays,China Construction Bank,TMBTransportation Sky Team,General Motor,Honda,Geely AutomobileOne World ,Ford,Toyota,Dongfeng MotorOne World ,Daimler AGTata,FAW GroupStar Allaince, Volkswagen,Hundai Motor,Chery AutomobileConsumerElectronics/ComputerPanasonic ,Phillips,Canon,AMD,LG,Haier,Hewlett-Packard,Intel,Sony,GE,Toshiba,LenovoSumsung electronics,Siemens,Hitachi,IBMComputer/Telecom AT&T,Nokia,Microsoft,iOSFrance Telecom,Blackberry,Apple,AndroidVodafone,Samsung,Yahoo,CiscoChina Mobile,Apple,Google,Huawei
  9. 9. Strategic Management @ 2013If you is going to get A• (class)•• , Seeking Logic,•••••
  10. 10. Strategic Management @ 2013Problem Solving
  11. 11. Strategic Management @ 2013Multidimensional Thinking• His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking.”-Capt. Spock (Star Trek II,The Wrath of Khan)• The Blind Men and the Elephant” (Untermeyer, 1963).
  12. 12. Strategic Management @ 2013Dialectical Thinking• Yin and Yang are opposites, both of which could not exist without the other.The idea is that everywhere in nature opposites must coexist harmoniously.•
  13. 13. Strategic Management @ 2013Quantum ThinkingA or B EnergyEnergyEnergyFalseDualityParticle/WavePoint ofObservationMultiple views ofrealityAll isenergy intransition
  14. 14. Strategic Management @ 2013• ChineseStrategic Thinking
  15. 15. Strategic Management @ 2013
  16. 16. Strategic Management @ 2013
  17. 17. Strategic Management @ 2013• WesternStrategic Thinking
  18. 18. Strategic Management @ 2013Strategic Thinking
  20. 20. Strategic Management @ 2013Strategic Thinking: Can it be Taught?
  21. 21. Strategic Management @ 20133. The concept of strategic thinking• 1.Strategic thinking is the integration of knowledge, imagination and will seen in differentperspective of time and space• 2.Strategic thinking is a holistic phenomenon incorporating the whole set of mostimportant development process• 3. Strategic thinking is a holistic phenomenon of long duration understanding the role ofcontinuation and even inertia of the historical experiences• 4.Strategic thinking is a holistic phenomenon trying to discover the turning points, whichare introducing deep and relatively rapid structural changes in the system of factors anddriving forces, shaping the processes of global development• 5. Strategic thinking is a holistic phenomenon incorporated into the domain of teleology– is a system of goals defining the character of the given prospective reality• 6.Strategic thinking is a holistic phenomenon of the decision making domain – thedomain of grand strategic choices
  22. 22. Strategic Management @ 2013Strategic Questions
  23. 23. The essence of strategy is synthesis rather than analysis
  24. 24. Strategic Management @ 2013
  25. 25. Strategic Management @ 201332 of 58ProblemHypothesisFactsAnalysisSolution
  26. 26. Strategic Management @ 2013Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?by David J. Collis and Michael G. Rukstad
  27. 27. Strategic Management @ 2013Industry DriverImpact• New entrants• New/substituteproducts• New markets• M&A activity• Shifting businessmodels andeconomics• Technology• Regulation• Consumer DispositionHIGHLOWLOW HIGHEnvironment Driver ImpactStatic IndustrySlow Incremental ChangeTransforming IndustrySteady Evolutionary ChangeDynamic IndustryRapid Discontinuous ChangeScenarioEnvisioningTraditional StrategyDevelopmentBudgetaryPlanningIdeal StrategyDevelopmentScenario Envisioning Supplement
  28. 28. Strategic Management @ 2013
  29. 29. Strategic Management @ 2013Top 25 Firms in 20131. Bain & Company2. McKinsey & Company3. The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.4. Booz & Company5. Deloitte Consulting LLP6. Oliver Wyman7. A.T. Kearney8. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP(Consulting Practice)9. Analysis Group, Inc.10.Censeo Consulting Group11.Monitor Group12.L.E.K. Consulting13.Point B14.ZS Associates15.Marakon16.The Cambridge Group17.Cornerstone Research18.The Chartis Group19.Accenture20.Milliman, Inc.21.NERA Economic Consulting22.Alvarez & Marsal23.Putnam Associates24.West Monroe Partners25.ClearView Healthcare Partners