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Timeline from 2016


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Timeline from 2016

Published in: Technology
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Timeline from 2016

  1. 1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Prepared by Wahyu Primadi 1
  2. 2. Line of Business Application in Infrastructure Services MisterDEALS
  3. 3. Device Testing • New device (NFC) testing that comes with it’s SDK. • Writing wrapper classes (if needed!). • Start to implement device interface. Mobile Apps • API to MD server for mobile apps. • Mobile app for member with online & offline transaction using DOKU Wallet. • Mobile app for MisterDEALS merchants with online transaction using DOKU Wallet. • Non-member access for transaction only. • Payment reconciliation? • SIT & UAT New Website • Redesign a new website, both front-end and back-end. • New database structure. • New API for merchant & production app. • Add some new features: Point Rewards, and Branch. • Online transaction with DOKU (H2H). • SIT & UAT Merchant App • New API for merchant desktop application. • Add point feature. • Add transaction feature using DOKU. • Add notification feature via SMS gateway and/or email. • Payment reconciliation? • SIT & UAT Next Development • Web eCommerce. • Integration with Grab. • Etc… DOKU H2H API • API integration with DOKU Simple. • API integration with DOKU Wallet. • Testing (SIT) API. • UAT. Application Development Todo List MisterDEALS