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Finalist briefing session Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest 2010

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  • Stem cells are “non-specialized” cells that have the potential to form into other types of specific cells, such as blood, muscles or nerves. They are unlike 'differentiated' cells which have already become whatever organ or structure they are in the body. Stem cells are present throughout our body, but more abundant in a fetus.
    Medical researchers and scientists believe that stem cell therapy will, in the near future, advance medicine dramatically and change the course of disease treatment. This is because stem cells have the ability to grow into any kind of cell and, if transplanted into the body, will relocate to the damaged tissue, replacing it. For example, neural cells in the spinal cord, brain, optic nerves, or other parts of the central nervous system that have been injured can be replaced by injected stem cells. Various stem cell therapies are already practiced, a popular one being bone marrow transplants that are used to treat leukemia. In theory and in fact, lifeless cells anywhere in the body, no matter what the cause of the disease or injury, can be replaced with vigorous new cells because of the remarkable plasticity of stem cells. Biomed companies predict that with all of the research activity in stem cell therapy currently being directed toward the technology, a wider range of disease types including cancer, diabetes, spinal cord injury, and even multiple sclerosis will be effectively treated in the future. Recently announced trials are now underway to study both safety and efficacy of autologous stem cell transplantation in MS patients because of promising early results from previous trials.
    Research into stem cells grew out of the findings of two Canadian researchers, Dr’s James Till and Ernest McCulloch at the University of Toronto in 1961. They were the first to publish their experimental results into the existence of stem cells in a scientific journal. Till and McCulloch documented the way in which embryonic stem cells differentiate themselves to become mature cell tissue. Their discovery opened the door for others to develop the first medical use of stem cells in bone marrow transplantation for leukemia. Over the next 50 years their early work has led to our current state of medical practice where modern science believes that new treatments for chronic diseases including MS, diabetes, spinal cord injuries and many more disease conditions are just around the corner.
    There are a number of sources of stem cells, namely, adult cells generally extracted from bone marrow, cord cells, extracted during pregnancy and cryogenically stored, and embryonic cells, extracted from an embryo before the cells start to differentiate. As to source and method of acquiring stem cells, harvesting autologous adult cells entails the least risk and controversy.
    Autologous stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own body; and since they are the patient’s own, autologous cells are better than both cord and embryonic sources as they perfectly match the patient’s own DNA, meaning that they will never be rejected by the patient’s immune system. Autologous transplantation is now happening therapeutically at several major sites world-wide and more studies on both safety and efficacy are finally being announced. With so many unrealized expectations of stem cell therapy, results to date have been both significant and hopeful, if taking longer than anticipated.
    What’s been the Holdup?
    Up until recently, there have been intense ethical debates about stem cells and even the studies that researchers have been allowed to do. This is because research methodology was primarily concerned with embryonic stem cells, which until recently required an aborted fetus as a source of stem cells. The topic became very much a moral dilemma and research was held up for many years in the US and Canada while political debates turned into restrictive legislation. Other countries were not as inflexible and many important research studies have been taking place elsewhere. Thankfully embryonic stem cells no longer have to be used as much more advanced and preferred methods have superseded the older technologies. While the length of time that promising research has been on hold has led many to wonder if stem cell therapy will ever be a reality for many disease types, the disputes have led to a number of important improvements in the medical technology that in the end, have satisfied both sides of the ethical issue.
    CCSVI Clinic
    CCSVI Clinic has been on the leading edge of MS treatment for the past several years. We are the only group facilitating the treatment of MS patients requiring a 10-day patient aftercare protocol following neck venous angioplasty that includes daily ultrasonography and other significant therapeutic features for the period including follow-up surgeries if indicated. There is a strict safety protocol, the results of which are the subject of an approved IRB study. The goal is to derive best practice standards from the data. With the addition of ASC transplantation, our research group has now preparing application for member status in International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS), the globally-active non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of cell-based medical therapies through education of physicians and researchers, patient safety, and creating universal standards. For more information please visit
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Finalist Briefing - Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest

  1. 1. Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest Finalists Briefing @ Windsor Suite Hotel November 22, 2010 at 10.00 – 12.00 hr
  2. 2. Briefing outline • Thailand Medical Tourism Background • Event Introduction • Introducing 12 Finalists • Event Itinerary – Joint itinerary – Destination itinerary • Trip Inclusion / Exclusion • About your travel kit • Finalists assignment • Liaison assignment • Introducing your liaison • FAQs • What’s next? • Welcome party briefing
  3. 3. Thailand Medical Tourism Background
  4. 4. Figures of Thailand Medical Tourism • In recent years, 1.4 million international patients have received medical treatment in Thailand, and the number is increasing annually. • Number of HA Hospitals: 190 Hospitals. • Number of JCI Hospitals: 15 hospitals. • Number of Hospitals with CCPC: 4 Hospitals (8 categories).
  5. 5. Thai Hospital Accreditation Thai hospitals use Hospital Accreditation (HA), a four-stage process that combines self- assessment and peer assessment to judge performance levels against established standards and identify methods of improvement. There are 190 hospitals accredited.
  6. 6. Joint Commission International • JCI Accreditation and/or Certification is a process in which an entity, separate and distinct from the health care organization, usually non-governmental, assesses the health care organization to determine if it meets a set of standards requirements designed to improve quality of care. This voluntary process provides a visible commitment by an organization to continually ensure a safe environment for its patients and staff. • Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation can help international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others to evaluate, improve and demonstrate the quality of patient care in their nations while accommodating any specific legal, religious and cultural factors within a country.
  7. 7. Thailand was the first country in Asia to achieve JCI accreditation in 2002
  8. 8. 15 hospitals are now accredited Bangkok 1. Bangkok Heart Hospital 2. Bangkok Hospital 3. Bangkok International Hospital 4. BNH Hospital 5. Bumrungrad International 6. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital 7. Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital 8. Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital 9. Vejthani Hospital 10.Synphaet Hospital 11.Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Phuket 12.Bangkok Hospital Phuket Chiang Mai 13.Chiangmai Ram Hospital Pattaya / Chonburi 14. Samitivej Sriracha Hospital 15. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
  9. 9. Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) • Beginning January 2010, Joint Commission International Disease or Condition-Specific Care Certification will have a new name: Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC). • JCI began offering DCSC Certifications in 2005. Since that time the program has grown beyond the management of a program for diseases and/or conditions. This new name reflects the expansion of the program to include 15 categories of clinical services that are now eligible for certification.
  10. 10. 4 Thai hospitals that have received CCPC certificates (8 categories) 1. Bangkok Hospital Medical Center – Acute coronary syndrome, – Breast cancer conserving therapy – Heart failure – Primary stroke 2. Bumrungrad International – Primary stroke – Acute myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation – Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and 2 – Chronic Kidney Disease Stage I to IV 3. Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital – Low back pain – Primary stroke 4. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital – Lung cancer – Acute myocardial infarction – Knee osteoarthritis
  11. 11. Most Popular Treatment in Thailand DentalDermatology Spa Treatments Plastic Surgery General TreatmentsHolistic & Anti Aging
  12. 12. Six Reasons for Making Thailand Your Medical Tourism Destination
  13. 13. Event Introduction
  14. 14. About the event
  15. 15. Blog
  16. 16. Social Media
  17. 17. Social Media
  18. 18. Social Media
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Prizes Highest Unique Visitors: Total value $13,000 • Cash $10,000 • Hotel Voucher valued at $3,000 inclusive of: – Sri Panwa, Phuket ***** (2 Nights) – Westin Grande Bangkok ***** (3 Nights) Best Blog Content: Total value $5,000 • Cash $3,000 • Hotel Voucher valued at $2,000 inclusive of: – Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort, Chiang Mai **** (4 Nights) – Absolute Chandara Resort & Spa, Phuket **** (4 Nights) ** Prizes are subject to change**
  21. 21. Event Schedule • September 1 – October 31, 2010 : Application Period. • November 8, 2010 : Finalists Announcement. • November 21, 2010 : Finalists arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. • November 22, 2010 : Finalists briefing / Welcome party / Press conference in Bangkok. • November 23 – 26, 2010: FAM trip period in each destination. • November 26, 2010: Farewell Dinner in Bangkok. • November 27, 2010: Finalists return home. • November 22, 2010 – January 31, 2011: Blogging Competition and Best Content Selection. • February 7, 2011 : Winner announcement. ** The schedule and/or events are subject to change with prior notice. **
  22. 22. Get to know 12 Finalists
  23. 23. Mr. Gary Arndt, United States “I am an accomplished blogger and photographer as well as an experienced SCUBA diver. I was named by Time Magazine as having one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2010 and was the first and only travel blog to have been given that distinction. I am also ranked by as having one of the top 3 social media profiles in the entire travel industry.”
  24. 24. Mr. David Hogan Shaidali Jr, Malaysia David is a independent travel writer who focuses on travel around Southeast Asia as he is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He writes about Eco Tourism, Nature, Hotels & Resorts, Islands & Beaches, UNESCO Sites, Culture & Heritage just to name a few of the topics. With 22 years of travel experience around the world, he now centers around Southeast Asia where there is endless experiences to share with the world via the Malaysia Asia website which he manages with his partner.
  25. 25. Ms. Nellie Huang, Spain “I'm a travel journalist, blogger and adventure seeker. Originally from Singapore, I've traipsed through continents to find home in Spain. My work has been published in Singapore's leading newspaper Today, National Geographic Intelligent Traveler, CNN Go, Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia, Jetstar Asia inflight magazine and Food&Travel.”
  26. 26. Mr. Michael Rose, Thailand "Originating from the UK, Mike Rose, moved to Thailand in 2008 when he retired from teaching in England. He now lives in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Passionate about the environment, Mike enjoys wild life watching and photography. He is also a keen writer and maintains several web-logs with such diverse topics as Thai temples and expat life in Thailand. His long term aims are to speak Thai fluently and write a book about Thai Buddhism and the temples of Thailand.”
  27. 27. Mr. Wahyu Wijanarko, Indonesia After graduated from Electrical Engineering Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, then he worked as web programmer, database analyst, and server administrator. He writes articles in some magazines, and online journal, and also wrote some computer-related book published by local publisher in Indonesia. With his job duties, he should travel to many places to make sure the projects of his company to be successfully delivered to the clients. He post his travel and daily experience in his blog.
  28. 28. Mr. Nguyen Tung Lam, Vietnam “I'm a Vietnamese travel blogger. I love traveling, writing and blogging. I started blogging in 2008 with (Vietnamese language) to share my experience in traveling with Vietnamese who love travel, who want to travel around in Vietnam and South East Asia. In 2009, with, I had passed in the final round of Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards but unfortunately I had not receive any rewards. In the end of 2009, I published a travel guide ebook to Ba Ria Vung Tau (a famous tourist province in South of Vietnam) and Binh Thuan.”
  29. 29. Ms. Victoria Svederberg, Hong Kong As the managing director of the global healthcare directory and online portal Novasans, I've been blogging about medical tourism and wellness travel since January 2010. Based in South East Asia, the blog has a clear focus on the countries in the area and what they have to offer international patients seeking treatment abroad.
  30. 30. Mr. Scott Frankum, United States Scott Frankum is an author, analyst and creative director with a Masters of Business Administration in Global Management. He focuses on marketplace innovation that accelerates health travel and is a veteran of new ventures that magnify the value-add of creativity. In September he published The Well Report — Dermatology, Cosmetic, Plastic & Reproductive Surgery in India and Malaysia, the first of a new series of ultimate Health Travel guides.
  31. 31. Mr. Ivan Anthony Henares, Philippines Ivan Henares is a young man who is well on his way to exploring the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and more. His candid and well-written travel journals in Ivan About Town ( give his readers a glimpse of Philippine culture. In 2007, his blog was named Best Travel Blog at the 1st Philippine Blog Awards. A staunch advocate for the preservation of Philippine heritage, Ivan is currently Vice President and Trustee of the Heritage Conservation Society and Expert Member and Philippine Representative to the International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC) of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). Ivan is also Editor of Northbound Magazine, a free quarterly travel guide to North Philippines, hosts a travel show on CLTV 36, and teaches tourism at the University of the Philippines.
  32. 32. Mr. Chun Keat Ng, Malaysia “I am an independent travel and food writer at and also a freelance writer for various Malaysia magazines and newspaper. Since 2009, I had been invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia for join their FAM trips to Thailand to promote the "Land of Smiles". Hence, I work also closely with Asian Food Channel and did dozens of food reviews in Malaysia.”
  33. 33. Ms. Claire Marie Algarme, Philippines Claire Algarme is Filipina who loves to explore her own country as well as destinations abroad. She lived in Indonesia for almost a year working with a non-profit organization. Her travel blog was created to help first-time travelers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveler that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte. Ms. Algarme is also a postcard collector and she has been exchanging postcards from different countries all over the world.
  34. 34. Mr. Robert Schrader, United States He is a freelance writer and photographer whose work has appeared on websites like "CNNGo" and "Shanghaiist" and in publications such as That's Shanghai and Little Blue World. A passionate world traveler, he maintains the blog "Leave Your Daily Hell," an ode to nomadism--and to the 25 countries he's visited since 2005, of which Thailand is his favorite. “I love the Thai people, Thai cuisine and Thai culture and I would love to use my excellent writing and photography skills to help Thailand advance its medical tourism industry.”
  35. 35. What the finalists have to do?
  36. 36. 1.Explore 4 days trip Bangkok or Pattaya or Chiang Mai or Phuket or Koh Samui Bangkok+Hua Hin Phuket Pattaya Chiang Mai Samui
  37. 37. 2.Share your experience through blogs & social media channel
  38. 38. 3.Promote your MBC blog to get the highest Unique visitors as possible
  39. 39. Event Itinerary
  40. 40. Joint Itinerary • Each finalist team will be staying in different hotels during the 21st, 22nd and 26th of November as following: – Bel-Aire Princess Hotel – The Fusion Suites – Park Plaza Sukhumvit BKK – Windsor Suites – Anantara Baan Rajprasong • Here are things that will be provided in all accommodation you will be staying (No additional payment needed) – Breakfast as a complimentary, please check with each hotel about the breakfast time – Lunch, on Nov 21, 22 and 26, you can have lunch at your hotels as it is offered as complimentary – In-room internet access in most hotels except few hotels that only provide internet in the lobby or business center, please see summary details in the travel kit Note: On November 26, the post competition, you may stay in a different hotel from the 1st day in Bangkok
  41. 41. Joint Itinerary • Welcome dinner will be on Nov 21, 2010 and farewell dinner will be on Nov 26, 2010. • We provide all transfer to/from airport and to/from hotels to join the events, pickup time as stated in the itinerary. The pickup time is the time that we started picking up the first team, so please get yourself ready and wait at the lobby. • You are free at your own leisure during the time other than stated in the itinerary. • Normal check-in time for hotels in Thailand is 2 PM and check-out time is noon, so for early check-in or late check-out, please leave your luggage at the hotels.
  42. 42. Joint Itinerary (Pre/Post) ** The schedule and/or events are subject to change with prior notice. **
  43. 43. Draw for your destination!
  44. 44. Take a Break 15 Minutes
  45. 45. By Destination Itinerary This session will go through itinerary of each destination, day by day include where to stay, medical properties to visit and try a service and list of see & do Please see your itinerary: • In the itinerary, there will be default places to visit e.g. hospitals, clinics, spas, list of “a must” attractions and optional places that finalist may select not to go. • Here are things that will be provided in all accommodation you will be staying (No additional payment needed). – Breakfast as a complimentary, please check with each hotel about the breakfast time – In-room internet access. – Lunch or dinner (not every day and every hotel) • Some meals for lunch and dinner, there will be sponsored restaurants and some meal, your liaison will take you to local restaurants. • Your liaison will join your trip to facilitate and acting as an event coordinator.
  46. 46. Bangkok#1
  47. 47. Bangkok#2
  48. 48. Phuket
  49. 49. Pattaya
  50. 50. Chiang Mai
  51. 51. Koh Samui
  52. 52. Trip Inclusion / Exclusion
  53. 53. All 12 finalists will get: • All inclusive 7 days & 6 nights fab package! - 4 days / 3 nights medical tourism Fam trip for one of the five destinations. - 3 nights in Bangkok (2 nights prior and 1 following the above 4 days trip). • Round-trip international air tickets from your resided country to Bangkok. • Round-trip domestic air tickets (applicable for Phuket, Chiangmai & Samui). • 6 Nights accommodation with ABF & Free internet (including 3 nights in Fam trip destination and 3 nights in Bangkok). • All transfers. • All meals.
  54. 54. All 12 finalists will get: • Fantastic Fam trip program & mega medical tour as mentioned in the itineraries. • Sightseeing tours or shows as mentioned in the itineraries. • Personal liaison service (1 guide / route). • Insurance – Travel Guard Chartis Travel Accident Insurance • The amount of coverage for personal accident is 1,000,000 baht (approx. $33,300 USD) • The amount of coverage for medical and other expenses is 500,000 baht (approx. $16,600USD) – Bupa Health Insurance • The amount of coverage for personal accident is 500,000 baht (approx. $16,600 USD) • The amount of coverage for medical and other expenses is 500,000 baht (approx. $16,600USD)
  55. 55. What is not included? • Personal expenses or costs not related to the "Assignment" can't be reimbursed from the Organizer/TAT and Sponsors. • Expenses and costs that are not stated in the agreement nor terms and conditions of MBC will be shouldered by the Finalist Contestant. • Cost from extra services or items which are not mentioned in the itineraries.
  56. 56. About Your Travel Kit
  57. 57. What’s in your Travel Kit? 1. Domestic Flight Schedule (Only for Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui while the guide will keep the e-ticket for you.) . 2. Finalist Manual. 3. Itinerary . 4. 2 Contest T-Shirts. 5. Map & guidebook. 6. TravelGuard Chartis Insurance Handbook. 7. Bupa Health Insurance Handbook.
  58. 58. Finalist Assignments
  59. 59. Finalist Assignments In addition to performing the tasks on your itinerary and attending events Directly associated with the event, you must also complete the following tasks. Your Assignments: • Daily blogging on MBC blog provided by the Organizer during FAM trip period (22 – 26 November) • On-going blogging and updating Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube for the rest of the competition period (until 31 January 2011) • Writing and sharing your experiences, places you’ve visited * and medical / spa treatments you’ve tried on your blogs via articles, photos and videos. • Wearing finalist’s T- shirts at the Welcome Party and at least 1 day during your 4-day trip. Please schedule the date within your team. * *Places you’ve visited include medical & spa facilities, accommodations, selected restaurants and attractions according to your itineraries.
  60. 60. Liaison Assignments
  61. 61. Liaison Assignments • Acting as a personal assistant for the Finalist Contestants during their trip including responsible for any other extra necessary payment and being available 24-hours a day for assistance or emergency, such as sickness. • Acting as a coordinator between (i.e. help to contact and if necessary act as translator and intermediator for) the Finalist Contestants and any associated parties, such as contest working team, driver, local TAT officers, police, hotels or other medical care centers, and any other parties that the Finalist Contestants needs to and/or should contact. • Escorting the Finalist Contestants to selected destinations and providing contestants with relevant travel / general information that would make their experiences more enjoyable.
  62. 62. Liaison Assignments • Responsible on holding every booking details, vouchers that needs to be used to facilitate finalists e.g. air tickets, restaurant vouchers, hotel vouchers. • Responsible on every payment that relates to the contest e.g. attraction entrance fee, restaurants. Also control petrol card when driver needs it.
  63. 63. Introducing Your Liaison
  64. 64. Bangkok Route# 1 Name: Mickey Language: English, Japanese, Bahasa Work experience: 10 years. Used to be full time guide with Intrepid (3 years ago) and now work as a freelance
  65. 65. Bangkok Route#2 Name: Kew Language: English Work experience: 10 years as freelance guide
  66. 66. Chiang Mai Name: Bussie Language: English, French Work experience: Tourist guide for Pacific world & Turismo Asia.
  67. 67. Pattaya Name: Patty Language: English Work experience: 30 years as a free lance guide and with Exotissimo.
  68. 68. Koh Samui Name: Nop Language: English Work Experiences: 8 years of freelance Inbound tourist guide at Siam Express , Marwin tour and Pacific world.
  69. 69. Phuket Name: Ja Language: English, German Work Experiences: 2 years of freelance Inbound tourist guide
  70. 70. FAQs ** Please read FAQs document and if you still have a question, please write down on a paper and give it to our organizer**
  71. 71. Sample FAQs • Question: Do I have to follow the itinerary and visit all places as mentioned strictly? • Answer: Yes, all places listed in the itinerary are mandatory to be qualified for continuing the trip and being one of the winners except the places stated as “Optional” are not required, you can choose whether to go or not depending on your time and availability.
  72. 72. Sample FAQs • Question: Is it mandatory to try the trial services provided by medical facilities as mentioned the itinerary? • Answer: The medical trial services that we’ve got offers are general treatment, non surgery. Anyone can try. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can request not to try.
  73. 73. What’s Next? • Our vans leave at 12.00 pm to take you back to your hotels for lunch, rest and get changed. • The vans will start picking you up again at 3.00 pm to Westin Grande Hotel for Welcome party. Please don’t forget to: – Wear your Finalist’s T-shirt – Bring along souvenirs you prepared for TAT Deputy Governor and media
  74. 74. Welcome Party Briefing • Please see the following documents: – Event Schedule & Queue briefing – Floor plan and Seat plan
  75. 75. Welcome Party Schedule 18.00-19.00 Registration 19.00 -19.05 Welcoming speech and introduction of the Deputy Governor of TAT 19.05-19.15 Opening ceremony by the Deputy Governor of TAT and a briefing on the contest 19.15-19.35 Introduction of the Finalist’s contestants 19.30-19.40 Deputy Governor receives gifts from Finalists and photo session 19.40-19.50 Twelve lucky draw winners from the press receive gifts from the 12 Finalists 19.50–21.00 Mingle Party
  76. 76. Floor Plan & Seat Plan
  77. 77. Thank You