Social Media Best Practices: Wahine Media at Sunset Rotary Kapolei


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As social media is increasingly becoming a part of our personal lives, it is also an integral part of how we do business. But how do you set yourself up for success in this social business economy? We'll talk about social media best practices for business including: social media privacy and policy, why a social media strategy is important, what the "social" in social media looks like, why you need to produce original content, and give examples of local businesses rocking social media here in Hawaii.

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Social Media Best Practices: Wahine Media at Sunset Rotary Kapolei

  1. 1. Social media strategy Social profile customizationWahine  Media Implementation and management Coaching and training
  2. 2. Social media policy & privacy Social  media   Should I use a strategy? What does “social” look like?best  practices Why original content? Local movers and shakers
  3. 3. Social  media  changes  the  way  we  do  business“We don’t have a choice onwhether we DO socialmedia, the question is howWELL we do it”—Erik Qualman
  4. 4. Facebook tops GoogleSocial  media   for weekly U.S. trafficchanges  the   Social gamers will buy $6 billion in VIRTUALway  we  do   goods by 2013business eReaders have“We don’t have a choice on surpassed traditionalwhether we DO social book salesmedia, the question is howWELL we do it” 90% of people trust—Erik Qualman peer recommendations 14% of people trust advertisements
  5. 5. What’s  the  ROI  of   social  media?
  6. 6. The ROI of social media is yourbusiness will exist in 5 years.—Gary VaynerchuckWhat’s  the  ROI  of   For more info on ROI: social  media?
  7. 7. OK  I’m  ready.Now  what?
  8. 8. Social  media  policyThere are no rules—specific to youPolicy may include: Who will be the voice? Authenticity guidelines Risk mitigation Profile ownership
  9. 9. Social  media  privacyLearn your privacy settingsDon’t be afraid to un-friendDon’t display birthday (day or year)Create complex & unique passwordsClean up your past—TimelineWould you put it in a headline?Keep private content OFFLINE
  10. 10. Follow  a  strategyYour roadmap and step-by-step guideto social media successDefines your “why”Defines your “what”Defines your “how”Defines success
  11. 11. Why  original  content?Blogging creates leads = salesPositions you as industry leaderMake sure it’s social!Drives repeat traffic—provides value
  12. 12. Be  social!All aspects of your business should besocial—a social business.20% marketing, 80% engagement.Seek out conversationsShare other relevant contentDialogue is back AND forth!
  13. 13. Local  movers   and  shakers
  14. 14. Always available and responsiveTiki’s  Grill  &  Bar Relevant information Great custom apps (tabs)
  15. 15. Helpful videos on YouTube@AskHMSA Responsive and helpful on Twitter Engaged with the community
  16. 16. Responsive and friendlyBank  of  Hawaii Sweepstakes with big prize Have a mobile app
  17. 17. Relevant and useful informationHawaii  Aloha  Travel Broadcasts live each Friday to answer fan questions
  18. 18. Helpful and responsiveBig  City  Diner Great custom apps (tabs) Owner, @BCDlane tweets as well
  19. 19. Keep  in  touch!Wahine Mediaweb: wahinemedia.comblog: @wahinemediaGwen Woltz@gjwahineKaren Weikert@karenweikertDownload this slideshow: