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Dr khayat infrastructure forward-26 dec2012-final


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Dr khayat infrastructure forward-26 dec2012-final

  1. 1. INFRASTRUCTUREUntil recently INFRASTRUCTURE was an esoteric word rarely heard or written in publicdiscourse. That has dramatically changed as awareness of our “deterioratinginfrastructure” has increased through political conversations involving candidates forpublic office and commentary by members of our media.This second edition of Public Infrastructure Asset Management effectively addresses therole and importance of civil infrastructure across the spectrum of quality of life concernsincluding clean and adequate water supply, energy needs and consumption, and multiplemeans of transportation. Advocating public attention to this critical subject is increasingin importance globally as our nation addresses significant allocation of resourcechallenges. Infrastructure improvement cannot be delayed if we are to continue as a vitalnation.Professors Waheed Uddin, Ronald Hudson and Ralph Haas have rendered great service toprofessional engineers and to our society by producing a well-organized, thoughtful guidefor moving forward as we address urgent needs that affect all of us.Robert C. KhayatChancellor EmeritusThe University of MississippiDr. Robert C. Khayat served as the 15th Chancellor of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) from 1995until he retired in 2009. Educated at Yale and Ole Miss where he was an Academic All-American footballand baseball player, Dr. Khayat received the NFL Lifetime Achievement Award and the National FootballFoundation Distinguished American Award. Under his outstanding leadership, the universityexperienced amazing change, increased enrollment, renovation of campus infrastructure, and addition ofnew facilities. Ole Miss hosted Obama’s First Presidential Debate in 2008.