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Beyond Branding: Digital Brand Engagement


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Something I created during my spare time. Feel free to drop some thoughts..

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Beyond Branding: Digital Brand Engagement

  1. 1. Beyond Branding 8th October 2009
  2. 2. Brand The brand meaning is the set of beliefs that consumers hold about a particular brand (Kotler, Armstrong, Saunders and Wong 2002) A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company (Neumeier, 2008)
  3. 3. The way we communicate to our target audience forms the way a brand is perceived Awareness Interest see Desire hear taste smell Action Advertising Communication Model Consumer - Brand Experience
  4. 4. Experience is a state of being engaged interlocking booking employment meshing troth involvement engagement bethrothal participation date battle appointment conflict fight
  5. 5. Digital brand engagement is brand engagement with a key focus on communication via the web The evolution of media changes the way people consume and react to media – Social Media
  6. 6. Media Scales The past Now
  7. 7. Engagement monitoring Bought Owned Earned SEO, facebook, digg, youtube, comments, twitter, flickr, epinions, blogs, forum, email Print advertising, Websites, SEO, email television, banners, widgets/apps, social network radio, sponsorships, pages communities, content, media deals, paid service extension - retail search Strangers Customers Fans
  8. 8. Monitoring the key to actionable insights People Who are they? What are their What motivates How do they Value? them? behave? Location Where are they? Are they just an Are they a Or are they active observer? participant? contributor? Influence Reach of Authority of Volume and Sentiment (positive, conversation dialogue and amount of negative, neutral) site? buzz? Brand Are they Are they about to Are they local Are they brand Association inquisitive and commit to the brand opponents? looking for info? brand? advocates?
  9. 9. Segmentation Model Involvement Intimacy Engagement Interaction influence
  10. 10. Components of engagements Involvement Interaction Intimacy Influence Definitions Presence of a Actions people take The after experience Act of a person person at the while present at of a brand sharing their brand various brand touch those touch points engagement experience with points others Further Includes web This component The sentiment or Addresses the analytics like site addresses the more affinity that a person likelihood that a explanations traffic, page views, robust actions exhibits in the things person will time spent, etc. This people take, such as they say or the recommend your essentially is the buying a product, actions they take, product or service to component that requesting a catalog, such as the meaning someone else. It can measures if a signing up for an behind a blog post or manifest itself person is present email, posting a comment, a product through brand comment on a blog, review, etc. Services loyalty or through uploading a photo or such as brand recommendations to video, etc. These monitoring help friends, family, or metrics come from track these types of acquaintances. e-commerce or conversations These metrics social media mostly come from platforms. surveys (both qualitative and quantitative)
  11. 11. Digital Engagement Strategy People Create virtual Understand why Outline what Create content that representative they need your aspects of the has a value to each consumer groups brand brand appeal to group them Location Be present and Be visible and Provide a Engage with them available in the offer free platform/mecha observing the right relevant online information nism for etiquette areas interaction Influence Prioritise the key Stimulate inter Provide status Address negative influences consumer recognition for comments by dialogue influencers helping Brand Maximise your Encourage inter Reward your Reduce brand Association advocacy into consumer advocates and opponency where creating interest dialogue to people loyal to possible minimise risk of your brand commitment
  12. 12. Metrics INVOLVEMENT INTERACTION INTIMACY INFLUENCE What To Track •Sentiment tracking on •Contributed •Net Promoter Score •Site Visits third- party sites comments to blogs •Product/Service •Time Spent (blogs, reviews, Satisfaction Ratings •Quantify/frequency forums, etc.) •Pages Viewed •Brand Affinity of written reviews, •Sentiment tracking of •Search Keywords •Content forwarded blog comments, internal customer •Navigation Paths to friends forum discussions contributions •Site Logins •Post on high-profile and UGC •Opinions expressed in blog customer service calls What To Track •Brand Monitoring •Brand Monitoring •eCommerce Platfoms •Web Analytics •Customer Service calls •Customer Service calls •Social Media Platforms •Surveys •Surveys
  13. 13. In short.. The evolution of Internet as media changes the way people consume media The power of content publishing is no longer 1 way but 2 way The flexibility of online media has given the ability for brand to monitor and mine for consumer insights Cross channel reporting can generate important insight towards brand strategy
  14. 14. Thank you.