Demystifying sggsj


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Demystifying sggsj

  1. 1. Siri Guru Granth Sahib JiDemystifying SGGSJEST. 1604
  2. 2. Our Siri Guru Granth SahibJi(SGGSJ)– “Where” did SGGSJ come from?– “Who” contributed to SGGSJ?– Physical Fun Facts– Reflection & Discussion– Guru’s Passport– Explore!
  3. 3. Where did our SGGSJ comefrom? “Dhur kee bani aee, thin saglee chint mitaayee” -5th Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji “Bani Guru, Guru haa Bani” -3rd Guru, Guru Amardas Ji• Only manuscript compiled by a living religious leader in the WORLD• ADI GRANTH, now our SGGSJ• Sacha Patshah – that is how Guru Arjan Dev Ji wanted us to treat our “True Guru of Gurus”
  4. 4. Who contributed to SGGSJ?• ADI GRANTH: 5th Guru, Arjan Dev Ji 1-5 Gurus• SGGSJ: 1-5 Guru’s plus the 9th Guru• Others upheld = equal value:  11 Bhatts – Sanskrit priests and experts  15 Bhagats – Spiritual beings  Bhagats Kabir ji, Farid ji & Namdev ji  3 Other Very Important Contributors:  Bhai Mardana Ji,  Bhai Sunder Ji, &  Sata & Balwand
  5. 5. Physical Fun Facts…1• 1430 ang [pages] = limbs/parts of the body• Mool mantra: 33 times in SGGSJ• Written in Gurmukhi, mixture of the languages of the people: Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi• Lareedar Script – all the words were joined together forming one long word• Hymns in the form of shabad, astpadi,
  6. 6. Physical Fun Facts…2• 5894 hymns o 974 hymns are written by the first Guru, 62 by the second Guru, 907 by the third, 679 by the fourth, 2218 by the fifth, and 115 by the ninth. o Among the remaining 922 hymns of Bhagats & Bhatts, the highest number of hymns (541) is by Kabir.• Hymns are arranged in:  Dhohayrah 2 lines  Thaythukhee 3 lines  Chaupayee 4 lines  Chunt 6 lines  Astpadhee 8 lines
  7. 7. Physical Fun Facts…3• Shabads are organized into Raags• There are 31 Raags in SGGSJ• Headings: Jaitsaree Mahala 5 Ghar 4 Aulokhia Ik Oangkaar Satgur Prasad –Raag = Jaitsaree –Author = Mahala 5 –Rhythm = Ghar 4 –Subject = Aulokhia –The Focus = Ik Oangkaar Sut Gur Prasad
  8. 8. Physical Fun Facts…4• Security System (Ank) – all shabads, astpadi, chants, vaars, saloks are numbered individually and in cumulative formEXAMPLE: |4|4|125|4th pauri, 4th shabad, out of 125shabads in this style
  9. 9. Physical Fun Facts…5• Rahao = Pause STOP & THINK
  10. 10. Exploration directions• Get into your gatka groups please! o Ruby, Jeewan, Kulveen & Indervir• Timer – Fathay at the 5 min mark• 4 Stations: o 1-Gutka Gathering, 2-Parts & Pieces, 3-SGGSJ, and 4-Physical Fun Facts!• Reflection• Guru’s Passport• Wrap-Up
  11. 11. Let’s go Explore!• Station 1: Gutka Gathering [Sutinder Auntyji]  Look at TOC -Ank Numbering System - Rahao  Examine headings -• Station 2: Parts & Pieces [Randeep K.]  Chaur Sahib, Romalay, Chandoa, Chandini, Suchkhand,  Contibuters to Baani (Gurus, Bhatts, Bhagats, & 3 Others• Station 3: Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji [Harsimar K.]  First page (p.1) - Middle (p. 715) -Last page (p. 1430: Raagmala)• Station 4: Physical Fun Facts! [Sukhwinder S.]• Reflection & Discussion [Parminder K.]  Reflect on what you just experienced and focus on the learnings  Hand-out passport• Guru’s Passports [Group leaders: Ruby, Jeewan, Indervir & Kulveen]
  12. 12. Reflection & Discussion• Reflection & Discussion [Parminder]  Sit in your groups with group leaders  Reflect on what you just experienced  Focus on what you learned  Hand-out passport
  13. 13. Guru’s Passport• Guru’s Passports [Group leaders]  Hand-out passports  Group leader assign a buddy  Finish up the passports!  Ask your group leader if you are done!  If so, “matha tako” appropriately and go on up to the langar hall for your