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Entrepreneur group project


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Entrepreneur group project

  1. 1. Marketing Your Business A web quest designed by Rodney Wagoner Introduction Task Process Grading Information Other Details Resources
  2. 2. Introduction You are such an entrepreneur! Will you succeed in your new business venture? It all depends on how well you can market your company. Will you become a success? Will you be awarded America’s #1 Business Person? It all depends on YOU.   Back Next
  3. 3. Other Details      You must decide on a business name, type of business, target market of your business, location, address, and any products or services you will be providing. Your business cannot have anything to do with drugs, alcohol, or any other inappropriate business. Mr. Wagoner must approve the business type and name before you proceed. Back Next
  4. 4. Task Your task is to create and market a new business with your two other team members who are investing in your company. Your goal is to create business cards, flyers and a brochure to market your business to potential customers. Then, you will present a PowerPoint to sell your business ideas. Back Next
  5. 5. Process <ul><li>Team members will choose individual jobs. The three jobs are broken down into the jobs at the bottom. Decide who will perform each task. You will evaluate your team members as to their job performance. </li></ul><ul><li>You will complete a PowerPoint to sell your product to the class. See Presentation Details . </li></ul><ul><li>Click on each job to see job details. </li></ul>Back Next Communications Director Desktop Publisher Marketing Director
  6. 6. Communication Director This person will design business cards for the business. The cards will be created using a template on Microsoft Publisher- The cards must include a logo, business name, address, phone number and email address) Click here to see Grading Rubric Back to Process Next
  7. 7. Desktop Publisher Desktop publisher: This person will create a 3-column brochure of the business which will tell the public all about the business including: location, type of business, hours of business, and products/services available. You may use Microsoft Publisher. Click here to see Grading Rubric Back to Process Next
  8. 8. Marketing Director Marketing director- this person will create flyers (2) to be used for the business. One flyer will advertise the opening of the business- give detail such as: address, type of business, business name, clip art, and make sure the flyer is readable. Another flyer will be an advertisement of a special or sale. Click here to see Grading Rubric Back to Process Next
  9. 9. Presentation After all tasks have been completed, you will present your business to the rest of the class and they will decide whether they would visit your place of business. Back to Process Next Oral/Visual Presentation 3- Outstanding 2- Great Job 1- Could have done better Customer potential 3- I would definitely visit this business 2- I might try this business 1- I would not visit the business  
  10. 10. Business Card Rubric:   Back to C. Director Next 3 2 1 Contains a logo, business name, business address/email/and phone number. Looks professional and is easy to read. Uses color or bolding to emphasize words. Black/white copy printed first- color copy is excellent quality Contains logo, business name, address/phone/email. Looks somewhat professional. Font is a little hard to read. Color business cards are good. Color or bolding may have been used. One or more required parts is missing.
  11. 11. Brochure Rubric:   Back to D. Publisher Next 3 2 1 Includes: Company name, address, all contact information, logo, type of company, products or services offered. Prices or other additional information may be included. Very professionally created. Graphics are included. Information about the company is included. There are three columns. Font Contains required information, but quality is not excellent. Graphics may be distorted or font is not readable or appropriate. One or more required parts are missing.
  12. 12. Flyer Rubric:   Back to M. Director Next 3 2 1 Contains business name/address Has promotional information including prices or products/services offered Includes graphics Colorful and interesting to the reader Readable and excellent use of font   Contains all required information Is somewhat readable Good use of font Graphics included but may be distorted or of bad quality One or more required parts are missing.
  13. 13. Resources <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>Back to Home Next
  14. 14. Conclusion Congratulations, you have completed your task of creating and marketing your business to the public. Marketing or advertising is an important part of having a business. Desktop publishing plays a large role in advertising and can be crucial as to whether your business is successful. Back Home