Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Review


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With the distinctive outline Mickey Mouse is easily identifiable and imagine, the success a Mickey Mouse Waffle maker will have in your home.

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Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Review

  1. 1. MICKEY MOUSE WAFFLE MAKER REVIEW Now waffle makers have moved away from the usual check designed waffle irons and now, one can even buy a very cute Waffle Maker with a Mickey Mouse design. Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
  2. 2. Parents try all kinds of things to get their kidsto eat. From innovative ways to disguisehealthy food to colorful cutlery and plates totempt the little ones, most parents have doneit all. This is also one of the reasons whycookbooks that have recipes for inducingchildren to eat are best sellers and huge soldouts.
  3. 3. One thing that kids love, apart from all the unhealthy foods likeice cream, chocolates, chips, and cookies are waffles. A waffle issomething that most mothers would want their kids to eat and,with the choices available in the types of waffles that can bemade this is a good option. Waffles are a very versatile item andare great as an anytime snack, for breakfast or can even be usedas a dessert. No one needs to be a chef to make these waffles.These waffles can also be made nutritious and healthy bysubstituting whole-wheat flour for refined, egg whites instead ofthe whole egg and by adding flaxseeds and oats to the batter.With the addition of fruits and nuts along with honey can makethis even more nutritious. Waffles in the snack box will give therequired carbohydrates to your child which is good for activechildren. Protein can be added with some peanut butter as wellas with some cream cheese.
  4. 4. The waffle batter is so easy to prepare and takes very little time. Thereare even more interesting ways to make your kids eat your version ofhealthy waffles. Now waffle makers have moved away from the usualcheck designed waffle irons and now, one can even buy a very cuteWaffle Maker with a Mickey Mouse design. Very few of us even in ouradult years can resist Mickey Mouse. This iconic figure is definitelyirresistible especially for children. With the distinctive outline MickeyMouse is easily identifiable and imagine, the success a Mickey MouseWaffle maker will have in your home. With the Mickey design you candistract them from the healthy options that you have used in the wafflebatter as well! These Mickey Mouse designed waffle irons are availablein the best quality with a non stick coating to help you to take them outbetter and not break up Mickey’s face! This coating also helps to cleanthe waffle maker easily. This kind of waffle maker will also be availableas a single waffle maker, 2 at a time and even a 4 at a time wafflemaker. Or, you can choose from a design that has mini Mickey Mousefaces or just a single Mickey Mouse face.
  5. 5. These waffle makers are great gifts for your ownchildren or for a special child in your family. Make ahealthy breakfast on a lazy Sunday or a deliciousdessert when a Mickey Mouse Waffle is topped with icecream, hot fudge sauce, caramel toppings, andwhipped cream, or even just with a pouring of custardor chocolate sauce or whatever else will get your childto eat. With this special waffle maker you can jugglerecipes and flavors by using buttermilk, chocolate,some fruit puree or just use the recipes from the handyinstruction booklet that comes with the Mickey Mousewaffle maker and enjoy with your kids.