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Islam by I.N


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The Hadith: The Prophet peace be upon him says: (The Islam will spread in all places that have day and night).

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Islam by I.N

  1. 1. Spread of Islam overthe world
  2. 2. The Hadith:The Prophet peace be upon him says: (The Islam will spread in allplaces that have day and night).• The explanation of the Hadith:• This is an amazing prophetic miracle, the Prophet peace beupon him tells us about the rapid spread of Islam and that thisreligion will cover all parts of the globe. And this is what wewill learn through the recent statistics on the number ofMuslims all over the world.• Islam started 1400 years ago with only one man who is theProphet Muhammad peace be upon him and the number ofMuslims today became more than one thousand and fourhundred million Muslims!! So what is the secret of thisamazing spreading, and what does the global statistics say onthe number of Muslims in the world today?
  3. 3. Scientific facts:• Today there are more than 4200 religions in the world! Thestatistics say that Islam is the fastest spreading among all religionsin the world! In 1999, the number of Muslims in the world was1200 million Muslims. But now Islam is spreading in all continentsof the world, as the number of Muslims in 1997 inthe six continentswas: 780 million in Asia, 308 million in Africa, 32 million in Europe, 7million in America and 385 thousand in Australia.• In 1900, the number of Muslims all over the world was less thanhalf the number of Christians but in 2025, the number of Muslimswill become greater than the number of Christians because of thesignificant growth of Islamic religion. And this is the highest rate ofgrowth in the world!• The Prophet peace be upon him talked about an amazing propheticmiracle that Islam will spread in all parts of the earth, He peace beupon him says: (The Islam will spread in all places that have day andnight). And this means that Islam will reach any area of land thathas day and night and this is what really happened as nowadaysthere are Muslims all over the world
  4. 4. Muslim Populations in Europe• Europe comprises 55 countries and territories;some 710,000,000, or about 11% of theworld’s population with probably 94 majorlanguages. There are 12 countries withsignificant Muslim populations and another 5with a well-established Islam presence. About5% of the EU (25 countries in the EuropeanUnion which alone have 21 official languages)identify themselves as Muslims. The U.N.estimates Europe will be 55% Muslim by 2040.
  5. 5. Country | Population | Percentage of Muslims• Albania | 3,639,453 | 70%• Bosnia and Herzegovina | 4,613,414 | 40%• Macedonia | 2,066,718 | 33.3%• Bulgaria | 7,204,687 | 12.2%• France | 64,420,070 | 5 – 10%• Switzerland | 7,604,467 | 4.3%• Germany | 82,329,758 | 3.7%• UK (United Kingdom) | 61,113,205 | 2.7%• Denmark | 5,500,510 | 2%• Finland | 5,250,275 | 0.2%
  6. 6. Islam in USA• According to this research, America now has about 1,209 mosques,most of which were constructed very recently. Thirty percent ofthese mosques were built in the 1990s, and 32% were built in the1980s. Other statistics show that in 1994, the total number ofmosques in America was 962; in 2000, there was a 25% increase inthis number.• These data show a natural parallel with the growing number ofMuslims. For example, according to determinations made in 1994,the number of Muslims attending mosque services was 500,000; in2000, this figure had increased to 2 million—an approximately300% increase. A significant part of this number is composed ofpeople who converted to Islam. The same research shows thatabout 30% of those worshippers are converts. According to thesedata, about 20,000 Americans accept Islam every year , 75% OfThem Women
  7. 7. In this chart we seethe ethnicdistribution ofAmerican Muslims.The great majorityof AmericasMuslim populationis South-CentralAsian.This chart on the rightshows the risingmosque attendancerates by AmericanMuslims. There hasbeen a 77% increase.The fact sheet below,prepared by the U.S.Department of State,includes the mainfigures about Muslimlife in America.The above graphic representation shows the risingnumbers of mosques in America. Below we seepictures of mosques in various states.
  8. 8. A Florida Times report, "Finding Faith in Islam," tellsabout the converts thoughts and ideas. A Seattle Timesarticle entitled "Mosque overflows with faithful" reportsthat Seattle Muslims are crowding into their mosques.(below) A report on the American Ministry of DefensesInternet site, entitled "Islam Growing in America," givesan account of the Muslims increasing influence inAmerican social life and introduces basic Islamic values.The above report in the August 4, 2001, edition of theAssociated Press news agency states that many moreAmericans are attending mosques than ever before.According to this report, "Growing Islam," an investigationled by Ihsan Bagby, a faculty member of Shaw University,revealed that American Muslims are far more active inmosque-related activities today than they were in thepast.(1)According to this chart in the October 1, 2001, edition ofNewsweek, in 1994 there were 962 mosques in Americaand 485 Muslims per mosque, with a total of 500,000affiliated Muslims. In 2000, the number of mosques was1,209, 1,625 Muslims per mosque, and a total affiliationof 2 million. (2)
  9. 9. How Life Changed for Muslim Americans AfterSept. 11• After Sept. 11, 2001, hate crimes againstMuslims soared. This was a racial issue asmuch as a religious one, considering thatanyone perceived to be Arab or SouthAsian suddenly became the enemy in theeyes of some Americans. Given this, its nosurprise that 55 percent of U.S. Muslimssay that the terrorist attacks made lifemore difficult them, according to the PewResearch Center. Moreover, 78 percent ofAmericans overall say that the terroristattacks have resulted in Muslims beingunfairly singled out, according to a CBSNews/New York Times poll. Anyone whosheard about the Koran burnings andvolatile protests against the building ofIslamic centers would be hard pressed todisagree
  10. 10. DEFINING "ISLAMOPHOBIA"• The term "Islamophobia" wasfirst introduced as a concept ina 1991 Runnymede TrustReport and defined as"unfounded hostility towardsMuslims, and therefore fear ordislike of all or most Muslims."The term was coined in thecontext of Muslims in the UK inparticular and Europe ingeneral, and formulated basedon the more common"xenophobia" framework
  11. 11. • The report pointed to prevailingattitudes that incorporate thefollowing beliefs:• Islam is monolithic and cannotadapt to new realities• Islam does not share commonvalues with other major faiths• Islam as a religion is inferior tothe West. It is archaic, barbaric,and irrational.• Islam is a religion of violenceand supports terrorism.• Islam is a violent politicalideology
  12. 12. • For the purposes of anchoring the current research anddocumentation project, we provide the followingworking definition:• Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomentedby the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global powerstructure. It is directed at a perceived or real Muslimthreat through the maintenance and extension ofexisting disparities in economic, political, social andcultural relations, while rationalizing the necessity todeploy violence as a tool to achieve "civilizationalrehab" of the target communities (Muslim orotherwise). Islamophobia reintroduces and reaffirms aglobal racial structure through which resourcedistribution disparities are maintained and extended