Hazrat abbas(as)


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The Life of one of the greatest men. Abbas Ibn Ali, a man who personified the art of patience and love for his brother Imam Hussain (as)

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Hazrat abbas(as)

  2. 2. The name ABBAS means a fearless Lion
  3. 3. Titles: Qamar-e-Bani Hashim (Moon of the clan of Bani Hashim), Alam Dar (Standard Bearer) Saqqa-e-Haram (Water carrier for the women and children of the house)
  4. 4. Place of Birth: Madina, Date of Birth: 4th of Shabaan 645 C.E. Father: Imam Ali b. Abi Talib Mother: Fatima b. Hazam, popularly known as Ummul Baneen, mother of 4 sons Wife: Lubaba, great granddaughter of Abdul Muttalib Children: Three sons, eldest being Fazl -so Hazrat Abbas is also known Abul Fazl
  5. 5. Hazrat Abbas(as) was born as a fulfillment of a dua by Imam Ali (as) who wanted a brave and powerful son who would be of service to Imam Hussein(as) in kerbala
  6. 6. Imam Ali(as) consulted his brother Aqeel, an expert on Genealogy , to find for him a wife who would be able to bear him a brave son. Aqeel recommended Fatima from the clan of Kilab-she was also known as UMMUL BANEEN
  7. 7. • On the birth of Hazrat Abbas Imam Ali(as), prostrated on the ground as a token of his humble thanks to God. • Imam Hussain(as) took the baby in his arms and recited the Azan and Iqamat (Calls for Prayers) in his right and left ears respectively. Then the new born baby opened his eyes to see the beloved face of Imam Hussain(as).
  8. 8. • Imam Ali (as) brought up Hazrat Abbas(as) and ably guided him till he was fourteen years old. • The next ten years were spent under the careful eye of Imam Hassan(as) • and the last ten years with Imam Hussain(as). Thus it was not surprising that Hazrat Abbas(as) acquired near perfection in so many spheres of life
  9. 9. • His bravery, boldness, and the art of combat and soldiery were inherited from Imam Ali(as), and this he proved very well in the battles of Jamal, Siffin and Nahrwan. • Imam Hassan(as) taught him patience and tolerance. • His Lion-hearted loyalty and self-sacrificing nature were the result of his association with Imam Hussain (as)and sayeda Zainab.(as) • He was also an accomplished scholar.
  10. 10. • During the Battle of Siffin, the enemy, Muawiya, reached the river before Imam Ali’s(as) forces arrived. He took control of the river and denied access to the Imam’s army. • Imam sent his general, Malik al-Ashtar, to win back control of the river. He also sent Imam Husain (as) to help out.. It is reported that Hazrat Abbas (as) accompanied him. This gave him the opportunity to learn how to fight for control of the river. This • experience came in handy in Karbala
  11. 11. When Imam Ali (as) was on his deathbed, he called Imam Hussain(as) and Hazrat Abbas(as). He took Imam Hussain’s(as) hand and said “Hussain, this child (abbas) I am entrusting to you. He will represent me on the day of your supreme sacrifice and lay down his life in defending you and your dear ones, much as I would have done if alive on that day.”
  12. 12. Now his father turned to Hazrat Abbas(as) and affectionately told him: “Abbas, my child, I know your unbounded love for Husain. Though you are too young to be told about it, when that day dawns, consider no sacrifice too great for Hussain .
  13. 13. • Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) grew up to be a tall and handsome man. He was so tall, that when he sat on a horse his feet touched the ground. He was so handsome that he was known as Qamar-e-Bani Hashim, the Moon of the family of Hashim.
  14. 14. • He was also polite and patient and this was a reminder of his father"s words that No inheritance is worthier than politeness. • Hazrat Abbas(as), who was brought up in such a friendly atmosphere, but he never sat down without permission in front of his brothers Imam Hassan (as)and Imam Hussein (as) Such was his respect for his brothers
  15. 15. • Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) was also a valiant warrior. It was said that Muawiya was scared to invade Madina because of five men who were with Imam Hussain (a.s.) and could, together with their Imam, conquer a whole army • These were; • Muhammad Hanafia, brother of Imam Hussain (as) Hazrat Muslim ibn-e-Aqeel (a.s.), • Abdullah Ibn-e-Jaffer (a.s.), Sayeda Zainab’s husband • Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) • and our fourth Imam, Zainul 'Abideen (a.s.).
  16. 16. • Just before Imam Hussain (as) left Madina, Ummul Baneen (as) summoned all her four sons and said to them, "My sons you must remember that while I love you, Imam Hussain (as) is your Master. If Imam or his sisters or his children get injured or hurt while you are still alive, I will never forgive you.“
  17. 17. • Throughout the journey from Madina to Mecca and then to Karbala, Hazrat Abbas(as) was always with Imam Hussain (as) and followed him like a shadow
  18. 18. • In Karbala, When Yazid's men pulled out Husayn's(as) tents from the river bank, Abbas (as) became very angry. He pulled out his sword and wanted to fight there and then. Hussain (as) said: • "My brother Abbas keep your sword in its place. Don't take your sword out to fight. We have come to save Islam. Abbas, we have come to teach true Islam. We will teach Islam - not with our swords but with our character. Patience Abbas, patience"
  19. 19. • The battle of Karbala began. • One-by-one, Hussain (as) companions went to the battlefield and were martyred. • Every time a body was brought to the tent, Abbas (as) went to Hussain (as) and said: • Master, now allow me to go to the battlefield. Enough, Master, enough. Let me go and fight those beasts, Master."
  20. 20. • Every time, Hussain (as) calmed Abbas down by saying: • "No Abbas, no! How can I let you go? You are the commander of my army. You are my right hand man, Abbas. You are my support, Abbas. Where would I be without you, Abbas? No Abbas, no."
  21. 21. • HazratAbbas‘(as) three brothers went to the battlefield and were martyred. • Aun and- Mohammed went to the battlefield and were martyred. • Qasim went. His body was trampled and torn to pieces,
  22. 22. • Hazrat Abbas(as) became very restless and could not take it anymore. Somehow, he must get permission. • Just then, little Sakina, with her mashk, came to Abbas(as). "Uncle Abbas, look at my mashk. It is very dry. AL-ATASH, uncle. Sakina is very thirsty, uncle Abbas." • Abbas(as) thought of a way to get permission from Imam Hussain (as) .
  23. 23. • He picked up little Sakina and went to Imam Hussain (as) tent. • Hazrat Abbas(as) sat in front of the imam , with Sakina on his lap. • Abbas didn’t have to say anything-Imam Hussain (as) looked at Abbas and then at Sakina and her mashk.
  24. 24. • Hussain (as) understood Abbas' expression. • "Abbas, how can I say no, now? You have brought Sakina with you. Go Abbas, go. Go and fill Sakina’s mashk with water.”
  25. 25. • Abbas (as) put Sakina's Mashk on the Standard (Alam), mounted his horse and rode up to Imam Hussain (as). He said "I have come to say goodbye
  26. 26. • ." Imam Hussain (as) said "My brother, come and embrace me." Abbas (as) dismounted his horse. There were tears in Imam's eyes. As Abbas (as) prepared to mount his horse, Imam Hussain (pbuh) said, "My brother, I want a gift from you. I want your sword." Abbas (pbuh), without uttering a word, gave Imam Hussain (pbuh) his sword and rode into the battlefield, armed only with a spear and holding the Alam (Flag).
  27. 27. • As Abbas (as) prepared to mount his horse, Imam Hussain (pbuh) said, "My brother, I want a gift from you. I want your sword." Abbas (as), without uttering a word, gave Imam Hussain (as) his sword.
  28. 28. Hazrat Abbas (as) kissed Sakina and. said: "Sakina, pray for me, pray that I get water for you."
  29. 29. Hazrat Abbas (as) then went to Sayeda Zainab(as). "Sister Zainab, give me permission to go to the battlefield." Zainab(as) replied with tears in her eyes "Brother Abbas, I used to hear that my hijab would be looted. Abbas, I used to say, how dare could anyone snatch my hijab when I have you. Now Abbas, that you are going, I believe that my hijab will really be looted."
  30. 30. Hazrat Abbas(as) went to the battlefield. In one hand he carried the Alam of Hussain's (as)army and in the other he held a spear and Sakina's mashk. He had no sword to fight but had a spear for protection. He headed for the River
  31. 31. When Yazid's soldiers saw Abbas (as) coming. They were petrified and started running away. They had seen Abbas(as) fight and knew he was a lion like his father, Imam Ali(as). The few who dared to attack Abbas were killed by his spear and kicks.
  32. 32. Abbas(as) reached the river and filled Sakina's mashk. He took a cup full of water in his hands, looked at it, turned to the direction of The tents and threw the water away. He must have said “how can I drink water when my Master and little Sakina and Ali Asghar are thirsty?” His faithful horse also refused to drink
  33. 33. Abbas, with his Alam in one hand and his spear and Sakina's water-filled mashk in the other, rode back. Umar ibn Saad, Yazid's commander, ordered his men to stop Abbas taking water to Hussain's tents at all costs. They began throwing rocks, spears and arrows
  34. 34. HazratAbbas (as) was bleeding. Just then, a soldier came from behind a tree and struck his sword on Abbas' shoulder. Abbas gripped the mashk with his teeth, as his arm and spear fell to the ground. Another soldier came and struck his sword into Abbas' other shoulder. The Alam and the other arm fell to the ground.
  35. 35. Imagine, Abbas (as)on his horse - No arms - holding Sakina's mashk between his teeth. But the Water must reach Sakina!! Abbas(as), still had the strength to go on. Sakina’s mashk is still filled with water. An arrow was shot. It hit Sakina's mashk. The water began to pour out.
  36. 36. Hazrat Abbas (as) lost all his strength as the water poured out from Sakina's mashk.He turned away from the direction of the tents and rode towards the river. The enemies began to encircle him and hit him.
  37. 37. He fell from his horse and cried out: "Master, come to me. Master let me see you for the last time." Hussain (as) heard Abbas(as). He was heartbroken. With his hands on his back he cried out:
  38. 38. Imagine how Imam Hussain(as) felt when he saw his brother lying on the ground covered with blood, both arms severed. He placed Abbas' head on his lap. And cried out! “My brother, Abbas! You are leaving me too?. Abbas, what will I do without you? My support, Abbas, I am finished without you. My brother Abbas, can I do anything for you?"
  39. 39. Abbas replied"Yes, Master. When I came to this world, I saw your face first. Now, as I am going from this world, Master, I would like to see your face for the last time, but blood is covering my eyes" Imam Hussain(as) cleaned Abbas‘(as) eyes. Abbas (as) gazed at Hussain(as).
  40. 40. Abbas, I have a wish too. All your life you have called me Master. Once, brother Abbas, just once, call me brother." Abbas(as) said: "Hussain, my brother, do not take my body to the tents. I am ashamed of myself. I cannot face Sakina. I don't want my sisters Kulthoom and Zainab to see me like this. Abbas(as) took his last breath and died on Hussain's(as) lap.
  41. 41. ImamHussain(as) picked up the Alam and tied Sakina's mashk to it. Sakina saw the Alam coming. She shouted: "Children, come children. My uncle Abbas is coming with water. I will give all of you water. Come children, come." Imam Hussain(as) reached the tent. He cried out: “Zainab Help me!, Zainab…….The Alam has come……But the Alamdar has not…"