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Wael Abd Elghaffar, Instrumentation Engineer


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Wael Abd Elghaffar, Instrumentation Engineer

  1. 1. 1| P a g e Wael Mohamed Mohamed Abd Elghaffer Senior Instrumentation Engineer, B.Sc. Industrial Electronic and Control, 2006  Date of Birth: 26-March-1976  Marital Status: Single  Nationality: Egyptian  Religion: Muslim  Place of Birth: Alexandria  Address: 37 Abd Elaziz Salem St.-Elbetash-Alexandria  Military Service: Completed  Work:002-01210080181  E-mail: QUALIFICATIONS:  University Degree: B.Sc. Industrial Electronic And Control.  Engineering Diploma in “Industrial Measurements and Control” - Menofia University [09-2011 to 07-2013]  University: Menofia University – Egypt  Faculty: faculty of electronic Engineering  Graduation Year: May (2006) Graduation Project: -SCADA+ digital control troubleshooting -DCS -Boiler control system +control valves. -Process instrumentation troubleshooting  Transmitters.  Final control elements.  Maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting Grade: Excellent. LANGUAGE  ARABIC: Mother Tongue  ENGLISH: Very Good “Read, Written & Spoken” COMPUTER SKILLS 1-Good command of operating 2Diminsion Design (AUTOCAD 2006). 2-Good command of MS Windows, MS Office ‘Word, Excel & PowerPoint’. EXPERIENCE From 01/2010 till Now: Senior Instrumentation Engineer at [ALEXANDRIA PETROLEUM MAINTENANCE CO. ‘PETROMAINT’], in EGYPTIAN PROPYLENE AND POLYPROPYLENE CO. ‘EPPC’] plant. Job description: The same tasks described in the previous job in Alex Fiber in addition to working with following devices: Flow Measurement: - Electromagnetic Flowmeter [Endress+Hauser] Proline Promag 10 - Mass Flowmeter [KROHNE] Optimass 1000, 2000,3000,7000,8000 - Magnetic Inductive Flow Velocity [Heinrichs] PIT-520 - Vortex Flowmeter [Rosemount] 8800 A,C,D - Annubar Averaging Pitot Tube [Rosemount] DCR+15S/16S - Variable Area Flow Meter [KROHNE] H250 Level Measurement: - Guided Level Radar [Endress+Hauser] Level Flex M FMP 40, 41c, 45 - Ultrasonic Level [Endress+Hauser] Prosonic M FMU 40, 41 - Displacer For Level, Interface And Density [Foxboro] 244ld - Level Transmitter [E+H] Proservo NMS 5/7 - Guide Wave Radar [Eclipse] 705 Level switch - [E+H] Liquiphant M FTL 50 [H], FTL 51 [C/H] - Level gauge [Honeywell] 854 ATG, XTG Temperature: - Temperature transmitter [Rosemount] 644H - Temperature transmitter [Wika] TR10 Control valves:
  2. 2. 2| P a g e - Pneumatic: Samson type 3241 – 1, 7 - Masoneila Valve, Metso - Motorized valve, [AUMA] SAM EX 07.1, 16.1 Solenoid Valve: [Norgren] NAMUR interface ON/OFF valve:Virgo-Samson Pressure : “Pressure,Flow and level” [Rosemount] 3051 & 3051S Electro.Pneumatic positioner: - [ABB] TZIDC - [Metso] ND9100H, P - [Samson] type 3730-0-2-3 - [Siemens] SIPART PS2 6DR50,51 - [Foxboro] SRD 991 - [Emerson] DVC6000 SIS - [FlowServe] 3200MD, Logix 3200 IQ, 3400 IQ Vibration Switch: [METRIX 5550] Field Communicator: 475,375 HART communicator Process Calibrator: [Fluke]744  Working on MAXIMO CMMS system to trace work orders progress and manging periodic maintenace works. Have Good Understanding about these equipments: - Screw compressors [Johnson Control Systems & Services] Unit RWF II E222 - Centrifugal Compressors [Hitachi Plant Manufacturer] - Air Separation Unit [Linde BOC Process Plant] - Steam Turbine [Siemens T6483 KBR EBIC] From 9/2006 till 01-2010: Instrumentation Engineer in Alexandria Fiber Company (S.A.E) an Egyptian Joint-Stock Company; one of Aditya Birla Group, Indian companies . Field: - The Plant Comprises of latest Instrumentation -Industrial Process measurement -Flow measurements (Differential pressure, Mass Flow meter, Electronic) -Pressure measurement (bourdon, diaphragm, bellows and electric transducers) -Level measurement (float, displacer, differential pressure, ultrasonic) -Temperature measurement (thermometers, thermocouples, RTD’s, infrared pyrometers) -PH, Conductivity and Density measurement - System unit - Zero, Span and Rang -Type of sensor -Signal transmitting -Two wires or four wire -Signal type -ISA Instrument Symbols -Vendor Instrument: YOKOGAWA, Rosemont, Endress+Hauser FOXBORO -Emerson 375 Hand Held - Smart Transmitters and Valves with Foundation Fieldbus and HART Technology -Valves types and Technology -Principal function of valves -Gate valve -Globe valve -Plug valve -Ball valve -Needle valve -Diaphragm valve -Butterfly valve -Valve Symbols -Valve Actuators -Safety Relief valves -Piping -Fitting -Valve Maintenance: -Preventive maintenance -Prior to start-up -After start-up -Workshop overhaul -Maintenance tips -Valve Leakage: -Leakage in gate valve -Leakage in globe valve -Leakage in ball valve -Leakage in butterfly valve -Control Valve Engineering -Control valve types: -Linear motion valves and its application -Rotary motion valve and its application -Special valve and its application
  3. 3. 3| P a g e -Vendor this special valve: Siemens ,Samson -Valve Accessories: -Solenoid application -Positioner -Limit switch type -Vendor this positioner-: Fisher, Yamatake, Siemens, Honeywell -Phenomena Associated to the control valve: -Cavitations -Noise -Testing And Installation: -Control valve test, inspection and calibration -Valve installation procedure -Vendor for control valve: Fisher, Valflo, Siemens, Samson - Yokogawa Centum-CS-3000 DCS For Operate Line1 and Emerson Delta V For Operate Line 2 and 3 - Attendance the First Start-up for Line 2 and 3 Also, Allen Bradley Control Logix 5000 PLC on Control Net, Siemens S7-300 and Omron PLC. 2 - Annual leave from 20/6/2008 to 10/8/2008, Instrumentation Engineer at Engineering center for general construction (ECC) to Work in -Natural Gas WEST DIKIRNIS FIELD of the AL Mansora petroleum Co - Company supervising the installation: MERLON PETROLEUM CO - The Designer: Invensys Inc -Attendance the First Start-up for first oil and second oil in Natural Gas WEST DIKIRNIS FIELD of the AL Mansora petroleum Co Field: - The Plant Comprises of latest Instrumentation -Install cable from Control Room to Field -Install outstanding Junction Box frames (Petrojet) -Install outstanding fire and gas detectors -Install cable trays in main process area (Petrojet) -Install local cable in the field -Gland and terminate field equipment -Gland and terminate PCS (Process Control System) and ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) control panels -Install flare ignition panel -Install additional power supplies in ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) control panels for [first and second oil in Natural Gas WEST DIKIRNIS FIELD of the AL Mansora petroleum Co. -Developing and Applying Standard Instrumentation P&IDs -Wiring Diagrams -Data sheet -cable scheduling -Instrument lists-Logic Diagram -Loop Diagram – Installation details -Location plans Summer training at the SIDI KERIR petrochemicals (SIDPEC) from 31/7/2005 to 11/8/2005 tel [03/4770127- 4770132]. Project training at the Egyptian iron and steel company from 24/1/2006 to 22/2/2006 At the Egyptian and steel company in the power plant department from 23/2/2006 to 15/7/2006 (two days each week). Deep knowledge in instrument repairman [maintain a pneumatic pressure control loop] at ARAMCO training. Deep knowledge in: distributed control system (DCS), MODEL (TDC3000) for Honeywell Automation Company Deep knowledge in: supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  4. 4. 4| P a g e Dear Sir, I am sending this email to apply for a job related to Instrumentation and Control Engineering. I a Senior instrumentation Engineer with 10 years experience in Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical industries. I have deep experience in: -Instrumentation Calibration -Control system, Pneumatic & Hydraulic -PLC, Siemens SIMATIC, Rockwell Allen-Bradely -Control Valves, Safety Valves. -Tank Gauging Detailed devices mentioned in attached CV. I have good command in English, Excellent computer & reporting skills. I hope that my qualifications match the required job criteria. Best Regards. Wael AbdElghaffar Senior Instrumantation Engineer Petromaint Main Cont. - Egyptian Propylene & Poly-Propylene Co. EPPC, +201210080181