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Open park solution overview


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OpenPark is the first online parking solution that can provide gate access control, parking management and parking guidance. It is also a great solution for street parking saving cost and effort as well as reduces carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

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Open park solution overview

  1. 1. Open ParkParking Management Solution by Open Minds CIT Presented by Eng. Wael Hossam CEO – Open Minds CIT Maadi street 270, Building 447 Tel: (202) 27033545 Cloud Parking solution by Open Minds CIT
  2. 2. About Open Minds  Incorporated as share holding company Jan-2014  Office location Maadi street 270, Cairo  Since its start-up Open Minds CIT had a clear vision to build the best Intelligent Transport Systems software applications and integrated solutions for parking management and traffic control.  Based on long experience of the founders Open Minds has started with a high reputation in the relevant domains within the Egyptian market and among the top leading international technology developers.
  3. 3. Open Minds team background and experience Projects implemented at Inotek Systems from 2002 to 2013
  4. 4. Military research for simulation and training  War Game simulation center using laser technology and GPS player units implemented for Military Training Authority including GIS based red and blue team monitoring and evaluation.  Aircarfat GPS tracking solution using a customized tracker device with GPS and FM radio and reliable shark-fin antenna. The project also includes and mobile base station with GIS software and flight mission playback.  Shooting range design using wireless communication and mobile reference controller for the Armament Authority.  Guided missiles embedded system
  5. 5. Automation control and environmental monitoring  Red sea ports authority SCADA monitoring and control  Ministry of Finance server room environment monitoring  Lafarge server room environment monitoring  Ezz El Delheila and Ezz Group  Cairo Festival city  CIB Bank server monitoring and remote secure terminal access  Alexandria University (Operation room streaming)  Abdel Latif El Jameel Auto trade  Egyptian tunnels Authority (Metro line 3)  MCV (Mercedes Commercial Vehicles)  And many more
  6. 6. Traffic control and surveillance  Suez Street video surveillance, Intersection management, Red light violation  Suez speed enforcement with ANPR  Matrouh Traffic department Street video surveillance and control room  Kafr El Sheikh Traffic department Street video surveillance  Beheira (Damanhour) Street video surveillance  Dakahlia (Mansoura) Street video surveillance  Red Sea (Hurghada) Street video surveillance, Intersection management, Red light violation  Sharkia (Zagazig) Street video surveillance, Intersection management, Red light violation  Cairo ring road Traffic statistics, Speed violation, lane restriction violation  Watania Gas stations network CCTV solution
  7. 7. Taffic control center (Zagazig)
  8. 8. Intersection controllers
  9. 9. Suez control room
  10. 10. 35 surveillance cameras 25 Red light violation cameras 25 Traficams 12 ANPR cameras Control room Violation server NVR server Suez city implementation
  11. 11. Intersection management Suez implementation
  12. 12. Highway statistics from Cairo ring road
  13. 13. Damanhour city street surveillance
  14. 14. Damanhour Gomhouria Sq
  15. 15. Projects implemented by Open Minds CIT Projects implemented from 2014
  16. 16. Open Minds references  Since Open Minds CIT has started as self funded we had to plan for a month to month ongoing business to support the company long term development plans.  While developing business for the first years we were also very selective to get ITS relevant projects to test and do partial ITS implementations in real life scenarios.  Examples of such implementations was AUC Parking Management and Azhar tunnel SCADA and Intelligent surveillance projects.
  17. 17. Examples of Intelligent Transport Systems implementations  Implementation of ITS labs with professional training for instructors at the following universities (Ain Shams – Menia – Menoufia)  Saudi Arabia intersection monitoring and statistics, Yanbu, KSA. Implementation and engineering training.  El Nasr road-Youssef Abbas red light violation system  Sharm El Sheikh checkpoint ANPR and security checking – South Sinai  AUC New Cairo ANPR parking management system
  18. 18. Azhar Tunnel control center
  19. 19. Azhar tunnel video-wall setup
  20. 20. AUC Gate-2
  21. 21. OpenPark solution commercialization  Starting from the second half of 2016  First award for OpenPark was Cairo Festival City Gate ANPR vehicle registration and access control integration for business parks and residential zones.  Next we got engaged with the Military Information Systems department and demonstrated our capabilities which enabled us to close contracts for:  El Salam regional bus terminal for Cairo Governorate  Military Hotel parking (200 parking spots)  Egypt Exhibition center parking management and Guidance system (2400 parking spots)
  22. 22. Technology partners Our main goal is to build our own technology however we still need to complement our solutions in partnership with international hardware developers in the relevant ITS industry.
  23. 23. Copyright 2011 FUJITSU LIMITED Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Incident Management Emergency Management Web Publishing Mobile phone High Advisory Radio Navigation device Traffic Signal Control Freeway Management Visual Message Signs Information Publishing Commercial Vehicle routing Driver route guidance Route Guidance Emergency Vehicle routing Law Enforcement Red light Violations Speed Limit Enforcement Classified Vehicle Restrictions Traffic Management Center ( TMC ) Field Data Collection Loop Sensors Laser Sensors WIM Sensors Microwave Doppler radars Video Surveillance Visual Sensors Black Box Traffic planning and re-engineering About Intelligent Transport Systems
  24. 24. Typical OpenPark entry/exit gate
  25. 25. OpenPark Enterprise features  Automated vehicle entry of cars with registered license plates.  Automatic gate control, directly by the camera LPR, ticket dispenser, or RFID  Full auditing trail of all vehicles; keeping records of entry and exit times of each vehicle, storing all incoming/outgoing car images, plate numbers and time stamps, keeping records of traffic, and each payment made.  Blacklisted vehicle alarm, warning when an unwanted car appears at the gate.  User and administrator access rights.  Capability for one OpenPark controller hardware to manage up to 4 gates  Unlimited number of gates can be managed from one central server over TCP/IP (Local server or over the cloud)  Multi-language Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a customizable layout.  Web based responsive design and mobile App
  26. 26. OpenPark Guidance System  Our enterprise solution includes also parking spot sensors, smart camera spot sensors and LED information displays and spot LED signs.  The back-office includes the parking map display showing free and occupied spots and has an open database integration for third party applications.  Where is my car is a function available in our OpenPark mobile app that can guide you to your car.
  27. 27. Moving to the cloud Despite the Parking automation business is already growing very fast in Egypt we believe that the parking industry should move to the cloud and we are now prepared to take the lead with our new OpenPark Cloud solution
  28. 28. The OpenPark Cloud concept Open Park offers a new concept to provide guidance navigation and accounting for parking users whether at parking lots or street parking. With just a QR code scan on a static board you can sign-in and out of any parking space with minimal investment for parking owners and municipalities and much more convenience for car drivers.
  29. 29. OpenPark pitch in Gitex show
  30. 30. The target community  Our target is to build a consumer community of car drivers interested in solving their parking problems like finding a free parking space Driving the shortest path to that parking space and Paying it online with no cash hassle  We also target B2B through our business model with parking owners and municipalities
  31. 31. Problem: Challenges for car owners  Losing a lot of time looking for free parking spot  Consuming extra fuel turning around their destination  Having to pay mostly in cash inside or at exit
  32. 32. Problem: Challenges for municipalities Parking meters are too expensive Parking meters requires electricity and communication Parking meters requires consumables and maintenance Parking meters subject to vandalism No centralized visibility for utilization and revenue in real time Car drivers looking free spot causes the following: traffic congestions More pollution, carbon foot-print
  33. 33. Example from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) 2013
  34. 34. Problem: Challenges for parking lots Expensive parking management solutions Expensive high end smart ANPR cameras High cost of RFID or ANPR cameras for members High Maintenance cost
  35. 35. Solution: How it works?
  36. 36. Solution: Operating principles Get Parking operators and municipalities engaged • Adding our QR code label printed at entry and exit stations or at street parking spots, while they still use their legacy systems • Build partnerships with m- payment providers, GSM operators Get car owners engaged • Advertise the download link of our mobile app • Car driver have to download the mobile app and sign-in with mobile number • charge wallet by credit card or other payment services • Use the app to find free spots and navigate to it through the app Get it rolling • Car driver will be able to sign-in and sign-out with QR code scan or NFC tap and go • Parking fees will be estimated by the cloud back-office and deducted from the user wallet in real time. • Space availability will be calculated by entry and exit events and will be published in the mobile app
  37. 37. Solution: The technology  Smart phones both Android and Apple iPhone  Google Maps and navigation  E-payment integration  NFC or QR code scanning  OpenPark Software registered at the IPR office in ITIDA
  38. 38. OpenPark solution Open Park App OpenPark Hardware
  39. 39. Product: Open Park App  My Profile  Parking Finder -> Navigate to car parking  Sign-in to car parking  Mark parking location  Find my car navigation  Sign-out of parking  Wallet management  History report
  40. 40. Product:  Register company, parking lots, and gates and spot signs  Define parking fees with flexible tools (for each parking)  Define free passes or white and black lists  Register guests and temp access rights by stake holders  Monitor gates in real time and optionally use license plate recognition cameras  Dynamic reports for usage, payments and more
  41. 41. Open-Park live view
  42. 42. Open-Park Access List
  43. 43. Open-Park reporting
  44. 44. Configure parking details online
  45. 45. Gate configuration online
  46. 46. Product: OpenPark Hardware IoT Gate controller that can receive direct commands from the Internet connected OpenPark server to physically open a parking gate IoT smart location sign that can detect the presence of car in the street parking spot or inside a parking lot for guidance systems
  47. 47. Key differentiators  Cloud solution, no hardware required on the parking side except for a small and low cost IoT gate controller  Very low cost and easy to deploy for street parking with zero power and communication requirements  Mobile app map search and real time free parking spots information and navigation  Where is my car on foot navigation to the car  Mobile app payment through wallet for parking fees
  48. 48. User benefits - car owners More convenient map navigation to free spots Saves time and money and effort in finding a parking spot Convenient find my car service Cashless solution paying by e-wallet
  49. 49. User benefits - parking operators No need for local servers and other expensive hardware (reduced CAPEX) Lower operating and maintenance costs (reduced OPEX) Cashless solution -> Direct electronic transfers
  50. 50. User benefits - municipalities Low cost of parking sign deployments with no electronic equipment No need for power and communication Reduced CAPEX and OPEX as well Cashless solution Reduce traffic congestions Reduce carbon foot-print
  51. 51. Business models Revenue share (per transaction) from parking fees that can be negotiated with parking operators and municipalities We can also provide a service based on per user per month fees for subscribed parking users.
  52. 52. Existing competitors (Validates the business model)  Just Park -> Spain (premium SMS messages)  parkimine -> Estonia (premium SMS messages)  RTA parking -> Dubai (premium SMS messages)  Park Mobile -> USA (premium SMS messages)  PayByPhone (owned by Volkswagen Financial Services)
  53. 53. Looking forward: Location based services  Since we build a community of mobile users in their cars we can provide more bundled services: bundling parking discounts with a certain figure of purchase from a nearby shop Sending a store promotion based on location Showing in app promotions And many more
  54. 54. Looking forward: Selling our exclusive data We will own a very valuable real time parking space availability information that can be integrated into Google Maps, Navtech, Tomtom and others… They may need to license the data to be connected in real time to their users Or they may want to acquire the whole business to prevent competitors from buying the data
  55. 55. Open-Park roadmap  Open-Park for Parking management and guidance  Open-Park street parking  Open-Park for Toll stations  Open-Park license plate recognition from the cloud  Open-Park highway statistics and speed section control
  56. 56. Open Park online demo Try online for free You can sign-up for a free trial account or use our demo account: User: Pass: 123456