The right business strategy drives everything (in any kind of business)


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When it comes to driving revenue, the right business strategy is critical. Finance crunches numbers, strategy decides where, how, why and cost, marketing does the branding and messaging and sales teams are responsible for the close and securing the client. If you start with the wrong strategy then you could be contacting the wrong prospect, give the wrong message and get the wrong result. That\'s why choosing the right strategy matters in every single sense.
Have the right staff and competency to achieve the go-tomarket strategies?
Have 10 things on your list for next year. Are you going to do all of them or do 3 important strategic projects and do them really well?
Answering these strategic questions can make a big impact on the revenue generated.
How do you go about generating revenue?

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The right business strategy drives everything (in any kind of business)

  1. 1. + The right business strategy drives everything!
  2. 2. + When it comes to sales if you hear  We want a bigger share of a smaller pie.  Our competition has increased.  Our revenues are lower.  We are loosing clients.  It takes longer to close clients.  Too many people are thinking about our proposals.  We like to get in front of the right prospects.
  3. 3. + When it comes to marketing if you hear  Are our marketing teams communicating the right message?  Are our prospects interpreting the message correctly?  Our branding is not effective any more.  Is our customer segmentation still valid?  Is our marketing strategy still effective?  We are loosing market share.  We need to shave off more than $100,000 a year (or more) from our marketing budgets.
  4. 4. + When it comes to finance if you hear  We have cut our budgets as far as we could.  We have cut our staff as much as possible.  Our margins are reduced significantly.  The banks are not lending us any more money.  We can’t find outside investors to fund new projects.  We still have complex commercial real estate issues (financing, leasing and negotiation issues).  We want to save over $50,000 a year on investment fees
  5. 5. + When it comes to HR if you hear  Do we have the right people to deliver the strategy?  Do they have the right skill set to accomplish on-going job objectives?  How do we recruit new talent?  How do we retain (and not loose) our existing talent?  How do we compensate our talent accordingly?  Are our staff in the right functions?
  6. 6. + When it comes to strategy if you hear  Our current strategy is not yielding results.  Do we have the right people to deliver the strategy?  Do we have the right go-to-market strategies in place?  Our social media strategies is costing too much money.  Frustrated with our revenue generation strategy.  Concerned about marketing strategy in face of new competition.
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