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Salon V Event July15th


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Salon V Event July15th

  1. 1. The National Business Owner Advisory Council Presents
  2. 2. Salon V Event “ Thank you” to the participants of the first National Business Owner Advisory Council (NBOAC) social event held at Salon V on July 15 th .
  3. 3. It was well attended, and based upon feedback provided, a success. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to interact socially with their peers and colleagues and were appreciative of the venue, education, and services provided by Salon V and its staff.
  4. 4. Guests at Salon V said that it was enjoyable and fun and they are looking forward to attending future NBOAC social events. Special thanks go out to Salon V for hosting, Vrai Amour for providing wine tasting and to Peggy Ahern at Grow Flower Shop and enBedia, Inc. for raffle donations. National Business Owner Advisory Council
  5. 5. The next NBOAC social event (wine tasting) will be held only a few doors away from Salon V at Vrai Amour Wines on August 13 th . See you at Vrai Amour on the 13 th of August! NBOAC Wine Tasting August 13 th 2009 5:00 – 7:00 pm Vrai Amour Wines 353 W. Webster Chicago, IL 60614-3626 RSVP:
  6. 6. Special Thanks Hosted by Salon V Wines Provided by Vrai Amour Flowers provided by Peggy Ahern at Grow Flower Shop [email_address] Photography courtesy of Nima Taradji Photography Gift beads provided by enBedia, Inc