March 2010 Webinars


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March webinars and seminars

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March 2010 Webinars

  1. 1. Problem solver Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh<br />How to reduce<br />income tax's<br />How to reduce estate<br />tax liability<br />Items not covered by<br />Your current advisor<br />Private business guru<br />Chief connector Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh<br />March 2010 Webinars<br />Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh<br />Co-Founder of NBOAC<br />Also known as “wadvisor”<br />
  2. 2. Building a Referral Machine - Mar. 4th 3:30-5:30pm Central<br />Your Firm Not Getting in Front of Enough Prospects? Join us for a 2 hour workshop: Building a Referral Machine Not Getting in Front of Enough Prospects? Conventional Networking Taking Too Long to Get Results? Want an Army of Ambassadors Promoting Your Firm?<br />In This Session You will Learn: Why Asking for Referrals is the Last thing you should do Top reasons others don't give referrals, and why they will refer you every time How to mobilize an army of referral ambassadors for you and your firm How to get 10 times the number of referrals without asking<br />
  3. 3. How Google and your business trends capture incremental revenue(Mar 16th at 11am central)<br />Ron and I will discuss factors such as PPC, SEO, Social Media, (including mobile marketing that influence interactive media planning). We will look at results of various surveys and check the pulse of the interactive search landscape and how it will be the primary force behind marketing campaigns.<br />
  4. 4. Tax efficient strategies in transferring family business to heirs(Wed march 17th at 11am central)<br />Jason Weaver is 73 years old and has 2 grown children from a previous marriage; a son who is his business partner and a daughter, who while having a good relationship with her father, has no connection to the family business. Jason’s wife Melissa also has children from a prior marriage. With little to no charitable interest, Jason is only concerned with passing as much of his accumulated wealth on to his children for them and their families to enjoy.<br />Jason’s net worth is $6 million with about $2 million of that in the family business where he’s a 50/50 partner with his son. Jason has a very modest lifestyle of $75,000 a year. Jason wants to ensure that his interest in the family business passes to his son with as little tax as possible while also providing for an equal and timely inheritance to his daughter. Jason wants to provide sufficient assets including the use of their home to Melissa should he predecease her while at the same time minimizing the decrease in inheritance his own children may receive.<br />
  5. 5. "Negotiating the Bizzare Bazaar" for Private Business Owners(Thursday March 18th at 10 am Central)<br />We have some amazing private business's in this country. But very few make it to the bigger stage by beating their competition. Even fewer qualify to be truly unique and be head and shoulders over their rivals. Every time I talk to a private business owner I am shocked to see where they spend their money and how few actually measure return on capital in every project they get involved in.<br />Despite all the help and expertise out there, non profits and business's continue to fail since they run out of funding or they never get to operate at full potential.<br />The days of let me charge you and see how the project goes are over. Demand a return on the projects you get involved in.<br />Show me results, or ROI on what I am investing in. Its your right to ask for that. If they cant show you actual results and ROI, you are wasting your money.<br />
  6. 6. Take Market Share in 2010(Mar 18th 3:30-5:30pm Central)<br />Take Market Share in 2010 Please join us for the one workshop you can't afford to miss. <br />Seen as "Trusted Advisor" Critical to your Success? Hate Sales Behavior? <br />Need to Close Every Opportunity? In This Session You will Learn To: Grow your client base in a recession<br />Go from vendor to trusted advisor in a single meeting Steal market share from the competition Differentiate your company in terms of what your customers "really" value<br />
  7. 7. Things to know about corporate bonds(Mar 23rd at 11am Central)<br />In 2009 all we heard was corporations are making more profits and there has been a significant improvement in corporate earnings.<br />Does that translate to a better pricing for their bonds?<br />Matt and I will discuss the environment and explore which industry sectors and companies (and their bonds) will benefit the most from any changes in interest rates.<br />
  8. 8. Interviews and much more<br />Details of ALL events on LinkedIn<br /><br />March NBOAC Newsletter<br />Interview with experts and niche providers:<br />Social Media<br />ART<br />Sports<br />A Chef?<br />
  9. 9. Contact<br />"Helping America one business, one non-profit and one family at a time"Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh, MBA<br />Co-Founder of National Business Owner Advisory Councilwadvisor BLOG<br />wadvisor LinkedIn Profile<br />Office: 312-798-6727<br />Most Recent NBOAC Newsletter<br />Latest 678 Partners BLOG<br />NBOAC Educational Webinars<br />My interview<br />
  10. 10. Helping Business Owners Succeed<br />