Building Relationships On LinkedIn


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Relationships take time. Its about quality more than quantity when it comes to connections. We are a strategic resource for CEO and Entrepreneur\'s. Assisting family offices (single and multiple), privately held business owners and their senior management as well as founders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and a select group of advisors with complex problem resolution around their business, tax, wealth and charity wishes. We look at problems from a different perspective. Have no products and every solution is custom made (from the ground up).

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Building Relationships On LinkedIn

  1. 1. + How to buildrelationships on LinkedIn
  2. 2. + How to build/define LinkedIn Relationships Not just adding random connections Take time to understand connections (not a sprint)  Discover what’s important to them  Be helpful from a business and strategy perspective  Regularly check back (once a quarter, at least once a year)  Offer strategic introductions  Help in any way you can  1 + 1 = 3 (not a typo) Look for thought leaders, niche specialists and strategic problem solvers that compliment your business contacts/connections and clients Seek quality vs. quantity
  3. 3. + Why you should not accept anyone on LinkedIn  You:  Looking just to add random connections  Not taking time to understand me and my business  Not understanding what’s important to me  Seeking quantity vs. quality  In the transaction business instead of relationship building business  Not a thought leader in your space  Not complimenting our business, contacts, clients and connections  Not understanding the meaning of a strategic connection  There is nothing to distinguish you from your competition
  4. 4. + Email examples I receive every day
  5. 5. + 1st Clue You have reached your invitation limit
  6. 6. + 2nd ClueHe has not given me ANY reasons/motivation for why I should connect
  7. 7. + 3rd Clue What in my profile interested you to contact me (any specifics)?
  8. 8. + 4th Clue Sounds like you are after quantity rather than quality
  9. 9. + My response back ` `
  10. 10. + Why I drop LinkedIn connections  I am no longer helpful to you  Our clients, connections and contacts don’t find you of value any more  We no longer compliment each other  You do something really weird, un-ethical and outrageous  If I don’t initiate contact, I will never hear from you(which confirms we have not formed a relationship)  You are only interested in my network
  11. 11. + Who MRM Helps  Founding members of single/multiple family offices (patriarchs and matriarchs)  G1 - Gn generation family members  Athletes & celebrities  Privately held business owners  CEO’s & their senior management  Entrepreneurs & founders  Complimenting small select advisors to families  Tax and legal specialist  High end wealth management firms  Property and casualty specialists
  12. 12. + Examples of MRM Case Studies  Trading firms  Family offices  Private businesses  Private equity firms  Non for profits  Affluent families  Athletes & celebrities
  13. 13. + MRM Client Profile  Private Businesses  >$30M in company valuation  Families  >$30M in net-worth
  14. 14. + MRM Social Events  Golf  Wine  Charity  Social causes  Social impact  Art & collectibles  Classic cars  Other sports
  15. 15. + What MRM Does  Look at problems from a completely different perspective  Not trying to fit a square into a round hole  Solve complex problems only if we understand what problem you are trying to solve  Identify problems that were not known before  Only solve the problems our clients want to solve  Have no products than offer custom strategies (built from the ground up)  Take you from success to significance  Make a big social impact
  16. 16. + Small note about Twitter  Say things that matter, add value and are important, quality vs. quantity  Supporting charity events  Posting CEO jobs  Sharing business, management, strategy and finance thought leader articles  CEO/entrepreneur topics and items of interest  Events around wine, sports, art, charity that our clients attend  Not looking for millions of followers
  17. 17. + Examples
  18. 18. + How can I help you?