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2010 Fixed Income Webinars


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The last 10 years had a great rally for most fixed income investments. With the US treasury printing record amount of new dollar bills and US deficit climbing to "never seen before record all time highs", the next 10 years will play a significantly different role in individual investor portfolio\'s. Welcome to our 12 month series of calls where I interview a bond guru on best practices, things to watch out for, and how to take advantage on the different asset classes that are available in the fixed income market. Matt Kraus a fixed income expert with more than 24 years of experience will be explaining why and what to look out for. Here is what we will be discussing in the next 12 months:
Jan:Yield curve and bond market updates.
Feb: Advantages & disadvantages of TIPS for 2010 and beyond.
March: Things to know about Corporate Bonds.
April: Why owning treasuries can be very different this decade.
May: Essential tips for municipal bonds.
June: Hedging strategies that institutions utilize.
July: Individual bonds vs. bond mutual funds?
August: Strategies to enhance your fixed income portfolio yield
September: Why bonds alone won’t make a portfolio safe
October: Things they don’t tell you about closed end funds
November: How high yield bonds can increase yield
December: Bond market and inflation outlook

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2010 Fixed Income Webinars

  1. 1. How good is your investment advisor?<br />What your advisor doesn’t tell you<br />Reducing your estate & income tax’s<br />Mutual funds are expensive<br />2010 Fixed Income Webinars<br />Best Chicago financial advisor wadvisor<br />Advanced IRA planning expert wadvisor<br />Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh, MBA<br />Kruse Asset Management<br />Co-Founder of National Business Owner Advisory Council<br />Managing Director of Client Education<br />also known as “wadvisor” presents:<br />Reducing your income tax’s<br />
  2. 2. An Interview with Matt Kraus, the bond Guru<br />
  3. 3. Fixed Income Webinar Dates<br />2010<br />Week<br />1<br />Week<br />2<br />Week<br />3<br />Week<br />4<br />1st<br />Tuesday<br />Asset Allocation series<br />2nd<br />Tuesday<br />In the<br />works<br />3rd<br />Tuesday<br />Google<br />strategies<br />4th<br />Tuesday<br />of every<br />month<br />1st<br />Wednesday<br />LinkedIn & Networking<br />Strategies<br />2nd<br />Wednesday<br />In the<br />works<br />3rd<br />Wednesday<br />Advanced<br />wealth<br />management<br />4th<br />Wednesday<br />In the<br />works<br />1st<br />Thursday<br />Small Business <br />best practices<br />2nd<br />Thursday<br />Looking<br />for Alpha<br />3rd<br />Thursday<br />Private business<br />growth strategies<br />4th<br />Thursday<br />In the<br />works<br />
  4. 4. 2010 Webinar topics on Fixed Income (11am Central)<br />2010<br />Jan<br />26th<br />Feb<br />23rd<br />Mar<br />23rd<br />Apr<br />27th<br />May<br />25th<br />Jun<br />22nd<br />Jul<br />27th<br />Aug<br />24th<br />Sep<br />28th<br />Oct<br />26th<br />Nov<br />23rd<br />Dec<br />28th<br />Yield curve and bond market updates<br />Things to know about corporate bonds<br />Essential tips for municipal bonds<br />Individual bonds vs. bond mutual funds<br />Why bonds alone won’t make a portfolio safe<br />How high yield bonds can increase yield<br />Advantages & disadvantages of TIPS for 2010 and beyond<br />Why owning treasuries can be very different this decade<br />Hedging strategies that institutions utilize<br />Strategies to enhance your fixed income portfolio yield<br />Things they don’t tell you about closed end funds<br />Bond market and inflation outlook <br />
  5. 5. Yield curve and bond market updates<br />During our January session Matt and I will discuss bond market updates and the yield curve. Tune in for 2010 and beyond to see what it has in store for fixed income investors. Discussion on best practice, what to look out for, what to do and what not to do. <br /><br />(Jan 26th - 11 am Central)<br />
  6. 6. Advantages and disadvantages of TIPS for 2010 and beyond<br />A lot of talk about TIPS in the media and how it can help your fixed income portfolio hedge against inflation. Listen to some best practices from Matt on do’s and don&apos;ts. <br /><br />(Feb 23rd - 11 am Central)<br />
  7. 7. Things to know about corporate bonds<br />In 2009 all we heard was corporations are making more profits and there has been a significant improvement in corporate earnings. Does that translate to a better pricing for their bonds? Matt and I will discuss the environment and explore which industry sectors and companies (and their bonds) will benefit the most from any changes in interest rates. <br /><br />(Mar 23rd - 11 am Central)<br />
  8. 8. Why owning treasuries can be very different this decade<br />Treasuries returned 13.7% and -3.6% in 2008 and 2009 respectively. With 61% foreign ownership you should carefully review your future decisions. The Federal reserve printed record amounts of new debt during 2009. How will this impact your future returns? Pros and cons of treasury ownership discussion with Matt and I. Join us.<br /><br />(Apr 27th - 11 am Central)<br />
  9. 9. Essential tips for Municipal bonds<br />In the past municipal bonds have been a great source for tax free income on high income earners. They rallied in 2009 producing 12.9% return. With all states having massive deficit problems and all the talk of tax rates heading higher (covering deficits), how will municipalities deal with this and what should you avoid?<br /><br />(May 25th - 11 am Central)<br />
  10. 10. Hedging strategies that institutions utilize<br />For many years large institutions (endowments and non-profits) used hedging strategies that were not accessible to retail investors. Technology has changed this and now some of the most advanced hedging strategies are available. Successful implementation of these strategies still requires substantial expertise and experience. Learn some basics and avoid terrible mistakes from others.<br /><br />(Jun 22nd - 11 am Central)<br />
  11. 11. Individual bonds vs. bond mutual funds<br />Anyone with more than $200k should be investigating individual bond ownership. With a lot of choices on bond mutual funds, fees, turnover and expense ratio can be pretty costly if you don’t know what you are buying into let alone cost basis ownership. Did I forget to mention management fee’s? What should you look for? Join us and find out.<br /><br />(Jul 27th - 11 am Central)<br />
  12. 12. Strategies to enhance your fixed income portfolio yield<br />All we hear is deficits, increasing interest rates and more uncertainty in both the real estate and commercial loans. With global central banks printing more money, the sounds of inflation is beginning to ring louder and louder. How can you protect your portfolio’s monthly cash flow? Are there any yield enhancements available? <br /><br />(Aug 24th - 11 am Central)<br />
  13. 13. Why bonds alone wont make a portfolio safe<br />Have you seen a freight train hitting a stationary car? Well that might be you if you are only investing in bonds. With interest rate increases, yields will come down and inflation can eat into your purchasing power. Don’t let increasing interest rates change your standard of living. Sometimes safety can lead into excessive risk if you are not careful.<br /><br />(Sep 28th - 11 am Central)<br />
  14. 14. Things they don’t tell you about closed end funds<br />You have heard of mutual funds and I am sure at some point you came across closed end funds. If you ever wondered what they are, well this is your opportunity. They could be a very powerful tool if used correctly. They could also destroy you, if you are not aware of their disadvantages. Learn when to use and when to avoid.<br /><br />(Oct 26th - 11 am Central)<br />
  15. 15. How high yield bonds can increase yield<br />Just in case you missed high yield bonds in 2009 they performed at 58.9%. That does not mean they will do the same in 2010 but you should always consider them as part of your asset allocation. How much and why? Join us so Matt and I can walk you through the pro’s and con’s.<br /><br />(Nov 23rd - 11 am Central)<br />
  16. 16. Bond market and inflation outlook<br />By the time Dec 2010 has arrived we should know a little more about interest rates (hopefully), direction of the economy and also reflect back on 2009. There will also be a 2010 (and beyond) outlook and discussion on portfolio positioning and hedging items. Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Yeah I know plenty of xmas parties and holidays before the 2010 new year.<br /><br />(Dec 28th - 11 am Central)<br />
  17. 17. Future webinars in the works<br />Credit<br />Dress to impress<br />Invitation only:<br />Preservation and planning for art, antique, classic cars, Persian rugs, wine, stamps, coins, jewelry, paintings and any collectibles<br />How non profits increase their donors<br />Double/triple sales (private business) without hiring any employee’s<br />Pay as you go asset management for non profits and institutions (in the works)<br />All of my other LinkedIn events:<br /><br />
  18. 18. Contact<br />“Helping America one business, one non-profit and one family at a time“<br />Amir Homayoun Rafizadeh, MBA<br />Managing Director of Client Education<br />Kruse Asset Management –<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Co-Founder of National Business Owner Advisory Council (NBOAC) <br /><br />
  19. 19. Educating Business Owners<br />
  20. 20. Asset management with a difference<br />Ethics<br />Expertise<br />Education<br />