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Commit - where IT meets communications


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First steps in getting Belgium on a real Open Standard trac

Published in: Technology
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Commit - where IT meets communications

  1. 1. Communication professionals IT - professionals
  2. 2. Some explanation todo... Why? New World Order / Social Networking (Times they are a changin') Fixing the gap, separation vs. Co-operation (B2G2C) Talks first, actions later > skip factor time (see further) Knowledge sharing - expertises Strenght of a community Boundaries of projects, by law and order Needs for next generation projects > use your baudget wisely Promotion of the Open Standard and Open Data principals Warrants and obligations Learning centers Platform independancies Reinvention of many things, evolution of a project
  3. 3. Some explanation todo... Who? Local governments ( Federal governments ) ( National organisations ) Everyone who is involved with citizen services Clerks, supervisors, managers, CFOs, ... Private companies Academical organisations Outbound organisations Citizens / local projects Funded organisations
  4. 4. Some explanation todo... How? Community portal: Memberships vs commitment vs interests vs interaction ? ' Commitments ' by contract – manifests, politics Food of knowledge Web 2.0 integration - Data Sharing, Social Media, ... Congress / meetups / online meetings, zero point one-effort principal Workgroups Over the hedge project examples Databases with Open Source sollutions – categorisation, ' How Open is this company / sollution '-indicators > WE COMMIT! Profiling and use of profiling Free screenings by experts @ specific groups
  5. 5. Visuals?
  6. 6. Visuals?