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Linkedin Talent Advantage Mar09


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LinkedIn Talent Advantage by LinkedIn Corporate Solutions

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Linkedin Talent Advantage Mar09

  1. 1. Agenda  Introductions Wade Burgess  LinkedIn Overview Director of Sales Central Region  LinkedIn Talent Advantage Chicago| Internet  Solutions for Staffing Public Profile: Departments Connections: 584 Recommendations: 19  Product Specifics Email:  Q&A Phone: 402-541-3639
  2. 2. LinkedIn Overview LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful business network  Built upon trusted professional relationships & connections  Business-focused  Provides access to people, jobs & opportunities  Helps professionals be more productive
  3. 3. Company Overview LinkedIn Corporation  Founded in 2003, HQ: Mountain View, CA  Offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Omaha, London  325+ employees Business Solutions Premium Memberships  Talent Acquisition  Market Research  Advertising 
  4. 4. LinkedIn Network Statistics Network Membership & Reach Latin America Europe 3%  Over 38 million professionals* 24% ~2 million members join  per month Roughly 1 new sign-up  Asia per second 8%  200 countries Africa  English, Spanish, French 1% and now German! Middle East  150 industries 1%  Members from all five hundred Oceania 2% of the Fortune 500 North America Other 61% 0% *As of January, 2009
  5. 5. LinkedIn Network Statistics (cont’d.) Top 5 U.S. Metro Regions Top 10 Industries on LinkedIn (by membership) (by membership) Greater New York City Area 1. Information Technology & Services 1. Greater Los Angeles Area 2. Computer Software 2. San Francisco Bay Area 3. Telecommunications 3. Washington D.C. Metro Area 4. Financial Services 4. Greater Chicago Area Marketing & Advertising 5. 5. Banking 6. Top 5 Non-U.S. Metro Regions Management Consulting 7. Internet (by membership) 8. London, UK Retail 1. 9. Real Estate Paris, France 10. 2. Toronto, Canada 3. Copenhagen, Denmark 4. Sydney Area, Australia 5. As of December, 2008
  6. 6. How Professionals Use LinkedIn LinkedIn helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with your trusted business contacts.  Build Personal Brand  Strengthen Professional Relationships  Share Business Knowledge  Post & Search for Jobs Example of a member’s LinkedIn home page – a customized professional dashboard
  7. 7. Resources for Professionals
  8. 8. The most cost-effective way to find, attract and hire the world’s best talent.
  9. 9. Harness the Power of the LinkedIn Network The world’s largest and fastest growing Highly qualified, accurate and up-to-date professional network profile information A talent pool of over 36 million, growing by nearly Members manage their own profile data with 2 million members per month.* job history, education, and associations. World-class pool of passive candidates The network works for you Locate and reach hard-to-find Connections drive more referrals, get the word candidates, whether they are actively looking or out, and distribute your postings virally. not. *December, 2008
  10. 10. Introducing the LinkedIn® Talent Advantage™ Gain unparalleled access to the world’s best talent pool with the recruiting solution that enables you to identify and reach passive candidates for your senior, technical and hard-to-fill positions.  Locate and contact highly qualified candidates  Leverage holistic and targeted recruiting solutions  Get premium training and account management  Leverage tools to help you stay OFCCP-compliant
  11. 11. LinkedIn Talent Advantage Product Family Find and engage Attract the best Fill urgent Develop your Position your the best passive candidates with positions fast with employer brand company as an candidates with precise targeting highly targeted on LinkedIn with employer of choice direct InMail® unparalleled and viral dynamic, viewer- to high value search and distribution of job campaigns aware content professionals communication postings tools
  12. 12. The Advantage for Corporate Staffing Teams Top passive Great cost- Faster time talent effectiveness to hire
  13. 13. Leverage Unique and Precise Targeting 1. Members Self-Publish and Update their Profile Data 2. Profile Data is Analyzed, Categorized & Stored 3. LinkedIn Algorithms Match Segments to Your Objectives 4. Reach these Professional Segments with Relevant Messages, Opportunities, or Offers
  14. 14. Find and engage the best passive candidates with unparalleled search, communication and collaboration tools.
  15. 15. More qualified leads. More interviews. Faster hires. Work collaboratively to identify and reach hard-to-find top candidates. Fill key positions faster, reduce third-party spend and greatly improve cost-effectiveness.  Unparalleled search  Direct access  Exclusive productivity & collaboration tools  Premium account management & customized training
  16. 16. Unparalleled Search  Expanded search results deliver the most complete and relevant list of candidates names along with complete profile details  Search across the entire LinkedIn network, not just your 3rd degree connections  Advanced geo-search enables you to locate candidates by ZIP code and distance radius  Up to 50 automatic search alerts proactively notify you of new candidates who fit your exact requirements
  17. 17. Direct Access to Candidates  InMail® lets you reach candidates directly, in a trusted environment  Each user gets 50 InMails per month, which can be shared, and rollover if unused  InMail averages a 30% response rate  Rates as high as 60%  Save and share InMail templates with your team
  18. 18. Productivity Tools Save You Time Use the Clipboard to quickly  capture candidate information Save 1-to-many InMail  templates Use Search History to quickly  re-run previous queries Search Alerts deliver qualified  candidate profiles to you
  19. 19. Exclusive Collaboration Tools Prevent duplication of effort  Shared project folders  Saved searches & alerts  Visibility to team member  activity, including saved notes on candidates Advanced project management  helps organize your workflow to save time Activity auditing helps reduce  risk and supports OFCCP compliance
  20. 20. Premium Account Management & Customized Training Dedicated account manager  and expert trainers work closely with you to help optimize your use of our product Prompt customer service and  customizable usage reports enable easy management tracking Exclusive online training is  always available for continued education
  21. 21. The Advantage of Using LinkedIn Recruiter Reduce 3rd Collaborate Identify & contact party spends better with hard-to-find & time to hire your team professionals
  22. 22. The Advantage of LinkedIn Recruiter vs. Premium Business Accounts Unrestricted Search Exclusive Productivity & Collaboration Tools  Access to full profiles across the entire LinkedIn Member Network  Batch movement of prospects Don’t be limited by your personal through the recruiting process  third-degree network  Reduce the time to engage prospects with 1-to-many InMail templates  Unlimited profile views  Use Project Folders to share and organize prospects, jobs, search Direct Access to Candidates alerts and notes  Contact LinkedIn Members directly  Prevent duplicated efforts through through InMail, whether they are in visibility to team activity your personal network or not  InMail response rates of 30% Data Ownership & Compliance  All sourcing activity is owned by, and travels with, the Recruiter license – not personal accounts  Built in tracking and reporting supports OFCCP compliance
  23. 23. Experience the Recruiter Demo
  24. 24. Attract the best candidates with precise matching and effective viral distribution of job postings
  25. 25. Find the right talent for every job Find stronger candidates and save time as you fill positions faster. Your job posting dollars will work harder with uniquely effective distribution.  Automated talent matching  Unique experience for job seekers  Powerful referral hiring
  26. 26. Automated Talent Matching  Accurate and well-qualified profile data targets jobs to the right professionals  A proprietary matching algorithm auto-generates a list of strong candidates for the position  An ad is automatically created and displayed, with 3,000 impressions on LinkedIn, to passive and active candidates with relevant profiles
  27. 27. Unique Experience for Job Seekers  Candidates see how they are connected to the company, recruiter, or hiring manager  Gain insight into the company  Ask questions of existing employees  Better prepare for interviews  Quick links to company profiles or LinkedIn® Custom Company Profiles™ provide relevant insights
  28. 28. Powerful Distribution and Referral Hiring  Network connections enable effective referral hiring and ―super-viral‖ forwarding  Members are notified when there are job openings that are a good fit for professionals they know  Referrals are simplified, with packaged messages that can be sent with a single click
  29. 29. LinkedIn® Recruiter™ Integration Refresh and rotate job postings  as needed Efficiently post and manage  jobs from within your Recruiter dashboard Integration available to select  job distribution utilities
  30. 30. The Advantage of LinkedIn Jobs Network Precise Candidates targeting to Viral distribution have insight qualified of job postings into company candidates
  31. 31. Fill urgent positions fast with highly targeted direct InMail® campaigns
  32. 32. Direct contact. Direct reaction. Direct results. Identify and reach many highly qualified candidates whose profiles best match your criteria, then contact thousands of candidates at once with a customized offer, opportunity or message.  Targeted, relevant contact  Convenient and relevant to candidates
  33. 33. Targeted, Relevant Contact  Your subject line appears on the candidates’ LinkedIn home page for maximum visibility  Your message remains in the candidates’ inbox until they act on it (click or clear)* LinkedIn® Talent Direct™  open rates reach up to 44% *Up to 60 days
  34. 34. Convenient and Relevant to Candidates  InMail links to a landing page matching your message to the candidates’ profile  Landing page includes banner ad options and prominent call-to-action button for easy response
  35. 35. Talent Direct Case Studies Objective Industry Subject Line Call-to-Action Open Rate ―Share XYZ Company’s Vision of ―Download the B2B Lead 20% I.T. IT Optimization‖ Whitepaper‖ Generation Services ―Exclusive Invitation to Join ―Join Group‖ B2B Lead Computer 35% XYZ Industry Executive Group‖ Generation Software ―XYZ Company Careers: ―Apply Now‖ Hiring Telecom 31% Retail Sales‖ ―Careers @ XYZ Company, ―Apply Now‖ Hiring Computer 44% Bangalore‖ Networking ―Come to XYZ Company in ―Apply Now‖ Hiring Computer 33% Colorado‖ Software ―You are cordially invited to…‖ ―Click to Learn Boost Event Internet 34% More‖ Attendance Consulting
  36. 36. The Advantage of LinkedIn Talent Direct Target many Staff up Efficiently fill highly qualified quickly, keep talent pipeline candidates costs down
  37. 37. Develop your employer brand on LinkedIn with dynamic, viewer-aware content
  38. 38. Tailor Custom Messages to Specific Audiences Present multiple, targeted content modules on your Company Profile page, customized for the exact people you want to reach.  Relevant, engaging experiences for candidates  Various modules to differentiate your brand
  39. 39. Relevant, Engaging Experiences for Candidates  Your LinkedIn Custom Company Profile displays content you easily tailor and update  Your content dynamically adapts to the viewers, based on their industry, job function, location, etc.  Move beyond job listings to convey corporate culture and values
  40. 40. Various Modules to Differentiate Your Brand  Recruitment messaging appeals to candidates on a personal level Recruiter Recruitment profiles message  Employee spotlights introduce peers of related experience  Polling invites interaction and engages your candidates Job List Employee immediately & Career spotlights page links  Video clips showcase your corporate culture  Recruiter Profiles and Career Video Page links help interested Interactive Clips Polls candidates take action
  41. 41. The Advantage of LinkedIn Custom Company Profiles Tailor messages Make your Uniquely to groups of company profile develop your candidates dynamic company brand
  42. 42. Position your company as an employer of choice to high value professionals
  43. 43. Raise awareness. Get better leads. Land prized recruits. Accurate, user-generated profile data enables highly targeted and high impact online advertisements that pitch candidates on the uniqueness of your company and its current openings.  Target professional segments of high quality candidates  Improve candidate perception of your brand as an employer of choice
  44. 44. Expose Your Company To Relative Candidates  Unmatched reach gives your employer brand exposure to the largest professional network of senior, technical and hard-to-find candidates  Ads can be targeted by profession, seniority, industry, company size and more, to attract active and passive talent
  45. 45. Improve Candidate Perception of Your Brand  Increase company / brand awareness and image in the minds of passive candidates  A less cluttered ad environment ensures your message is seen  Stay visible: only 1 advertiser is typically featured per page  Limited page graphics make your ad stand out
  46. 46. The Advantage of LinkedIn Employer Advertising Build brand Target Increase awareness as highly qualified company an employer of candidates recognition choice
  47. 47. LinkedIn Corporate Solutions Customers
  48. 48. What Our Customers Are Saying ―Today we outsource less than 1% of our jobs to agencies. It’s radically impacted cost savings.‖ – John Zweig, Director of Staffing, Logitech ―With LinkedIn Recruiter, the team taps into a much larger network of highly qualified candidates in a much shorter time period. It easily paid for itself two times over in the first three months we used it.‖ — John Beard, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Kaiser Permanente ―LinkedIn was instrumental in helping us to source and hire a CFO and other C-level candidates.‖ — Kim Bermuda, senior staffing manager, Adaptec, Inc. ―LinkedIn is one of the most valuable recruiting tools available in targeting high quality, passive job seekers.‖ — Director Global Staffing, Juniper Network