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From Coal Mining To Blogging


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This is how I went from being a coal miner to a top ten social media blogger in under 9 months! My story plus some of the strategies that I use to get noticed!

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From Coal Mining To Blogging

  1. 1. From Coal Mining To Blogging:How I Became Successful
  2. 2. Introduction: My name is Wade Harman and I am the main contributor story is really uncommon, and one that a lot of people have asked meabout so I thought I would just sit down when I had the time and write it allout for you.So sit back and relax and let me take you down a road that I never thoughtmy life would come across.Blogging. Chapter 1: The Life of A Coal MinerI almost made an introduction to the two coal companies that I have workedfor giving them a piece of my mind. It was a doozy too! But I thoughtbetter of it and deleted it. They won’t read this anyway, because a coalminer spends most of his life underground anyway, and has no time foranything…especially the internet!Don’t get me wrong. Being a coal miner is hard work, and the “regularguys” were great friends of mine and I wish them all the best! I hope eachone of them is safe and happy and I pray for them all the time.
  3. 3. Most of the introduction was to the bosses of these corporations. Becausethese guys are buttheads!Anyway, the life of a coal miner is a hard one.First of all, let me give you a description of where I live. One guy asked mehow to get to my house one time and I told him to “go to the end of the earthand turn right”. It’s that far off the beaten path!The above photo is actually one that was taken near my house. As you cansee its pretty barren here, with lots of mountains. But there is gold in “them-thar hills”…black gold, that is, coal.My father was a coal miner. His father was a coal miner. His father beforehim was a coal miner as well. And I believe that even his father was a coalminer. That is not an uncommon story for the men in my town. It’s avicious cycle that is really tough to break.Around our area, there are two types of jobs that you can make a lot ofmoney at. That is being a coal miner or becoming a doctor. Since most ofthe people around our area are poor, spending 12 years in med school seemstoo expensive, therefore the only other drawback is to be a coal miner.Now don’t get me wrong, being a coal miner is a great paying job! When Ifirst started back in 2003, I was making $18 hr with a $2 raise every 6
  4. 4. months. For a kid of that age, that was a lot of money! Today’s rates aremuch higher, starting pay usually runs around $22-$25 per hour for anewbie.But as you can imagine, the stakes are just as high. Your surroundings arevery dangerous and you spend most of your days hunched over or on yourknees because its too low to stand up in.If you think that’s the worst thing about working underground in a coal minethen you’ve got another thing coming!If you turn off your cap light, it’s darker than the darkest hell…you can’t seeyour hand in front of your face either. You don’t want your cap light to goout on you when you are 1,900 ft underground, something that has happenedto me more times than I can count.A coal miner is a tough person. They have to be! How can you not getmuscles when you squat-walk every day!Crawling around in the coal and dirt every day, breathing in the fresh rock-dust air that will eventually kill the man in a couple of years.Coal mining is hard work.The work notwithstanding, it’s hard, but you not only have to look forwardto back-breaking work every day, but you also have to be aware of falling
  5. 5. rocks and rolling ribs!Ok, now you probably already know what falling rocks are. You’ve seen thenews reports of miners being crushed by loose rocks falling from the top, butyou probably don’t know what rolling ribs are.A rolling rib is actually the side of the mine. If its too loose, and you’re tooclose, it could roll out on you, covering you up. It’s basically the same as afalling rock but sideways.So a coal miner is usually a jumpy guy. Always looking for something thatcan kill him, too scared to get too close to the ribs and always looking abovehim for fear of that widow maker ready to fall on him.But surprisingly enough, rock falls and rib rolls aren’t the main killers in acoal mine. The main killers are miners killing other miners by accident!When you’re running a piece of equipment, and the roof is 6 inches abovethat piece of equipment, then you really can’t see where you’re going. Youhave to read the rib walls in order to drive. Needless to say, pedestrians DONOT have the right-away in a coal mine.…and that is where I worked.The guy who’s social media strategies were called insanely great by MarcusSheridan used to work between two rocks at one time! Chapter 2: My Intro To The InternetI always knew about the internet. In fact, in 2003, I learned that my parentshad it, and I got on it…and got right off. I had no idea where to go or whatto do. It wasn’t until almost 8 years later that I got on it again!If I only knew then what I know now…..
  6. 6. There are days that I kick myself because I didn’t look more into the internetgame back then.But I didn’t. Why? Because I didn’t know any better! I had no idea thatyou could make money online.It wasn’t until years later that I read about people that were making a seriousliving on the internet while I slaved away at my 10 hour a day job, even onSaturdays and Sundays! Sure I was making a lot of money, but I wasn’tseeing my family, I was tired all the time, and things were looking bleak forme on the home forefront.The area that I live in is pretty rural. We have to drive an hour in anydirection just to go to a decent mall! There is simply nothing out here. Justyour plain old hard-working americans who don’t know anything else. AndI was a victim to that idea and principle!I wanted to write this book for those of you who are not following yourdream to build something for yourself online.Let me go into it more…The ideology of my town is you can’t make money doing anything frivolous.A dream is something you do when you sleep. You eventually wake up andthe dream is over and you start your day off working the grind.You can do anything you set your mind to. You can become successfulonline. I am an example of this fact. Chapter 3: That Fateful DayI will never forget that day as long as I live. It was the same as any otherday of work. I got up at 4:30, put my clothes on and made the 20 minute
  7. 7. drive to the mine. Put my mining cap on and my tools strapped to my belt,and followed all my co-workers to the mine bus so we could ride the railsand make the 30 minute trip underground to where we worked.It was a normal day. But we were moving power that day. This basically means that everythingelectrical had to be moved up 190 feet underground. Everything was goingfine until we started moving the 20 ton electrical box that had all the powercables hooked to it.Now, if you can see this in your mind, I would like to try to paint you a goodpicture of myself and two other guys on our knees pulling bicep-sized cablesinto a loop so we could drag it with what we call a “scoop” which isbasically an underground forklift.Piling all of those cables on top of each other, we roped them together andmade a big pile of them and hooked them to the scoop so the boss could pullthe whole pile the necessary yardage we needed to move it.But wouldn’t you know, the crazy pile wasn’t pulling straight so I jumped ontop of it. Keep in mind that the height from the floor to the roof was 40inches high, and I jumped up on top of these cables. Right away, my left legslipped down between all of the cables until my left foot hit the ground. Iwas sort of straddling the cables if you can see that.Not heeding to my head shakes (something miners do when they’re not
  8. 8. ready) the boss pulled out, jerking the ropes taught and pulling the cableswhich, in turn, started twisting my leg around.This pressure caused my knee to make a sickening pop. I’m serious, italmost sounded like a gunshot it was so loud!When they finally got me out of the pile, I sort of dropped to the mine floorand did my impression of a limp dishrag. It was so painful! There was noway I could walk, much less crawl, out of the mine! But I did know onething, I wouldn’t be able to work again!I was right.Since it was a boss that hurt me, the company was liable. Of course, since Iwasn’t working I tried to get as much money as I could from them! No dice.They wiggled and squirmed out of it like big corporations do, and ended upgetting away with paying me less than five thousand dollars!I still dream of punching that guy in the face!Anyway, what was I to do? I had a family, a brand new baby boy, and billscoming due, and no money to pay them with! Chapter 4: The Reason You’re Reading ThisI always knew that you could make money on the internet, but I never triedto do it.So, being the stupid person that I was, I immediately paid someone $800 tobuild me a website. Yeah, I know…Let me stop right here and say that youdo NOT need anyone to set up a website/blog for you. You can figure it outif you have half a brain, and seeing as how I left mine underground, I spentthe last couple of dollars I did have to someone that just took my moneyafter doing a 5 minute process.It’s a lesson learned.
  9. 9. Needless to say, that poor website didn’t do anything at all for me.There was something about blogging that just didn’t click.As I sat and stared at the computer, I knew that I would have to producesomething that would make a sale. I focused on making money right away,and with that aspect, I lost a lot of readers too.It wasn’t until much later that I realized that in order to become successful,you had to create relationships with people.I eventually created and started to realize whatwas important. The reader. It CAN’T matter that you want or even need tomake money. You have to produce great content that is going to helpsomeone accomplish something or answer some sort of question that peoplehave to create trust and a big reader base.I finally figured it out. Well, writing the content part anyway. I’m still along way from where I need or even want to be with my blog. There aretons of bloggers out there that can write circles around me, but a lot of themwill be hard-pressed to care as much about as their readers as I do! Traffic Strategies of a Coal MinerWhat do you do when you know nothing of SEO, or don’t even know whatSEO stands for?You keep on trying.There is a lot of people that would discourage someone from jumping into aniche that they know nothing about. The fact of the matter is, if you knownothing about a subject, how can you write about it and help people?I disagree with this.I am a prime example of jumping into a niche that you know nothing aboutand succeeding. You will always hear people tell you when you first startthat you cannot succeed if you know nothing about it. There is a truth to
  10. 10. this. You cannot succeed if you pretend to know everything there is to knowabout the niche you’ve just stumbled in.However, I believe, and this is what I did, that if you treat the new blog as astarting point and blog about things that you have learned as you go along,then that is a great way to learn AND teach people.Some SEO Tips:One thing is for sure, the SEO that has been used in the past is not the samestrategy that is used in today’s search engine marketing strategies.Article marketing sites like Build My Rank have left our jaw on the floor asour websites fell off the deep end of the pool never to be seen from again.So I’m going to tell you the secret strategies that I use…Nothing.Yup, you read right. I really don’t focus on an SEO strategy. Yes, I usekeywords and post optimization, but as far as building links like a mad man,I don’t do it.In my on page optimization, I use Yoast SEO to help me get a handle onwhat my posts need to be to actually rank. However, I don’t frantically goand build links.Here’s what I do when I do want to build links. Chapter 5: Building LinksRecently, my blog has been nominated as one of the Top Ten Social MediaBlogs of 2013 and I got there by helping people understand what I use to geta better social media presence. So, like any good marketing blogger, I dohave posts that have affiliate links in them. However, not all of my posts do,but the one’s where I have a chance to make money on I do build links tothese posts to have a chance to get them noticed on the search engines. I
  11. 11. recently wrote a post called The Best Twitter Tools that got over 7,000 viewsin the first day of publication! So pointing links back to your articles isgoing to help you to make money when you need it.Here is what I do to build links to my articles that I want to make money on.…I don’t.There I said it. I don’t build links.Sure, I comment on blogs that I like every now and then and I guess thatcounts for some back linking, and sure, I share my posts to social media andI guess that gives some backlinks, but to tell you the truth I don’t reallyfocus on SEO.My SEO Strategies:For one thing, I DO make sure that my posts are optimized, but not to thepoint where people can’t understand what I’m trying to say because of overoptimization…On the other hand, my social media strategies are a long way from my SEOstrategies.My Social Media Strategies:After you have published your post what then? You share it to every majorsocial media network, right? Well what happens after that? Do you justwait and hope for the best?No.Social media is a cruel and unforgiving playground where you are dealingwith real people, not bots.Staying active on social media is the key to a great blogging experience.Building relationships and making friends with other bloggers in your nicheis one of the most important things that you can do! But there is one
  12. 12. problem with that.You have a blog, you’ve got to keep up with the posting, you have to shareto social media, and(if you’re into this) build some links. You really don’thave time to build relationships! Trust me, I know! It can turn into a long12-14 hour work day when you try to juggle all of these things at once.My major social strategy IS to make friends and build relationships, but Ican’t do that if I’m posting social media updates all day long and buildinglinks and writing blog posts.When I first started to really get noticed for social media blogging I wasreally embarrassed because I actually had no idea how to remedy this…Until about 3 months into it.I want to introduce you guys to a product that is simply awesome! There isactually two great products and I want to explain why I want to tell youabout two and not just one.The first one is called TweetAdder, and if you would like to try this out forfree you can check this review I did on it. This is basically for people likeme when I first started out. The newbie, the beginner…the person thatprobably doesn’t have a lot of money to shell out on products like this.TweetAdder is a Twitter automator, and, when connected to your Facebookaccount, it allows you to post on 2 major social networking sites at once!For the person that is a little more advanced and may have a little moremoney to spend I recommend Social Oomph, and when you check myreview out they will give you a free trial also!The difference?
  13. 13. They are really the same, because they submit recurring updates to socialmedia sites, but they are different in the fact that TweetAdder only posts toTwitter and Social Oomph posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Plurk, pullsyour blog RSS feed, and other options that retain to statistics.Now some people may frown on using social schedulers all the time. Notme. This frees me up to actually get on social media sites and interact withpeople I want to get to know more! Social Oomph provides me with statsthat I can use to direct more targeted people to my blog, which in turn buildsa larger following! From Coal Miner To Top Ten Social Media Blog NominationI can’t really tell you why I started to blog. At first, I thought I was going tomake a killing right away. And while now, I’m making pretty decent money,it’s been 10 months into it, and a Top Ten Social Media Blog Nominationlater.So you’re wanting to make a difference on the internet? You’re wanting tomake some killer cash?You can.But not with some get rich quick scheme that was developed by a guywanting to scam you.You’re going to do this with hard work and long hours. You’re going to dothis because you love doing it!My Tips For You:
  14. 14. Always be consistent.Always share other people’s content.Make friends and build relationships.Get out there and visit other people’s blogs.Find a mentor and follow their lead.Get a scheduler.Oh yeah, and always be consistent!Read Some Of My Favorite Posts!