TV Watercooler: The Bachelor, The Following, Downton Abbey and More – E! Online


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TV Watercooler: The Bachelor, The Following, Downton Abbey and More – E! Online

  1. 1. TV Watercooler: The Bachelor, The Following, DowntonAbbey and More – E! Online RickRowell/ABC 1 / 11
  2. 2. Spoiler Alert! The following article contains spoilers on a lot of Sunday and Monday nights’shows, so click away if you’ve yet to watch and don’t want to know what went down! Seriously,if you complain about spoilers in the comments you are the peanut butter stuck on the roof ofthe TV world’s mouth.Listen, we’ve got two nights of TV moments to go over, Sunday and Monday, so let’s skip theformalities and get right to it, shall we?Though Once Upon a Time and Revenge took a breather, Girls and Downton Abbey more thanmade up for their absence on Sunday, and The Following and The Bachelor gave us somememorable moments… 2 / 11
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  6. 6. The Bachelor Sendoff: (Not really a) Fun fact: The ABC hit reality show is a bondingexperience for me and my roommates as we literally sit in our living room and rip everything theladies say and do apart. I love it and I hate myself for loving it, but isn’t that the definition ofYOLO? (No, no it’s not.) Anyway, I was super stoked to see Amanda, she who wears two faces(and occasionally scares me), go home, especially after her blatant acts of desperation in thename of securing more airtime. Sean Lowe seems like a pretty decent guy, so he wised up toher schtick and gave her the boot. Finally. But will he wise up to Tierra the Terrible’s antics?Sorry Mom, But I’m in a Cult: Seriously, The Following is just plain good TV, superentertaining and scary, but with enough emotion to keep you invested beyond the chills andthrills. While Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are pretty great and their cat-and-mousedynamic is truly compelling, the twisted trio of Jacob (Nico Tortorella, new TV crush!), Paul(Adan Canto) and Emma (Valorie Curry) are stealing the show with their murderous takeon The Real World. (Or is it Three Murderers and a Kid?) Now that the audience has learnedabout Emma’s past (She killed her overbearing mother while an impressed Jacob watched.You know, true love blossoms from murder and all), viewers will get to learn more about Jacoband Paul’s complicated relationship in next week’s episode. 6 / 11
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  8. 8. Downton Abbey‘s Downer: Even though there is a fairly sizable spoiler warning at thebeginning of this column, I’m going to give yet another one to all the anglophiles before wespoil the big death in Sunday night’s episode. (But are you really a true fan if you haven’twatched it or stalked Tumblr yet?) After giving birth, Lady Sybil tragically died. OK, this ishorrible, but I’m a huge Misfits fans so we just see this as sweet, sweet revenge becauseJessica Brown-Findlay‘s character ruined at least two of the (original) ASBO 5?s lives! So, asour goodbye, I say to you Lady Sybil: Nice cardigan! (But seriously, if you haven’twatched Misfits yet, get on that stat!)Hannah’s Girls on Girls: “I usually hate when you you wear your nipples out in public like that,but you looks so beautiful, Hannah,” Elijah (Andrew Rannells) told Hannah (Lena Dunham) inSunday’s hilarious and awesome (and best of the season) episode. The first half of thatsentence seems to speak on behalf of a lot of the audience, including my aunt who once said“Yeah, they shouldn’t be allowed to do that” during a Hannah and Adam (Adam Driver) sexscene. But you know what, it’s Lena Dunham’s world and we’re all just living in it. Plus, she’sGolden Globe-winning actress and she’s alive, baby! (Side note: Lena and Bachelor SeanLowe really would be the perfect couple since they love to appear topless on TV.)The Vampire Diaries Wins Twitter: Thanks to castmembers such as Paul Wesley, IanSomerhalder and Nina Dobrev and showrunner Julie Plec tweeting during the episode (withthe hashtag #TVDParty, natch!), the CW hit series was the number ones social TV show duringweek of Jan. 21–27, according to Trendrr. I guess you could say the show’s social mediapresence doesn’t suck? Or that they took a bite out of Twitter last week! Hey-o! 8 / 11
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