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Commentary: China’s anti-missile test no threat to peace – Xinhua


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Commentary: China’s anti-missile test no threat to peace – Xinhua

  1. 1. Commentary: China’s anti-missile test no threat to peace –Xinhuaby Liu ChangBEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) — China’s Defense Ministry confirmed late Sunday that Chinasucceeded in conducting a land-based mid-course missile interception test within its territory.This was the second time that China announced such kind of missile test. A similar operationwas launched on Jan. 11, 2010.Such tests, which involve highly complicated technologies in detecting,tracking and destroying aballistic missile flying in the outer space, have only been tried before by the United States andJapan.The success in the anti-missile test, together with a string of other military equipment progressincluding the sail of China’s first aircraft carrier and the test flight of a giant airfreighter, hasdemonstrated the country’s fast-growing ability to defend its own national security and deterany possible threats.It is understandable that some in the international community would speculate what Chinawould do with these technologies. Some may even take these moves as proof for theill-grounded “China threat theory.”China has maintained that these military advancements are purely defensive in nature, and hasno specific targets.The speedy disclosure to the public of such an important move has also testified to the 1/3
  2. 2. country’s increasing transparency in military affairs.Moreover, a militarily stronger China will not abandon its determination to promote economicgrowth through the path of peaceful development and the construction of cooperativepartnerships with countries around the world, as the Chinese people have been well aware thatonly a peaceful and stable world order can ensure China’s national interests.Also, at a moment when bloody conflicts continue to claim innocent lives in Syria and tensionsover the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula are mounting in the Asia Pacific, it is well awarethat no weaponry but candid talks, courageous compromises and wise diplomacy couldeffectively suffocate hostility, restore peace and nurture benevolence.Related:Photo >>> Major missile defense systems around the worldChina carries out land-based mid-course missile interception testBEIJING, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) — China again carried out a land-based mid-course missileinterception test within its territory Sunday.Xinhua learned the news from the Information Bureau of China’s Defense Ministry. Full story 2/3
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