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Media fragmentation and the future of PR


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This is a presentation that I gave to the CIPR North East regional group in Newcastle this morning. It explores how the media is changing as all media becomes social and social media becomes a media category in its own right – and the resulting opportunities for PR practitioners.

The North-East has itself been a place of incredible innovation in media business models during the last 18-months and the hunt in Rothbury for Raoul Moat made it the location of one the biggest news stories in Britain this year. Local journalists from GMG-owned Real Radio led much of the reporting nationally.

The Northumberland Gazette was the first regional newspaper to trial a paywall. Josh Halliday, a former-student at Sunderland University and now journalist at The Guardian, was one of the first individuals to explore a hyper local media model with his SR2blog.

And the Trinity Mirror-owned Journal in Newcastle has pioneered a network of hyper local blogs throughout Northumberland.

The presentation content abridges much of the Social Summer series that the CIPR has been running in London each Thursday evening since early June.

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Media fragmentation and the future of PR

  1. 1. Media fragmentation – and the future of PR Fragmenting media – and the future of PR Stephen Waddington @wadds CIPR North-East – 15 October 2010
  2. 2. Media fragmentation – and the future of PR Fragmenting media
  3. 3. Print is in decline 1
  4. 4. Broadcast is booming 2
  5. 5. Radio renaissance 3
  6. 6. Local media as community 4
  7. 7. The end of the news cycle 5
  8. 8. User generated (news) content Photo: Haiti Beverly & Pack (Flickr) 6
  9. 9. Google 7
  10. 10. News goes social 8
  11. 11. Open source journalism 9
  12. 12. Your network as an editor 10
  13. 13. Media fragmentation – and the future of PR Future of PR
  14. 14. Content: story telling 1
  15. 15. Branded media 2
  16. 16. “ Authentic campaigning” Photo: 3
  17. 17. Planning 4
  18. 18. Speed 5
  19. 19. Real time monitoring 6
  20. 20. Measurement 7
  21. 21. Integration 8
  22. 22. Creating value 9
  23. 23. Practitioners as communicators 10
  24. 24. Thank-you. Questions?