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A Beginner's Guide to Using Twitter


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This is a beginners guide to using Twitter for career and professional development.

It covers the basics of setting up an account, getting started, building a network and building relationships by engaging in conversation.

Published in: Social Media, Career, Business
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A Beginner's Guide to Using Twitter

  1. Gelling Ahead and Gelling Hired Three poinl plan Slepheri WC]ddlhglOh slepheri. w<: iddirig’rori@| <e’rchum. com +44 7771 851407
  2. Three paint plan Build and work a network Create an online CV and portfolio Make stuff. Publish your own content Some bonus ideas Q&A 2 i 24.04.2015 break through
  4. Complete your profile in g Q 4i24o4 Your connections Stacey. Suresh and 44 others have endorsed you for new skills and expertise! I3 lvlanagerient ~ pumorarecommunications - MedlaRelatlUnS v Business Development - Social Media Iuleasurement BusinessPlanning I Digitaliiiarleiing - Cooywllillig x New-ivieciia ~ Entrepreneurship v Internalcommunitaiions > Advertising ~ lrlarl«. etingStrategy 4 suciaimerworiing - Stephen Waddington ' Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum ri Lniieri Kingtlcvri Full‘: Reiaiicins and cmi~iuiiiraiicms — KE(ChlJl'l Newcastle Ufllvelslf, ‘ ClFR— Cnzzitered lnstitute o: ‘F'utilic Relations CIPR — Chartered institute of Public Relations Ketciium F'lJDllC Reiaimns Admiral PR 8. marketing — The UFll'reT$l[j ofsaiford ' >‘? °°* r: mips mm cornnstennenwaddngren . . Zonrsninla Add a section to your profile — be disco/ ered lot VOW next career step Language Volunteering Experience Add language Add volunteering experience : "ii': "=: )l<. throiigli
  5. Build or virlucil network 5 l 24.04.2015 : ‘.ui': '>. :1l«i through
  6. Shore informotion ond knowledge in P R E M I U M Home Profile Connections ice cholo-ud orien T Io st Ar . 5‘ people . i.e~. ~red C: l_. r profile in the Stephen Waddington 7 14.4 M, ‘ MM FanneraridiZl1iefEnga; e!‘i9ntwiseratlaet V0‘-5’ V95 9”‘ 3“""“~ 2 9k coiinections Grow. «our net-r-. 'orl< “ Share an update E Upload a photo 9UblISh a post Tyler Durham s F‘res. ider“. t at Ketchum Ctiange 14 3 Excited to host #kc emporium tomorrow on CFe3Il‘v’| iy+lflflO‘v'3IlOi1 in orgs w guest Jonn; Gser @ionn: .ioser from #Facebook http Htin-iurl coniili3czu7 Ketchum Confidential issue 1 2015 - Brands within brands iinyiiri. com - To setup a meeting orenquire aboutoiir S9|". 'lC9S please Contact Partner and Managing Director Joea Like ‘ Comment ' Share 6i 24.04.2015 : iir'afil~ ttirotigh
  7. Don’t be scored to network %'£é4yfiIDCl‘| ‘h ijibflj 475777.77 147‘ 2 " 18.733 ' o 1- - - r “ A"“" 37:1 " ' _, . ~ - , , 11~*~ - _ ___. ___ : » —-<—~ 1: 3;; —- — , — —~n av-. c Iullfil coax 003$ lacy 7 l 24.04.2015 6 Loreak through
  8. Soy who ond when 4 Linkedln members These people are ~. ~ie~r. ling profiles anon-, lm0usi; —; r 19- —, ".r 25 Z’ f£__lr<__f. {|IF
  9. oin roups ond engdge fignvrlflfijnulml . Etmur-m rc- Li. nu. 124.4. ‘xtqhn rim '. 'qv. .x , ,:.1,. ..-31:11.4 - CIPR - Chartered Institute at Public Relnic-nu um. .. . . - Dfftruunn ' . . _ _ . . CIPR Feller: views on woressbovulusm shared in nu: research report . . .4 . . 1.. I . ... ..—. c., ... ... . 1 Aug 7014 In 51 v. :au: m u- 'u V (.1 F 7 ‘wt -00 Do you earn mat PR is stressful? .e. .,. ... -. -nu. s M A 7‘. __. .-_. 9 l 24.04.201 : iir'afil~ ttiroiigh
  10. MAKE STUFF. PUBLISH CONTENT Ii!1‘tl‘i1; izusr
  11. Reaching new networks by syndicating FF content: a data driven analysis This amcle explores the value of content sharing and syndication via an owned blog and social networks such as Facebook Linkedln Iviedltlm and Twttter Linkedln is enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to its mobile app and content platform called i; ::irtii: i_. e R€‘C:1'j| T‘: i - i V) Using Lissted to characterise a Twitter community in the North East of England LISSIEEGIS Adam Parker IIUIS LTTTOUQIT the TTOISB (7 V I-‘ to characterises a community on Twitter and make '_ - : - ff sense of reach versus relevance Check his data for I A H II". ‘j“' yourself and see ifyou agree with his analysis By Adam ‘ "" ‘*7 "9" "3' Parker Atew weeks ago Stephen tweeted BLOG SEARCH I mitten: UPDATES BY EMAIL T iiizirsit ngrgicsii l i"| |"II)v; Ii" , SOGIALBUSINESS is THE ‘RM FUTURE or PUBLIC RELATIONS HOW TO MOOERNISE A PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY OR COMMUNICATION TEAM Kg? IO SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE PR SIGACTITIONER: ‘GET ON OR GET
  12. 9 a | I n N c Home Who we are How to Jobs Contact YOU .4.RE HERE: FIIIJ RACHEL OINJIIE NEE: 19 HOW TO ENTER 9 COMMS AwAiu>syyy %'"” A"th°r How to enter comms ciwcrrds AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA M Rachel Miller Cggerggq What are industry award Judges looking for when reading through €l'lUl€S7 How Search W9b5i19--- C lrgerfiat can you write comms award submissions so they are compelling and score well? I omms‘ ac 9 This week I finished Judging four categories of the UK Public Sector 5 —————————————————————————————————————— ‘- Cornmunication Awards 2015 and thought I d share how awards work and how[. ..] in‘ Roadmoro
  13. SPIN PUBLIC RELATIONS FOR STUDENTS AND YOUNG PRACTITIONERS Lu I )- o E :1: LLI in NEWS FEATURES CAREERS BIDIIS ABOUT Don't overlook the public sector . . —; i=i: ‘:35 _—: E:: ,>Zi’t'i'l: il I-law [O in 1 2 l‘. ‘HS‘ Natasha Sllngsby ha: iear-‘t toe: FF’. i‘i: - -3: in the ci. il: !ii: 32>-BIT‘. "-El Cl -3-CE"I'Tr3IT[ / €i3|' »’vr: i‘Ii THE’ I Bl"? ‘u5|'IECI‘ TIT : itant and 6' I pair . She : hii~iI: - PR gradtiates J SECII _. -CIAIISIEIIE . -:. -.—s_. r, The challenge of international PR (part two) I-' : ‘e : ei: i:nd of a tn"e-E _ it : :5 Minton Taylor -3i '. "edi: ii: :r'-ial and drgi WHAT IS BEHIIID THE SPIN’) BEI‘iini: I the Eizin is at‘ -: n|ine -hagaz ‘e far SEARCH BEHIND THE SPIN Search tr ‘l‘v~EI3‘3|lZE EXPLORE BEHIND THE SPIN blogging Books EI: I.“‘. ?‘l‘I: ’J: ’I Careers »'; e|ebtIty Charity CIPR: consultancy : ieaiwity, “'. i‘E'EI[_t, ‘ Ei: ltn: atii: ni‘i events IEIE"l| l:. " International ‘‘Ili| Ti . : Leeds l/ let»: 'IFi'f’: 'Tll’§' _imt-= i:i: , ‘wsiléi fig ITTQCIIB relations ~ placements DOIIIICS PF! PRCA at 71:" gi: :~: »:l >: aus»': s ii"’ul‘i: ui~: ii’in Diihlir affairs HIIITIII’ SPONSORED BY prcoc8>
  14. prexamples _F| _O7L/ (|)__/ |V__L| J_SEOl3 the best stunts and campaigns in one place ALL Entertainment Food and dnnk Health and beauty Sport Technology Topical "‘""“ "“‘ ‘'‘‘I Make your media communications easy F1'eeT_'I; ie1't; t.i rides giveit to o‘et‘—t1ie—Iiiii'it - * — » I’ Caimiiliziiis = @ Q 3 i L - - . - owpubeiviediasuire RICH LEIGH ALL TECHNOLOGY I—}. Z{-i‘I‘. ‘ III": /. li’I‘ I“i E L: I:LI_J:1I , ‘.1 . 7 T No ntrligatiryn - Sxgn up in GO 5F'. Unn5 ‘IT-— - s —: _—i—; ___3; CRAIG KNOWLES ALL FASHION ' " ’ ' aboutprexampIes. com SPORT ' ‘ T I j yr 4 Ways to Avoicl ‘ I I Running Out of _ Money During
  15. COMMSEPOINTO (Ieative comniu nit atcils commszpointt) job ofthe day comms2point0 unawards 2014 abou other people's good stuff events 5-zarcr t: -' gzvc-cl s ncI_oin n ‘. "E chat . :CCCil17’t1S: |JDI'l[O today I‘, T35‘ 3, message to comms people: stop being hopeless at telling your own story A fightback has begun over what local government comms people i: Io. Its good to see. But you can '3: playyour part too. It starts with you on the rooftops shouting. » r . Vltlei: mils -iiiontsnoo I ‘LONDON’ 23 JUNE 2(| 'l5 You might also like:
  16. o [73 CHARTERED INSTITUTE "‘ ~ OF PUBLIC RELATIONS The best deas Pom W‘! markotng‘ digital 8. trw med 3 About . is Train fig Qtialificaiions E‘. ’I£‘I‘TL. -)r_'= 'SI'Tl‘I: l 81 grouos Awaxos & e~. -‘eats Careers '31 CDZ) Pol cy & reso-. i'ces Newsroom The 140 characters that changed 5° public relations I 57 1 with SOUNDCLOUD Latest sounds {gt ‘ Select Category ' Today's most read
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  19. Getting Ahead and Getting Hired Three point plan Stephen Waddington stephen. waddington@| <etchum. com +44 7771 851407