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Prospect of tourism in rajshahi division


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Prospect of tourism in rajshahi division

  1. 1. BBA ProgramDepartment of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2nd Batch 1
  2. 2. Prospect of Tourism in Bangladesh Prospect and Tourist Attraction of Rajshahi Division 2
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSNo contents Slide No contents Slide no no01 Districts of RAJSHAHI 04 09 Tourist attractions of Rajshahi 20-23O2 Map of RAJSHAHI Division. 05 10 Tourist attractions of Rangpur. 24-2703 Introduction of RAJSHAHI 06 11 Tourist attractions of Natore. 28-29 Division.04 Tourist attractions of Dinajpur. 07-10 12 Tourist attractions of 30-31 Panchagarh. 13 Tourist attractions of Shirajagnj 32-3305 Tourist attractions of Noagoan. 11-1206 Tourist attractions of Nilphamari, 13-14 14 Tourist attractions of Takurgaon 34-3507 Tourist attractions of Nowabgonj. 15-16 15 Communication 36-3708 Tourist attractions of Bogra. 17-19 16 Accommodation. 38-39 3
  4. 4. District Of RajshahiList of District List of DistrictRajshahi GaibandhaNowabganj RangpurNatore KurigramPabna Dinajpur TakurgaonShirajganj NilfamariBogra LalmonirhatNougaon PanchagorJoypurhat 4
  5. 5. Map oftheRajshahiDivision 5
  6. 6. Introducing of Rajshahi DivisionRajshahi is one of the largest division in Bangladesh . Rajshahi division is overwhelmingly agricultural. It is the center of the silk industry. This region is very famous for mangoes, Lichies. For travelers, the region offers a Varity of historical monuments, including numerous mosques, Hindu temples, Rajbaris (Palaces), and British – Era buildings. Built on the northern bank of the Padma River ,Rajshahi is a big university town. Sunsets here are particularly worth seeing. The presence of Rajshahi University (RU), which also has a large campus on the north-eastern outskirts of town, a medical college, an engineering college, Varendra Research Museum, a zoo, a sericulture institute, a Christian mission hospital, a Porjatan motel, an airport, and two museums, adds to the 6
  7. 7. At a glance on Dinajpur Introducing DinajpurTourist attractions of  On paper, Dinajpur is one of the largest centres in northwest Bangladesh, but in Dinajpur reality it acts like little more than an inflated village. The exotic central core is a cluttered labyrinth of mucky markets and soiled streets, and is the 1. Ram sagor. kind of place that can make home feel like a long way away. 2. Kantajir temple.  The main reason for visiting is to ogle3. Shopnopuri. the nearby Kantanagar Temple and, in the town itself, interesting Dinajpur Rajbari with its adjoining Krishna Temple. 7
  8. 8. RamsagorRamsagor is Like a bigpond in DinajpurDistrict,. but it is notsea or sea beach. butthis pond looks sea. so,visitors called this pondRamsagor. The lake isabout 1,079 meterswide and 192.6 meterslong. It is biggest man-made water tank ofBangladesh. Now it is afamour tourist place forvisitor and now underthe care of BangladeshParjatan Corporation.They are taking carethe beautification ofthe area . A resthouse isthere and somerecreation spots forchildren also. 8
  9. 9. Kantanagar TempleKantanagar Temple :This is located about 12miles north of Dinajpurtown. It is one of thespectacular monuments inBangladesh , built in 1752by Pran Nath; a renownedMaharaja from Dinajpur.Itis the countries finestexisting example of thebrick and terracotta style.The archways, vaults andcolumns is decorated withtiny figures and motifs interracotta depict scenesfrom the great Hinduepics, particularly battlescenes 9
  10. 10. ShopnopuriThe most wonderfulartificial spot fortourist in northBengal. It is situatedin Dinajpur District.You can enjoy therewhole day watchingthat artificial touristspot. If you want tostay night inShopnopuri, theyhave rest house butyou need to book inAdvance. And everyyear lots of visitorsand picnic partiescome here. 10
  11. 11. NoagoanTourist attraction of Noagoan Paharpur 11
  12. 12. Introducing PaharpurThe Somapuri Vihara atPaharpur was once thebiggest Buddhist monasterysouth of the Himalaya. Itdates from the 8th centuryAD. This is the mostimpressive archaeologicalsite in Bangladesh; it wasdeclared a protectedarchaeological site back in1919, although the scholar-traveller Dr BuckmanHamilton had showninterest in it as far back as1807. The name of the sitehas changed over the eons; itbegan life as Somapura ,then became Mahaviharabefore taking its currentcombination name. Gettingto Paharpur is a bit of a painon public transport, but it alladds to the element ofdiscovery. 12
  13. 13. NilphamariTourist attraction of Nilphamari Nilsagar 13
  14. 14. NilsagarNilsagar of Nilphamariholds the potential tobecome a bustlingtourist spot.During winterthousands of migratorybirds flock the bigbeautiful pond creatinga spectacular scene.Situated at Gorgram, 16kilometres offNilphamari Zila Sadar,Nilsagar has become avery popular touristspot for hundreds fromhome and abroad. 14
  15. 15. NowabgonjTourist attraction of Nowabgonj Choto shona mosque 15
  16. 16. Chhota sona masjid One of the most graceful monument of theSultanate period is the Chhota Sona Masjid or SmallGolden Mosque at Gaur in Rajshahi Built by one WaliMuhammad duringthe reign of Sultan Alauddin Husain Shah (1493-1519). Originally it wasroofed over with 15gold-gilded domes including the 3 Chauchala domesin the middle row, from which itderives its curious name 16
  17. 17. BograTourist attraction of Bogra 1. Mahasthangarh 2. Naz garden 17
  18. 18. Introducing MahasthangarhThe oldest known city inBangladesh, dating back to atleast the 3rd century BC,Mahasthangarh is anarchaeological site consistinglargely of foundations andhillocks hinting at past riches.The principal site, the Citadel,contains traces of the ancientcity. Many other sites in thevicinity are lumped togetherunder the nameMahasthangarh. The wholearea is rich in Hindu, Buddhistand Muslim sites, but mosthave all but vanished. TheBuddhists were here until atleast the 11th century; theirmost glorious period was the8th to the 11th centuries, whenthe Buddhist Pala emperors ofNorth Bengal ruled. It is fromthis period that most of thevisible remains belong. 18
  19. 19. Introducing Naz GardenNaz Garden is the largestinternational standard 4star hotel and resort in thenorthern region ofBangladesh as it occupiesan area of about 15 acresland with extraordinarylandscape. It is located onthe outskirt of Bogra townbesides Dhaka-Rangpurhighway. Naz Gardenstarted to render itsservices to valued guestsand clients from 16thAugust 2005. Naz Gardeninvites you to enjoy itsservices beyond your aexpectation at anincredible value. 19
  20. 20. RajshahiTourist attraction of Rajshahi 1.Borendra research museum 2. Sabash Bangladesh 3. Puthia 20
  21. 21. Introducing Borendra research museumBarendra research museumSituated at Rajshahi, thismuseum has a richcollection of objects ofMohenjodaro and also of16th to 19th century A.D.This is devoted to thestudy of ancient historyand culture. Its richcollections containinteresting objects of pastHindu, Buddhist andMuslim heritage. It islocated at the heart ofRajshahi town andmaintained by RajshahiUniversity authority. Theyear of its formalestablishment is 1910 A.D.Admission is free. 21
  22. 22. Introducing Puthia Puthia, Rajshahi: Situated in Putia ofRajshahi District, An old, historic artifac using delicate woodwork .Ornate cast iron elementsis a symblee of successfulblending of workmasship and art. PERIOD OFCONSTRUCTION: 1895 ADThe length of replica here is 60ft . 22
  23. 23. Introducing Shabash Bangladesh Shabash Bangladesh(Bravo Bangladesh) is one of the most renownedsculptures in Bangladesh. It is located at Rajshahi University premises. Shabash Bangladesh is another state of the art sculpture created to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Liberation War ofBangladesh. Nitun Kunduis the sculptor of Shabash Bangladesh. 23
  24. 24. At a glance on Rangpur Introducing RangpurTourist attractions of  Rangpur is the best of storybook-exotic Bangladesh, and a better introduction to the Rangpur wonders of the entire subcontinent it would be hard to find. The central area is a rainbow- flavoured lollipop of markets and rickshaws. This playful atmosphere is like a heavyweight drug – once you’ve tasted it you’ll forever be smitten.  A major transit point for the northern half of 1. Memorial museum Rajshahi division (sometimes referred to as North Bengal), the town is, in addition to its 2. Carmichael College. bossy streets, home to several public buildings of the Raj era, including Carmichael College3. Tajhat Rajbari. and Tajhat Palace. The town is also one place you may see members of the Kochi ethnic group, an Indo-Tibetan people related to the plains tribes of Assam, and recognisable by their rounder, more Southeast Asian faces. 24
  25. 25. Introducing Memorial museum A museum and womens training center was established in Pairabondh, the birth place of famous Begum Rokeya. It is half an hour drive away from Rangpur city. Apart from tajbari museum there isanother museum at the heart of the town. The town isknown as Green town for its beautiful garden and greenpark throughout the town. It has a District magistrate office where the great Social Reformer Rammohan Roy served for long time. Nowadays there are lots of market places all throughthe city. Carmichael College, built during the Raj era, is located in Rangpur. The literacy rate has increased after the independence of the country from the Pakistan. There are lots of schools and mosques, temples in the city. 25
  26. 26. IntroducingCarmichael College Carmichael College is located just a few minutes drive away from Rangpur city centre. It is one of the biggest institutes (according to area) in northern part ofbangladesh. It is famous for its lush green campus. 26
  27. 27. Introducing Tajhat Rajbari Just south of the city ofRangpur lies the Tajhat, a former "rajbari" orzamindars palace. After the end of the British Raj, the building wasabandoned and decayedrapidly, although it wasused for a few years as a courthouse during the1980s. In the year 2004, it was largely restored and turned into a museum with ancient inscriptions, art and coins from the area on display 27
  28. 28. NatoreTourist attraction of Natore Uttara gano Bhaban 28
  29. 29. Introducing Uttara Gano Bhaban Uttara Gano Bhaban is a mansion in Natore, Bangladesh.It is used as the Prime Ministers local residence and office in the northern region of Bangladesh 29
  30. 30. PanchagarhTourist attraction of Panchagarh Mirzapur jami Mosque 30
  31. 31. Intoducing Mirzapur jami Mosque Mirzapur Jami Mosque is situated in Mirzapurvillage under Atoari thana in Panchagar district, at a distance of about 6kmfrom Atoari on the Atoari -Panchagar road. A Persianinscription on the eastern wall of the mosque records its repair and renovation by one ShaikhMalikuddin in 1252 BS (1831AD), but no one knows its date of construction. Recently the mosque has undergone thorough renovation by the Department ofArchaeology, Bangladesh. There are two old graves to the south of the mosque and to its northeastern corner stands an old well. 31
  32. 32. ShirajganjTourist attraction of Shirajganj Jamuna River 32
  33. 33. Introducing Jamuna River Jamuna River The Brahmaputra-Jamuna isthe second largest river inBangladesh and one of the largest in the world, with its basin covering areas in Tibet, China, India and Bangladesh. ActuallyJamuna is the downstreamcourse of the brahmaputrawhich took place after the earthquake and catastrophic flood in 1787. Presently the Brahmaputra continues southeast from Bahadurabad as the oldbrahmaputra and the riverbetween Bahadurabad and Aricha is the Jamuna, not Brahmaputra. The Hydrology Directorate of the bangladesh water development board (BWDB) refers to the whole stretch as the Brahmaputra-Jamuna 33
  34. 34. TakurgaonTourist attraction of Takurgaon Imambara 34
  35. 35. Introducing Imambara Imambara literally meansresidence for the imam. In the Indian subcontinent, the word stands for a house or an assembly hall built by the Shiites for observing muharram. Throughout the month ofMuharram, the first monthof the Muslim calendar, as well as on other occasions important to Shiites, assemblies (majlis) are held in the Imambara. On the occasion of the death anniversary of HazratImam Hussain (R), the tale of Karbala is told, marsiahor elegies are recited, ritual mourning and matom (beating the breast as a sign of mourning) is done 35
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. RAJSHAHI divison is well connected with the capitalcity.Here all the tourist spots are situated within thedistance of 400 Km.So tourist can reach any spot by roadwithin dawn to dusk. After the construction of theJAMUNA SETU the railway has been developed in thisregion.Besides if we can use the SAHA MOUKHDUMAIRPORT for commercial communication thecommunication will be more faster. 37
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. Parjatan Motel •District: Dinajpur •Resort: Motel Standard: 6 AC Twin, 1 Non AC Twin Room, Restaurant 30 seating. Address: Dinajpur Phone: 880-531-64718 Hotel Sheetal •District: Dinajpur •Resort: Hotel Address: Sheetal Plaza Market,Station Road, Dinajpur, BangladeshHotel R. Rahman•District: Gaibandha•Resort: HotelAddress: Sonmondir Road, (Near Girls College), Gaibandha-5700, Bangladesh Hotel Samrat •District: Rangpur •Resort: Hotel Address: Alamnagar, Rangpur, Bangladesh Phone: 88-0521-3588 39
  40. 40. Prepared by Md. Borhan Uddin chy.(Roll 28) Waci Ahmmed.(Roll 42) Md. Abu Tayab.(Roll 40) Al Mamun.(Roll 31) Md. Mojibur Rahman.(Roll 53) Md. Ratan Mia.(Roll 57) Gopal Pal.(Roll 26) Bapon Chandra Kuri.(Roll 14) Shipon Chandra Roy.(Roll 60) 40