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PPT Unit 1


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Published in: Education, Spiritual

PPT Unit 1

  1. 1. Unit 1Greetings andIntroduction
  2. 2. Formality of GreetingsFormal InformalHow do Good Hey! do? morning. What’s up?
  3. 3. Other Expressions of Greetings Formal Informal-It has been a long time. -Long time no see.-How long has it been? -How come I never see you?-What have you been -Where have you beenup to all these years? hiding?
  4. 4. Greeting Extensions Formal Informal-How have you been? -How are you doing?-How are you? -How are things going?-How is it going? -How are things with you?-How are you getting -Howdy?along?
  5. 5. Responses to Greeting Extensions Good health Bad health-I’m… -I’m…(Ok, quite well, great, (terrible, awful)doing well, doing great, -I’m not…all right, fine, good, (good-health expressions)wonderful, terrific) -I have a… (cold, headache) I’m quite well, thank you. I’m terrible, thanks. I’m not good, thanks. I have a bad cold.
  6. 6. Greeting Conversations Formal InformalA: Good morning. A: Hi, how are you doing?How are you? B: Good, thanks. And you?B: I’m fine, thank you. A: All right, thank you.And you?A: I’m doing great,thanks.
  7. 7. Introducing yourself Greeting Introducing Stating your nameHow do you do? -May I introduce My name is… myself? I am… -Can I introduce I’m… myself? -Allow me to introduce myself. -Let me introduce myself.
  8. 8. Asking about Personal Information Questions ResponsesWhat do you do? I’m a/an…(job/position)Where are you from? I’m from…(city/country) I’m…(nationality)What are you majoring in? I’m majoring in… (study field)
  9. 9. Introduction EndingsI am… happy to meet youI’m… glad to see pleased delightedIt is… nice to meet youIt’s… great to see good pleasure
  10. 10. Introducing Others Formal Informal-Can I introduce you to… -Have you ever met…?-May I introduce you to… -I’d like you to meet…-Let me introduce you to… -Come and meet…-Allow me to introduce -This is…you to…-I’d like to introduce you to…
  11. 11. Conversations about introducingothers Formal Informal
  12. 12. Introducing Other
  13. 13.  Recommend one or more strategies Suggest what to do next Identify action items