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FCAH&PT Ibadan WAAPP success story2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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FCAH&PT Ibadan WAAPP success story2

  2. 2. Mandate Areas and Working Units Based on the priority commodities approved for the college which included: Fish farming Broilers and layers production Cassava and Maize intercropping. Five units were developed for easy execution of the activities. The units are: Fishery unit Poultry unit Cassava/Maize unit Post-harvest unit Communication and Documentation unit
  3. 3. Activities Performed Organization of training workshop for the staff under College AROC program and the leaders of our farmer and young farmer club. Construction of fish pond made of well-rings (This is a new fish technology aimed at encouraging rural farmers to adopt least cost and durable method of fish production. This has been constructed in our four outreach centres and in the two villages fish has been produced up to Table size.
  4. 4. After the sales of our broilers birds, the money realized was used to open accounts in the four outreach centres. Currently each of the centres has started another round of production of broiler birds with the exception of Our Lady of Apostle who are yet to start production. Planting and maintenance of Cassava/Maize plots in the adopted schools. Establishment of a rabbit unit in one of the adopted schools. This was based on special demand made by the students who showed keen interest in the area of livestock production.
  5. 5. Regular young farmer club activities in the two adopted schools during which our staff instructed the students on various aspects of agricultural activities. Our staffs have been involved in teaching agricultural science to SS1, SS2 and SS3 students in Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School since they don’t have Agricultural science teacher. Organization of excursions field trip to our college for the students of our adopted schools.
  6. 6. Results Obtained These include: Achieving quality adoption rate of developed technology Training workshop for farmers and students of our adopted villages and schools along side outreach centres’ team staff Increased interest of students in agricultural science as a subject and intended profession Vocational training for 17 members from our adopted villages in our college
  7. 7. Results Obtained Regular meetings of our farmers’ groups associations Regular visit by the WAAPP team members at different times and during the farmers associations meetings Sales of table size broiler birds from our adopted villages and schools Sales of table size catfish from one of adopted villages
  8. 8. Gender involvement In all the outreach centres both females, males, youth and differently able students are encouraged to be involved in all group activities including leadership. Gaps observed Inadequate water source Poor power supply Lack of vehicle High cost of fuelling due to the old ford car being used which consumes fuel High cost of feed
  9. 9. Conclusion and Recommendations Innovation and technology transfer and gender diversity have been found to be the basis to achieving WAAPP’s whole idea of increasing agricultural productivity in Nigeria and in Africa at large. The followings are however recommended: Activities for schools should be started at Junior Secondary Schools Prompt release of funds at the right time for WAAPP activities should be considered Proper and efficient monitoring and evaluation of WAAPP activities will enhance achieving WAAPP’s focus.
  10. 10. Showing well-ring tanks before stocking Showing Pastor fish during stocking ANNEX/APPENDIX
  11. 11. Farmers and team staff watching the movement of the juveniles in the tanks Sorted catfish in one of our adopted schools
  12. 12. Catfish ready for sale Dr. Adejinmi (FCAH&PT College Deputy Provost) ready to buy catfish
  13. 13. Day old chicks in our outreach centres 8 weeks old broilers
  14. 14. Off loading of cassava stems in one of the adopted schools Cassava maize intercrop
  15. 15. Showing planting of maize in the adopted schools Maize crop at point of production
  16. 16. THANK YOU!