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Tool 4


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Tool 4

  1. 1. Third Grade Photo Collage Dear Parents, Throughout the school year, our class has been keeping photos online using Picasa 3. All students have access to the photos. For this assignment, each child will create a collage, using eight to ten photos of their choice. The collage will be presented to the class, and they will receive their own copy as well. Students must edit at least four photos using the Picasa 3 software. Instructions for these four tools are listed below. Students may use more advanced tools, however, they are not required to. Instructions to locate photos: Double click on the icon for Picasa 3. Locate a specific folder and click once. Double click on the picture you want. You will now see choices for editing. The three main tabs are basic fixes, tuning, and effects. Cropping Click on the tab for basic fixes, click on crop, and use the pull down menu to choose the size. You can try them out until you find the one you want, and then click on apply. If you are not happy with the size, then click recrop and repeat the steps. Add Text Text can be added to the photo using this option. Click on the tab for basic fixes, and click on text. Use the curser to click on a spot, and type your text. Use pull down menus to choose your font, size, style, and alignment. You may drag the text if needed. Click on apply when you are finished. Choose an effect Click on the tab for effects. There are many choices, including black and white, sharpen, and glow. Simply click on the desired effect and click on apply. The following photos show the difference before and after editing. Editing tools that were used were cropping, adding text, and black & white effects.
  2. 2. Instructions for creating the collage Choose create from the menu, and choose picture collage. Choose the style you want to use, such as, picture pile, mosaic, grid, etc. Next, choose clips, and click on the photos you want to be included. After choosing the photos, click on create collage (at the bottom). You can rearrange the photos by dragging them. Cut here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The due date for this assignment is May 12, 2009. This project will be presented to parents during our student-led conferences. **Please note that students will receive instruction in the classroom and this handout is to be used as a reference by the student. Please sign and return this section to school. Student signature_________________________________________ Parent signature__________________________________________