Set 5 Photos


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Set 5 Photos

  1. 1. Jennifer Heisler UF/Digital Photography Set 5 Photos
  2. 2. I chose Debbie Chin’s lesson titled “Lines and Angles.” Her lesson requires students to photograph right angles. My photos were taken around my home instead of around campus. This is a photo of an old animal cage.
  3. 3. The lesson requires photos of acute angles. I took several photos before I found this rather large acute angle. This is the door to our tool shed.
  4. 4. Photos of obtuse angles were required as well, and since I had a hard time finding these, I have included both!
  5. 5. I found many examples of parallel lines. This is a picture of my fence and some mold too!
  6. 6. Debbie’s lesson required a photo of perpendicular lines as well. I like this photo because it shows perpendicular lines, parallel lines, and right angles.
  7. 7. The following five slides go with Jacquelynne Bella’s lesson, Create Your Own ABC Book. A is for…
  8. 8. B is for…
  9. 9. C is for…
  10. 10. D is for…
  11. 11. E is for…