Set 3 Photos


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Set 3 Photos

  1. 1. Jennifer Heisler UF/Digital Photography Set 3 of Digital Photos
  2. 2. I chose to take food photos, and I used tips from Debbie Chin. This is a photo of a hamburger, and two hot dogs on the grill. I used her tip to get close, by standing over the grill. I also used the zoom option.
  3. 3. This photo was taken at work before a birthday party. I had to stand on a chair to take it from above. Again, I tried to get as close as possible to the object.
  4. 4. This photo shows the remains of a school lunch. I followed the tip for setting up your shot. There was a black tablecloth that I used for background, giving it a black and white contrast.
  5. 5. Again, I tried to get as close as possible for this pastry shot. Debbie Chin suggested using a tripod. Since I do not have one, I tried sitting at the table while taking this shot.
  6. 6. I worked on setting up this photo and capturing color. I had to move the location because the lighting was making the milk look yellow. I also used fill flash to help with color.
  7. 7. My next photo category is nature photos following tips from Kirsten Tersteegen. This jellyfish photo was taken at St. Pete Beach in bright sunlight. I took several pictures with different items in the frame, such as shells and more beach and water included. I finally decided the best photo only focused on the jellyfish. I also used her tip for focusing on texture.
  8. 8. A trip to the Everglades last week was a great opportunity to take nature photos. The following pictures were all taken there. I tried to frame the photo so the alligator is centered.
  9. 9. I focused on using lines in this photo since the Everglades is so flat and expanse. It seems there are three horizontal lines in this photo; the two bodies of water, and the horizon itself.
  10. 10. This photo opportunity came very quickly while we were on a tram tour. I would have to say that I used Joshua Tomar’s tip to always have your camera ready!
  11. 11. This is a photo of a cypress tree stand. I tried the tip for using lines and also for taking photos in the late afternoon.