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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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  1. 1. Jennifer Heisler UF/Digital Photography Set 5 Photos Emotions Class Book
  2. 2. Dedication <ul><li>I would like to dedicate this show to my third grade class. They were so helpful and extremely enthusiastic during this assignment. All of the photo ideas were created by them, and many of the props were brought in for this purpose! </li></ul>
  3. 3. Gloomy Nolan has just received his grade of “F.”
  4. 4. Angry Kelsey is quite angry at Josh for taking her paper. This photo could also be used for scared.
  5. 5. Disgusted After seeing this large this roach, Christian could hardly keep his lunch down.
  6. 6. Excited When told about our upcoming party, Shannon, Alex, and Josh could hardly control themselves.
  7. 7. Puzzled Kelsey, Josh, and Quanminh were quite perplexed at their math work.
  8. 8. Bored Shannon is so bored that we thought she might fall asleep.
  9. 9. Frustrated Sofia is feeling overwhelmed and she is not sure where to start.
  10. 10. Anxious Peyton is feeling nervous about the FCAT test. Shannon and Emily try to help him out.
  11. 11. Focused Christian, Sofia, and Kelsey are very focused during DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read)!
  12. 12. Annoyed Josh has had just about enough of Alex tapping on his shoulder.