Lesson 1 Western Central Europe


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Demonstration lesson PPT for 6.9 Geography on last Saturday in March

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  • 加 国家名字
  • Lesson 1 Western Central Europe

    1. 1. Welcome to Geography Class!
    2. 3. Switzerland
    3. 4. Germany
    4. 5. France
    5. 6. Netherlands or Holland
    6. 7. The Continents of the World Africa Asia Oceania North America Antarctica South America Europe
    7. 8. Core words The Netherlands 荷兰 Germany 德国 France 法国 Switzerland 瑞士 the North Sea 北海 the English Channel 英吉利海峡 the Alps 阿尔卑斯山脉
    8. 9. Extension Words Czech Republic 捷克共和国 Slovakia 斯洛伐克 Luxembourg 卢森堡 Liechtenstein 列支敦士登 Hungary 匈牙利 Belgium 比利时 Poland 波兰 Austria 奥地利
    9. 10. Western Central Europe Northern Europe Eastern Europe Southern Europe
    10. 11. Chapter 9 Western Central Europe Could you tell some facts you already know about the countries in western central Europe?
    11. 13. Introductory Paragraph West Central Europe has been important to world history . It has influenced( 影响 ) world culture , religion , and industry in many ways. The countries of this region have had many wars , but are now working together in stead of apart.
    12. 14. Euro
    13. 15. EU (European Union)
    14. 16. Geo-Stats Western Central Europe Rank them from largest to smallest in area Rank them from largest to smallest in population
    15. 17. Pick out the mistakes Nation: Netherlands Population: 7,524,000 Area: 210,026 square miles Major Cities: Berlin (capital), bern, Amsterdam, Lyon
    16. 18. 24 Beautiful Photos from Switzerland
    17. 43. Map Skills
    18. 44. Extension Questions Which western central European country extends farthest north? Which is the smallest western central European country? Which western central European countries have access( 靠近 ) to the ocean? Germany Monaco 1.9 km 2 France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
    19. 45. Lesson 1 Western and Central Europe Where is Western Central Europe Located? 55 0 N 43 0 N North Sea English Channel The Bay of Biscay Mediterranean Sea
    20. 46. Why Is the Area Important? Western central Europe’s location has helped it influence the world. It is near both Africa and some parts of Asia . For hundreds of years, people and goods have traveled to North and South America from the many ports of these countries. Explorers and settles left these ports on long sea voyages spread European beliefs , cultures , and languages .
    21. 47. Lesson Review 8 Netherlands Luxembourg Switzerland middle North English Mediterranean Biscay Atlantic