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Situational awareness presentation


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Situational awareness presentation

  1. 1. Being Prepared for ActivationFred MolesworthEmergency CoordinatorMay 7, 2013*
  2. 2. **As members of the OEM ARES unit, you shouldALWAYS be alert for situations that might meanan activation*Better Preparation*Faster Response*Potential of unusable alert and activation system
  3. 3. **Oregon Emergency Plan Disaster Analysis (1986& 1996 Analysis)*Severe Weather/Winter Storms*Flood*HazMat*Drought*Earthquake*Nuclear Incident*Transportation
  4. 4. **OEP Disaster Analysis (1986 & 1996 Analysis)*Fire*Tsunami*Enemy Attack*Landslide*Dam Failure*Volcano*Civil Disturbance*Infestation
  5. 5. **Situations anywhere in the state – not just local*Will likely be on the news*You may or may not be experiencing them yourself* Severe Weather/Winter Storm* Floods* Fire* Distant earthquake with Tsunami potential*Stay aware of the situation*Is there potential for activation with this event?*Will this wipe out or overload normal communications?
  6. 6. **Little or no advance warning*Severe Weather (tornado or severe thunderstorm)*Earthquake*Local Tsunami*HazMat*Transportation*Landslide*Is there potential for activation?*Will this wipe out or overload normalcommunications?
  7. 7. **Weather Radio*Software*Email Notifications*Website Tools*Phone and Pad Apps*Other tools
  8. 8. *• WXL96 162.475• Primarily weather related• Generally sudden eventswith immediate threat tolife or property• Can be all hazard ifinitiated by localauthorities• S.A.M.E Technology• Make sure and get onewith battery backup• I have one in my bedroomand one in the main partof my house. $8.00 onEbay
  9. 9. **Wxwarning –
  10. 10. **Severe Weather Alert*National Weather Service – a catalog of emailand SMS alert services -*Tsunami Alert*Pacific Tsunami Warning Center -*Flash Alert - Flashalert -
  11. 11. ** West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Page -* National Weather Service Severe Warning Page -* Pacific Tsunami Warning Center -* Oregon Tsunami Clearinghouse -* Pacific Disaster Center Global Hazards Atlas -* NWS Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Oregon -* The Emergency Mail and Wireless Network -* Wxspots -
  12. 12. **There are HUNDREDS of apps of interest.*Many good apps are free. No need to payunless you find something you really like*Customizable – select our area, multiple areas*Push alerts – automatic notification
  13. 13. **Initiated by local or state authorities*Broadcast by local television, radio and cableproviders*Used very sparingly and judiciously
  14. 14. **Ability to send a 90 character text to all smartphones in a selected area*Being tested in Oregon this year, statewide andin several counties.
  15. 15. **72 hour kit ready* What would you need if you had to report to the ECC for 3days?* Clothing* Personal Supplies* Medications* Snacks*Fuel in your vehicle – you may not be able to get fuel* General Disaster Preparedness - Never let your tank getbelow half*Have your family prepared
  16. 16. **In a situation affecting our area, roads may beblocked.*Have at least three pre-mapped routesprepared.*Have an emergency kit in your car just in case
  17. 17. **Automatic call to your phone(s)*Make sure you have all phones on which you’d liketo receive the alert active in our system*Text message to your cell phone*Text may get through even when voice calls cannot*Email notification of voice mail and text message*Automatically monitor 145.33 when there’s any kindof potentially developing situation.
  18. 18. **Automatically monitor 145.33 when there’s anykind of potentially developing situation.*If there’s an alert, check in with W7OEM ASSOON AS POSSIBLE with your availability, evenif you’re not immediately available*Remember, not everyone will be needed initially.*We may have to staff for 24 hours*Continue to monitor 145.33 throughout theevent. Situations change.
  19. 19. **BE ALERT – we need more lerts!