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  1. 1. GenSci Item 08-04 The warming of the atmosphere due to the trapping of heat from the sun by carbon dioxide and other gases is known as _______.   A. coriolis effect B. ozone depletion C. smog D. greenhouse effect
  2. 2. GenSci Item 08-04 Under normal conditions , excess heat from the sun (in the form of radiation) is reflected by the earth’s surface back to space.
  3. 3. GenSci Item 08-04 However, accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prevents this process.
  4. 4. GenSci Item 08-04 The reflected heat by the earth’s surface is bounced back by the CO 2 in the atmosphere back to the earth.
  5. 5. GenSci Item 08-04 This is the greenhouse effect .