5 tips to creating midlife magnificence


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Healthy Boomer women in transition creating midlife happiness, success

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5 tips to creating midlife magnificence

  1. 1. 5 Tips to Creating Midlife Magnificence For Boomer women ready to step up as Wisdom Keepers With Wendy Terriff http://www.WendyTerriff.com
  2. 2. Midlife – the Best Phase Yet! Ask any self actualized midlife woman when the happiest stage of her life was and she will say, “Right now!”
  3. 3. Why? Because midlife is the time when we get to pull it all together and soar! It’s the time we get to step into our fancy Wisdom Keeper shoes and become active role models and mentors for those around us who also want to step into their best lives.
  4. 4. Our happiness did not just drop into our laps. We have met many challenges on our journeys to happiness and success. The result? A storehouse of well honed nuggets of wisdom that it’s time to harvest, own and share generously and joyfully.
  5. 5. If it’s time for you to manifest a magnificent new dream, here are 5 keys to help you make that happen. Bon Voyage!
  6. 6. Key #1. Reclaim Your Passion  Brainstorm at least 10 experiences you want to have before you die by making a: o collage o mind map o list o audio recording …….whatever works best for you
  7. 7. Key #1. Reclaim Your Passion Brainstorming Mindset  Let yourself dream without conditions.  Do not edit or filter.  Be playful and open.  Welcome every idea that comes to mind.  Let go of any resistance.
  8. 8. Key #1. Reclaim Your Passion Brainstorming Mindset  Tell your inner controller that she can take a coffee break while you play.  Recognize that you are not committed to anything except being open to whatever your fertile imagination brings up. You’ve got nothing to lose – except your fears.
  9. 9. Key #1. Reclaim Your Passion Time to Make a Choice  Choose your top 3 dreams.  Imagine yourself experiencing each one.  Light up all of your senses with each experience, as if it were already happening.
  10. 10. Key #2. Walk Through Fear  Allow any fears or resistance to surface
  11. 11. Key #2. Walk Through Fear Witness Fear  Witness the fear as if you were standing outside of your body and looking in. Is there any tightness, shakiness, nausea…? This is your body’s way of letting you know you are hanging on to resistance in some way.
  12. 12. Key #2. Walk Through Fear Witness Fear  Send your breath to each area of your body that is holding resistance, allowing the fear to loosen and release.
  13. 13. Key #2. Walk Through Fear What is the voice in your head saying? Write down the messages the voice in your head is saying. For example: • It’s not safe to jump out of a plane. • I’m too old to start rock climbing. • It’s too late for me to heal the relationship with my mother.
  14. 14. Key #3. Create Empowering Beliefs  Using the language of the fears that you identified in the previous step, do a positive turn-around. Eg: It’s too late to heal my relationship with my mother. Turn-around: I am so happy now I have forgiven my mother. I feel so much lighter. I am completely at peace with whatever happens between us now.
  15. 15. Key #3. Create Empowering Beliefs Practise Act as Though  Say each empowering belief every day as often as you like. Act as though it is already happening. Use all of your senses and really feel it. Witness any resistance that comes up and do it anyway.
  16. 16. Key #4. Take Action  Commit to manifesting one of your top 3 experiences. Choose the one that makes your heart sing the loudest.  Identify the people, programs, and services you need in order to make it happen.
  17. 17. Key #4. Take Action Time for a Mentor One Step at a Time  Invest in yourself by hiring the mentors who will get you there the fastest.  Break your journey into sections and then each section into small doable steps that can be accomplished every week.
  18. 18. Key #5. Celebrate!  At the end of every week celebrate the successful completion of that week’s step.  Choose ways of celebrating that are easy to do and can be done anywhere.  Start a celebration journal and record your progress. Read through it often and let the joy of each success light up your cells. This will keep you moving forward.
  19. 19. Everything you do is purposeful on a grander scale. Remember that you aren’t doing this just for you. There is someone else out there who needs the wisdom and guidance you will gain, and ultimately share, as you move forward in creating a happy, healthy, fulfilling, richly abundant life.
  20. 20. Own Your Magnificence! Step up Now! It’s time to step into your gorgeous Wisdom Keeper shoes and share your rich life experiences and wisdom. Begin by living your own dream life. Let your light shine fully. Others who need your inspiration can then find you. Imagine the state of our world if we all do that!
  21. 21. Wendy Terriff is an award winning speaker who works with Boomer women who are ready to live in their greatness. Access Wendy’s FREE ebook – Wisdom Keepers Book of Quotes. Go to http:/www.WendyTerriff.com/ Wendy works with midlife women in transition who are ready to repurpose their gifts and talents and step up into the active role of being feminine Wisdom Keepers by harvesting, owning and generously sharing their experiences and vast wisdom.