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Gymboland marketing

  1. 1. Gymboland2013  Marke+ng  strategy  
  2. 2. Main objectives•  Increase the number of clients•  Increase the companys profit•  Gymboland, Bombonica, Boats, Kiddy Rides•  Create a new profit opportunity - charge companies in exchange for promotion packages at Gymboland special events
  3. 3. Secondary objectives•  Gymboland - recognized brand image•  Increase customer loyalty•  Be the first place to choose in terms of playgrounds•  Customer insight - "Gymboland is the playground where nice things happen"•  Increase the time spent by kids in Gymboland
  4. 4. MKT Strategy - How to do it?•  Corporate identity•  2 permanent mascots•  same message on all banners - leading kids to creativity, learning, curiosity  •  Partnerships with institutions that send the same message –  museums, theatres, schools, private kindergardens•  Partnerships with food & beverages, yoghurt, cereals, sweets brands
  5. 5. MKT Strategy - How to do it?•  Events for national holidays and international celebrations –  1 December, Saint Nicholas, Christmas, 1 March•  Gymbolands specials - special events for kids and parents;•  Football day - we transmit the football games on the outside plasma for fathers;•  "Be beautiful day "- mothers do their nails, read a magazine and drink a coffee outside the playground for free;•  Have a permanent online presence and generate Google results related to Gymboland
  6. 6. Increase the numberof clients/profit•  Bring new clients in the playground using events and strategic partnerships•  Expand the Gymboland brand exposure and ensure return of new clients through discount cards and special offers;•  New business - create a special parties package for corporations employees and their children andsell it as an HR advantage for the company - attract corporations in buting the package
  7. 7. Increase the numberof clients/profit•  Expansion through strategic partnerships in AFI Palace Cotroceni –  Make a cinema corner in the playground with a plasma TV that plays cartoons - kids stay longer in Gymboland, parents can go to movies and watch movies that are not suitable for children –  Movie day - partnership with Cinema City / 6D –  Sell the special cinema ticket for Gymboland along with regular movie tickets in Cinema City / 6D ticket booths
  8. 8. Create an attractive brand image•  Promote Pogonicii and Tontonel as real size Mascots•  After they gain notoriety (3-4 months), we start producing and selling collections of Pogonicii and Tontonel toys e.g. GymboFarm, GymboChristmas. The example is applied with notable succes by Mega Image (animal and pop singers stickers), Billa (animal stickers) Kinder (small toys), McDonalds (Happy Meals). We create a need to collect and generate loyalty towards the playground with lovable characters•  Make events that are visible outside the playground –  we have to gain the attention of outside potential clients. The usual ones leave their kids and come only if needed; they dont notice all our inside activities
  9. 9. Promote Gymboland more•  advertise events•  press releases for the media (blogs, magazines, website etc)•  Facebook – increase presence on pages for kids/mothers - increase fan base through email invitations (using the email database of our netprovider partner)•  Monthly promotions through AFIs newsletter
  10. 10. Event  schedule  Special  programs  and  partnerships  
  11. 11. Halloween  31  October  -­‐  4  November    
  12. 12. Halloween event descriptionActivities•  Wheel of surprises - we spin the wheel and we find out who will take care of us - the fairy or the witch?•  We create 2 teams - "Pogonicii vs. Faur the dragon" / pink vs blue bracelets•  Team games - competition Pogonicii vs Faur the dragon - all the game winners get a gift from partners•  Dance show & branded balloons- dancers dressed as witches perform around the playground and at the boats
  13. 13. Halloween event description•  Inside activities –  costume contest –  paint clay pumpkins –  decorate witches hats –  make magic sticks•  Free facepainting all day –  Animators - 1 fairy, 1 witch•  Free modeled balloons –  Animators - 1 pumpkin
  14. 14. Halloween event description•  Costume contest - last day of event•  Trick or treat at our partners - at the costume contest we select kids&parents to trick or treat in AFI stores•  Funny raffle - "Nu mi-e frica de Baubau” (I’m not scarred of the boogie man) - they receive a lamp/flashlight/candle to stop being afraid of darkness•  Gifts - kids leave the playground with hats, clay pumpkins, balloons, phosphorescent bracelets, candies - visibility in AFI, on the streets
  15. 15. Halloween event description•  Gift for mothers - "Between 12 - 16 oclock you can bring your child at Gymboland and receive a Halloween nails model, a cup of coffee and a magazine to read.”•  We start taking care of the waiting parents as well - they can have a nice time while their child is happy in Gymboland•  We add vouchers from other shops / restaurants / hair salon / magazines etc.
  16. 16. Halloween Banner message•  ”For Halloween, Gymboland challenges you to dance with the witches, go trick or treating and discover a lot of tricky candies. During 31 Oct. and 4 Nov. youll be surrounded by princesses, magic pumpkins and playful witches. Dont miss the chance for your kid to have the experience of his childhood in the land of fantasy."
  17. 17. Halloween program –31 October - 4 November Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun  16.00  –   Pictam   Decoram  cu   Nasul   Descurcam   Spargem  18.00   dovlecei   manutele   vrajitoarei   panza  de   baloanele   fermeca+   noastre   paianjen   surpriza  18.00  –   Intrecerea   Cautam   Fugim  de   Fugarim   Baba-­‐oarba  19.00   paianjeneilor   viermisorul   Casper   ochisorii   cu  Mumia   ratacit   fantomul   alunecosi   Igienica  19.00  –   Spectacol   Concurs  de  19.30   Dansul   costume   Vrajitoarelor  20.00  –     Tombola     Trick  or  20.30   "Nu  mi-­‐e   treat  -­‐   frica  de   vanatoarea   Baubau"   de  cadouri  
  18. 18. Gymboland  3  years  anniversary   10  –  12  November  
  19. 19. DAY 1 - The day of good deeds•  Pinata - we hang a big branded Pinata above the rink - full of candies, balloons, confetti•  Origami demonstration&workshop - we make our own handmade logo from paper••  Two sketch artists drawing portraits - outside the playground for 1 hour and inside it for another 4 hours
  20. 20. DAY 1 - The day of good deeds•  Start a humanitary fund raise - "If you want a portrait please donate 5 lei for Salvati Copiii”•  Small pinata - one smaller pinata in the playground to grow the excitement for the bigger one•  Team games created by Gymboland
  21. 21. DAY 2 - Open doors day forcelebrating 3 years of Gymboland•  ” Gymboland lets you act like you were 3 years old.” –  we accept parents along their children in the playground and let them experiment all the Gymboland attractions –  they receive a lollypop at the exit•  Tactics –  invite journalists for free publicity –  grow a community also online and offline - ask for their emails & send FB invitations –  make these kind of events a habit for Gymboland
  22. 22. DAY 2 - Open doors day forcelebrating 3 years of Gymboland Activities –  Pinata - inside the playground –  Workshop sketching –  Team games –  Raffle - gifts from partners –  Funny personality test - you complete a survey and an animator tells you funny things about you according to your answers –  Mood rings - everybody receives a mood ring - in the contests they can switch teams because of their mood ring color
  23. 23. DAY 3 - Happy thoughts day  •  Activities: –  Skating show before smashing the pinata –  Raffle for all the spectators - prizes from partners –  Pinata moment & free branded balloons give-away•  Vouchers - "If you get in the playground today, you pay 50% less for entrance in Gymboland + 1 juice next time"•  3 years of Gymbo celebration- we unveil our new handmade Logo – frame & post it outside the playground, while sharing campaign
  24. 24. GiTs&Sweets  Expo     30  November  -­‐  2  December    Partners  -­‐  AFI  Palace  Cotroceni  and   Newexpo    
  25. 25. Proposal•  We close a business partnership with Newexpo, a company specialized in events and fairs for malls•  Newexpo can provide: –  exhibitors –  animators –  dance & singing show - Flamenco –  workshops - origami –  puppet show –  media exposure - 3 press releases, outdoor & web banners, flyers, ads in magazines like "Zile si nopti", "Oferte speciale", 7000 online invitations, promotion on 40 sites
  26. 26. Event plan – 31 Nov – 2 Dec•  3 days of Gifts and sweets Expo - Newexpo•  Gymboland activities –  "Business School for kids" workshop - Nextsteve - –  Origami workshop - made by newexpo –  Puppets play - made by newexpo –  Storytelling - we read traditonal tales and discuss about them, then we draw the images –  Start of "Letter for Santa" Gymboland campaign - we collect letters for Santa; the best letter wins a gift from Santa Claus himself•  1st of december - National Day at Gymboland –  Gymboland’s parade - Animals parade –  Traditional dance show and lesson –  Fashion parade - surrounding the playground
  27. 27. Event program 30  November   1st  of  December   2  December   GiTs  and  sweets  Expo     Origami  workshop    Business  school  for  kids   Animals  Parade   Interac+ve  games   LeZers  for  Santa   Fashion  Show  –  children’s   Puppet  show   parade   Storytelling   Romanian  tradi+onal   Flamenco  show  -­‐  dance  &   dance  show   singing  
  28. 28. Saint  Nicholas  -­‐  GiTs  in  boots  day   6th  of  December   Message  -­‐  "Bring  your  boots  at   Gymboland  and  Saint  Nicholas  will  fill   them  with  giKs"  
  29. 29. Event plan•  What do we do? –  On the 6th of December we put an empty Christmas tree in the front of the playground and start selling Gymboland special X-Mas decorations; –  Before entering the playground, children are invited to buy one or more decorations and decorate the Christmas tree themselves; –  Each of the decorations costs 5 lei. The money earned from selling decorations are donated to a charitable cause; –  The sum of money is as big as the tree is decorated – We encourage clients to make the Christmas tree as beautiful as possible!•  Oportunities: –  We could partner with a high profile organization, interested in gaining promotion from a fund raising campaign (e.g. McDonalds, ING Bank etc) and / or Salvati Copii –  We use their influence in media to promote the fund raising event and Gymboland
  30. 30. Christmas  at  Gymboland     24-­‐26  December  Message  -­‐  "For  3  days,  Santa  is  busy  at  Gymboland!  Come  at  us,  unNl  he  runs   out  of  giKs!"  
  31. 31. Christmas event plan•  Activities –  Santa Claus gives presents after children recite him a poem –  Carols show - we light up the Christmas tree in a grand ceremony while singing carols along with a chorus –  Charity event - Salvati copiii –  "Gymboland is a part of their life too" campaign for needy children –  we make a party for 20 children from a foster home –  we donate the money raised from 6 to 24 of December through the decorations acquisition
  32. 32. Christmas event plan•  Corporate party - we make a special Christmas party offer for Real/ AFI/ Orange and other high profile companies, giving them the oportunity to offer their employees and their children a customized Gymboland experience for Christmas•  The Corporate Christmas party offer: –  3 hours of Christmas Joy at Gymboland –  Animators - Santa, Fairy, reindeer –  Facehole decor for kids - one picture looking like a reindeer –  Juice and a bag of candies –  Gifts from partners –  Santa can also give the kids gifts from their parents
  33. 33. Event plan•  Wheel of surprises•  Games•  Christmas workshops - create handmade ice flakes, ornaments, greeting cards•  Storytelling - role play on the story of Christmas with animators and kids
  34. 34. Kids  New  Years  Eve   31  December    
  35. 35. Event plan•  Special Party at Gymboland –  Dress code - boys receive a bow, girls a tiara; –  Balloons - release a shower of balloons over the entire playground; –  Magician; –  Champaign; –  Fortune cookies; –  Facepainting; –  Fireworks.